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What is plagiarism, copyrighting, and netiquette


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It talks about how to use plagiarism, copyrighting, and netiquette

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What is plagiarism, copyrighting, and netiquette

  2. 2. What Is Plagiarism ? Plagiarism is stealing someone elses work and making yours. When you copy and pastes someone else’s work you are stealing it and that is wrong because you are taking credit from someone else’s work. Also copying a article from a website. There are consequences for plagiarizing.
  3. 3. The Consequences forPlagiarizing The consequence for plagiarism are suspension, expulsion, ,and jail time. This is because you either copy something word from word or either paraphrasing the article.
  4. 4. The consequence for plagiarizingThis is what happens when you plagiarize.
  5. 5. What Is Copyrighting Copyrights is when you copy someones work and paste it put that’s called plagiarism. Also copyright gives the author or publisher the credit. Even if the article or picture is good please check the website to see if its copyrighted. To see if it has the copyright symbol go to the bottom of the website and you see the word and symbols copyright
  6. 6. What is the consequence for copyrighting? The consequences for copyright are a large fines, penalties, and/or jail time. The fines for a copyright violation are up to 2500 dollars. Also you will have to pay for the damages cause on the article or picture.
  7. 7. The consequence for copyrighting This is what a copyright symbol looks like
  8. 8. What is Netiquette Netiquette is etiquette which means good manners or being nice or polite. but netiquette is the same thing just for the internet. It doesn’t mean being angry or mad online.Netiquette also teaches you how to use properlanguage on the internet.
  9. 9. The consequence for netiquette The consequences for netiquette is internet loss. Saying something you don’t mean. Loss of friends People gets there feelings hurt.
  10. 10. NetiquettePositive Netiquette Negative Netiquette
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