Carriage Services Chooses DIFY Marketing (Do It For You Marketing)


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An Entire Marketing Department for $11/hr

Our money-making formula: We do 5 things: Generate Traffic (a lot of eye balls), Capture Leads (build a database so you can market to them long-term), Qualify prospects (eliminate tire kickers so people you talk to are ready, willing and able to buy), Convert Sales (money for you in your bank!) and Nurture (create long-term customers who give you raving review and generate a massive amount of referrals)

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  • My intention here today is to walk you through actual strategies we will use for your company. Last discussion we had was more to get to know your business a little bit and to understand your needs and although we talked a bit about what we do, today is about putting meat on the bones.
  • We start with a welcome call. This is a quick call to welcome the new member and to establish some rapport Then we create a new email account because there is a lot of communication that we send to our members and we don’t want to overload the existing mail box We put together a welcome package and mail it out. Most often the new client will receive that within 5-7 business days Membership intake is next and its critical. This is where we assess the client’s target population, their needs and problems, etc. We subscribe you to Google Alerts so that you are automatically notified when someone talks about you on the internet. Next comes a keyword analysis – for online marketing, we need to focus on keywords. What are people typing online when they are looking to buy what you’re selling On the mastermind call or shortly thereafter, you will get to choose a professional design template. There are many to choose from, here are a few examples. Once we know the target population and their needs and problems, we create an attraction marketing device to pull the 20% of the marketplace who is ready, willing and able to buy what you sell We design the Blog (using the professionally branded templates) and also the squeeze page (capture page to build a database) – more on that in a bit.
  • Cash Flow Funnel and 5 part money making formula
  • Have a flow to the presentation and open up the tabs in advance so its organized. Start on PPT then go to web. We take a multi-media approach. We touch all types of mediums PPC (orange soda) - traditional Cutting edge strategies - Content Marketing Articles PPT + Voice Video Marketing + Commercial Podcasts Blog Social Media Distribution of 135 points online Postcards Salesletters Money letters Telemarketing (CCP)
  • AMD SQ O/I Stats with video on left - stats up 32%) Occular Flow is very important
  • Principle: They are not always ready to buy when you’re ready to sell. You have to be ready to sell when they are ready to buy. We practice behavior based qualification. we measure behaviour diff bhaviour, has diff value therefore, receives diff points keep track of lead score when someone buys find the average find the average once we know the average we try to get people to the average as quickly as possible we try to lower the average we introduce salesperson relationship as they approach average purchasing lead score We then implement this into our sales process which is extremely powerful because we know exactly when someone is ready to buy. We integrate this principle into our websites and tie it into our Call Centre in Phoenix (Integrate into video, pages, etc…)
  • Conversion is largely on your shoulders but we do many things to help increase your conversion rate. Edify the sales person and the company by CCP 3 way if they are qualified Set Appointments if this is better Real time email with a report of the conversation for follow up
  • Principle: We let the system deal with suspect and we have humans deal with prospects. First thing is to fix the funnel to prevent any follow up failure. FUF is one of the biggest reasons why companies fail in marketing and it all stems from the erroneous idea that people should buy when you’re ready to sell. Again, we believe that you should be ready to sell when they are ready to buy. We’re going to setup automated follow up sequences to let the system weed out the suspects. This Direct Mail (5-7 Touch points per year) <i> automated FUS Eliminate follow up failure
  • Carriage Services Chooses DIFY Marketing (Do It For You Marketing)

    1. 1. Vanessa Saunders
    2. 3. Generate Leads Capture Leads Qualify Leads Convert Leads Nurture Leads / Customers
    3. 4. Generate
    4. 5. Generate Leads Capture Leads
    5. 6. Capture
    6. 7. Generate Leads Capture Leads Qualify Leads
    7. 8. Qualify
    8. 9. Generate Leads Capture Leads Qualify Leads Convert Leads
    9. 10. Convert
    10. 11. Generate Leads Capture Leads Qualify Leads Convert Leads Nurture Leads / Customers
    11. 12. Nurture
    12. 13. <ul><li>3 months (no contract, cancel anytime) </li></ul><ul><li>Start July 19 </li></ul><ul><li>Evaluations </li></ul><ul><li>$2554 mth 1 </li></ul><ul><li>$1777/mth 2 & 3 </li></ul>