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Clear View Logo Presentation


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Logo development, recommendations and rationale by Black Ink for ClearView Golf, manufacturer of the ClearView Golf Club.

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Clear View Logo Presentation

  1. 1. MagellanLMD
  2. 2. CLEARVIEW.CREATING THE ICONIC BRANDThe objective: foundation work necessaryto position ClearView Golf for growth asan iconic brand, one which builds upon acarefully crafted, expertly choreographed“identity mythology” that draws on powerfulsymbolism to engage audiences. We seeka deeper cultural perspective on traditionalmarketing themes (targeting, positioning,brand equity, brand loyalty) to create a dis-tinctive set of “cultural branding” principlesthat drive our approach to everything frommarketing research and strategy to commu-nications and design.Introducing ClearView. Innovative, authorita-tive. We are precise, accurate; performancedriven.
  3. 3. I. LOGO DEVELOPMENT AND PRESENTATIONThe ClearView logo as the necessary first step in presenting a strategic, cohesive visual identity that is appropriate to our brand.
  4. 4. COLOR MATTERSBased upon color studies, product, likelyextensions and market positioning, theClearView logo color palette is defined –– amix of tradition, via a masculine, corporateblue; and “Next Gen,” a vivid, fresh green.Dark blue: masculine, authoritative, credible.The preference for men/women across allage groups.Green: Youthful, energetic, virile. It is out-doors, growth, environment, health, wealth,innovation. The second most popular coloramong both genders.The result: a finely balanced presentation ofheritage, and moving forward.
  5. 5. LOGO STUDY ONERecommendation: use of combinationlogotype and mark presentation. The logo-type identifying corporate entity (ClearViewGolf, shortened to “ClearView”) and a markthat can eventually stand on its own as anidentifier.This solution utilizes Trajan; elegant, tradi-tional, historically rooted in classic Romanletterform; an homage to 16th century golfplayed at The Old Links along the windsweptshoreline of the Firth of Forth.Letters spanning antiquity a perfect coun-terpoint to a modern, 21st century colorpalette; innovative. Fine serif edges; precise.A mark designed to take its place amonggreat golf icons throughout the ages. A fit-ting visual cue for an iconic brand.
  6. 6. LOGO STUDY TWOThis solution utilizes Futura, a font designedto present efficiency and forwardness. Theuppercase capitals present proportions simi-lar to those of classical Roman capitals, butare stripped of ornamentation. The weight-ing of letters nearly even, low in contrast.The font is based on simple geometric forms(near-perfect circles; triangles, squares).Our presentation includes a mark, the “C”executed to suggest both movement (of arolling golf ball); the site lines of the put-ter; the ball into a cup. The “V” interruptingthe space, itself an alignment to the cup;highlighting the space “within” the cup...andthat which is only near; the marked differ-ence between sinking the putt and comingto rest but a hair’s width away. In or out isthe ClearView performance differential.
  7. 7. RECOMMENDED LOGO SOLUTIONBased upon our market research (golfer de-mographic/psychographics); our early stage,evolving marketing and communicationsstrategies; initial brand and product map-ping; a first-to-market product entry; broadercultural reach of golf to a growing globalaudience; competitive landscape; etc., werecommend this solution.It has the classicism, clean perfection andcolor characteristics necessary to be ap-proachable for –– and inclusive of –– all ouraudiences.It is a visual brand statement that resonates.
  8. 8. UNIQUE INNOVATION;UNIQUE TREATMENTClearly innovative, we seek to visually con-nect the product with our logo in appropriatevenues. A key differentiator –– the acrylicform –– is captured via 3D, see-through“glass” execution of the logo using a sophis-ticated graphic treatment. It highlights ourdifference, brings the element to the logopresentation and frees us from a convention-al look when presenting online, via TV and inselect print scenarios.
  9. 9. II. CLEARVIEW: A LOGO FOR THE “REAL WORLD” The ability of the recommended logo to translate across a variety of media(print; broadcast; Internet) is a given. Its ability to translate across a wide variety of everyday objects a necessity in becoming a vital, tangible brand touch point, extensions of our brand loyalists.
  10. 10. THE CLEARVIEW WEB SITEWith an online presence pivotal to its salesstrategy, the ClearView Web site is key toestablishing a strong visual reference to thebrand. The logo is adapted for use online,further illustrating its adaptability to variousmedia.
  11. 11. THE CLEARVIEW CLASSIC CAPGolfers like to express themselves. We seethe logo as a key element in allowing thecustomization of the brand experience at avery personal level; starting with the requs-ite golf cap.
  12. 12. THE CLEARVIEW CLASSIC POLOAll ClearView logo wear uses the highestquality materials with flawless production(embroidery; printing; etc.). Our initial entryinto golf apparel focuses on presenting thelogo in a crisp, clean manner. Future offer-ings to introduce accompanying graphicelements, broader color palettes, additionalcustomization by purchasers, varying tex-tures –– all designed to reach target audi-ences effectively, to allow them to connectwith ClearView in a meaningful way.
  13. 13. THE CLEARVIEW CLASSIC POLOIllustrating the ease of which the recom-mended logo can adapt to a changing back-ground, this polo shows the logo on a whitefield, reversing the original logo presentationfrom white on blue, to blue on white.
  14. 14. CLEARVIEW CLASSICS FOR MENAND WOMENLogo apparel extensions for our ClearViewClassics include a windbreaker jacket; atailored ladies polo.
  15. 15. IN THE BAG: VALUABLE BRAND“REAL ESTATE”A golfer’s bag offers us prime real estatefor brand awareness. Golfers will choosewhat they wear to the course, even whichclubs might make it on to any given course,but the putter and its cover, an integral andnecessary part of the ClearView offering(protection) will always be at hand with ourpurchasers.This putter cover is included in ourClearView Classics collection; the puttercover a precise, succinct visual statementincorporating the logo in its original form.
  16. 16. ON THE COURSE:CORPORATE PRESENCEWith an eye towards our future, the logois designed to take center stage amongcorporate sponsors at any golf tournament,from the local golf outing for a charity event,to LPGA and PGA tour stops. It is clean,bold, noteworthy.
  17. 17. III. CLEARVIEW: A STANDOUTTo provide an initial context for the logo, we place the solution in a field of its peers.
  18. 18. A HALLMARK OF EXCELLENCEThe recommended logo is clearly up to thechallenge. It breaks new ground through itsunique blend of classic elegance and invigo-rating modernism.