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Nick pickles

  1. 1. + Nick Pickles By Joshua Faulkner
  2. 2. + Biography  Nick Pickles, is a photographer-by-night but a politician-by-day who came from humble beginnings at a photo-counter in Boots and then he met a guy who went to a university who fueled his passion for music photography. With this passion he travels to the countries best music festivals and has taken pictures of the likes of Tenacious D, Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters and many more. Despite this he also has taken photos of David Cameron and other cabinet ministers; however his main type of photography is music photography.
  3. 3. +  Nick Pickles Portrait 1 This is a photograph taken by Nick Pickles. This photo of Barry Hyde was taken for a band called The Futureheads, a post-punk band from Sunderland. This photo has the depth of field right on Barry because the background is blurry, this also shows the fact that when he’s playing nothing else matters to him. In addition the use of colours is paramount in this photo, the clashing colours of the purple and gold and burgundy which stand out and draws your gaze towards the subject. However it is an unremarkable photo but it’s its unremarkability which makes the photo all the more special.
  4. 4. + Nick Pickles Portrait 2  This photograph is of Tenacious D at Leeds Festival 2008 by Nick Pickles. This photo has very good forward depth of field and has very vibrant colours and also has the predominant colour of blue. This colour represents the cool, calmness of this band unlike the others at the festival. This photo also catches the light that shows the smoke used to catch the blue colour to make it seem spacey and seems surreal. In addition the facial expressions on their faces show that it as taken on a very fast shutter speed to catch the moment in its entirety.
  5. 5. + Nick Pickles Portrait 3  This photo by Nick Pickles is a rare one. It’s rare because he never really has any of his pictures in black and white but when he does he uses it very well. In this photo he has a sort of spotlight on the subject but not bright enough to show all her features in addition the camera isn’t close enough and wasn’t zoomed in to show her feature also the light reflects on her hair and the top of her coat however you get dark shadows in the room in general and some of her face and clothing is in the shadows. This portrays that the room is trying to take her over but the light that is trained on her is struggling to keep her above the rest of the background. In addition the use of leading lines by the join of the wall to the ceiling. Moreover in this photo the foreground is predominantly in the dark so all of your attention goes to the objects on the walls the row of lights on the ceiling and the woman in the middle.