Fall 2010 Newsletter Black Jack Battlefield


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Fall 2010 Newsletter Black Jack Battlefield

  1. 1. Black Jack Battlefield & Nature Park “follow in the footsteps of old John Brown…….” FALL 2010 CONFLICT ERUPTS AT BLACK JACK AGAIN! Save the date for 2011 !! The day was June 5, 2010, the time was 11:00 nd a.m….that was when the Battle of Black Jack was The 2 Annual John Brown’s Battle at Black Jack reenacted for the first time since the smoke cleared in …dawn of the Civil War will take place on June 4, 2011. 1856! What would John Brown, Captain Shore, and Gate opens at 9 a.m. There will be three reenactments, August Bondi have made of such an event? What with a complete line-up of entertainment, history, and fun would Henry Clay Pate have thought? Judging by the for the whole family. Tickets will be $8 for adults and $1 hundreds of people on the grounds that were there to for children 3-12 years. Under 3 years free. witness and be a part of this historic event, many Also…. people thought it was just grand! June 3, 2011 Lamplight Tour th Take a lamplight tour of a 19 century living history Thanks to Shane Seley, Black Jack Battlefield board camp! Reservation required. Tickets are $15 each. member, and his Emmy Award winning film Arrive by 8:00 p.m. production company, Wide Awake Films, Black June 2, 2011 Dawn at Black Jack Jack Battlefield’s first reenactment of the battle went Be on the battlefield the same date and time as the off without a hitch. Although, without the involvement actual Battle of Black Jack. An awesome experience! of Thom Weik, T.J. Bruegger, and some of the Admission is free, but donations appreciated. Arrive by th region’s best 19 century living historians, none of 4:30 a.m. this would have been possible. With Black Jack We hope to see you there! Battlefield’s very own Kerry Altenbernd as “Old” John Brown, and our new friend, Greg Higginbotham as Henry Clay Pate, the audience was first wowed by their lively introduction to the battle. Then the spectators watched as the battle began to unfold! Afterward, in the Maple Grove, visitors could meander through an actual encampment that was set up for the weekend where the life of a civilian camped out on military duty was depicted from the tents to the coffee beans. Accuracy was specifically important to the reenactment team coordinating the effort. “We’re fortunate to have some of the region’s top authorities on the unique material culture of this time period interested and involved in this event. We couldn’t have pulled it off without them.” Shane Seley said. Also on site were many period demonstrators, musicians, as well as vendors that had items for sale. Food and drink was available as well as a special visit from nationally renowned wet-plate collodion photographer, Robert Szabo. He demonstrated this th method of 19 century photography. We were pleased to have him as part of our event.Black Jack Battlefield & Nature Park is located just 3 miles east of Baldwin City, Kansas 1/4 mile south of Hwy 56 on E 2000 Road 163 E 2000 Road in rural Douglas County, Kansas info@blackjackbattlefield.org www.blackjackbattlefield.org 785.883.2106
  2. 2. WE ARE BUSY! NEW FOOTBRIDGE AND TRAIL SECTION NOW OPEN AT BLACK JACK NATURE PARKThe popular nature trail at Black Jack has abeautiful new footbridge thanks to the WestarGreen Team. The trail had previously stopped atthe far southern end of the property due to a largeravine on the west fork of Captains Creek. New footbridge for the Black Jack nature trailThe new bridge has now allowed the completion of ~Thank you Westar Green Team !the full loop of the trail. A new trailhead is now opendirectly behind the Robert Hall Pearson House. Theextended trail winds through a particularly scenicpart of the property. Kate Dineen, BlacksmithMany thanks to the Green Team for the sturdybridge. Thanks also to Stan, Carol and Larry fortheir help in completing the new section of the trail.Karl Gridley GATE PROJECT UNDERWAYLawrence blacksmith Kate Dineen has gotten theball rolling on the gate project for the Black JackBattlefield & Nature Park. The gate will helpwelcome visitors and commemorate the Battle ofBlack Jack. The design of the gate incorporatessymbolism taken from the battle itself as well as thetranquility and natural lay of the land. Van GoMobile Arts students along with other artistblacksmiths from as far away as Canada andEngland are working on this project. A fundraiser iscurrently underway to help with the costs involved.Hand forged leaf shaped key chains are being soldfor $20 to raise money.
  3. 3. Continue newsletter text here. Continue newslette here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue new text here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue newsletter text here. Give the gift of the Black Jack Battlefield &newsletter text here. Continue newslette Continue Nature Park for the Holidays newsletter text here. Continue new here. Continue !! text here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue newsletter text her Continue newsletter text here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue newslette here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue newBlack Jack Memorial Fund Proposed Gifts available text here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue newsletter text her Continue newsletter text here. Continue newsletteThe Black Jack Battlefield Trust has Give a gift of Membershipestablished a memorial fund to which Benefactor - $ 1,000 here.donors may contribute in memory/honor Patron - $ 500 Sustaining - $250of a friend or loved one. Donations will be Supporting - $100utilized to help fulfill the mission of the Contributing - $50Black Jack Battlefield Trust. Individual - $35 Student/Senior - $10Checks should be sent to: Black Jack Give a gift from our gift shopBattlefield Trust, P.O. Box 44, BaldwinCity, KS 66006 and designate "Memorial *Blacksmith gate project hand forgedFund". Please include your name, leaf shaped key chainaddress, and phone and the name of the $20loved one being honored. *John Brown Commemorative throw $25The name of the person being honored *Photograph note cardswill be printed in the newsletter, and be $15listed on the website, as well as the nameof the donor (if desired). *John Brown Commemorative mug $5All contributions to this fund are taxdeductible. *Music CD – „Sword of the Spirit‟ by Magpie $15 See the “Gifts of Black Jack” order form for item photos/details & how to order. ~ Volunteers are needed ~ Tour guides :: greeters/docents :: help clean up on “work days” volunteers@blackjackbattlefield.org www.blackjackbattlefield.org
  4. 4. Fall 2010 Our most heartfelt thanks go out to each and every one of you who has contributed in so many ways, so generously, to our efforts! The Black Jack Battlefield & Nature Park has come this far because of concerned preservationists like you! The Black Jack Battlefield Trust Contact info: P.O. Box 44 Baldwin City, KS 66006 Black Jack Battlefield & Nature Park 785.883.2106 P.O. Box 44 Baldwin City, KS 66006 WWW.BLACKJACKBATTLEFIELD.ORG info@blackjackbattlefield.org“follow in the footsteps of Old John Brown….”