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Outletiquette: A Guide to Wallhuggers

Serious mobility requires serious power.

Life is complicated enough for mobile professionals without having to desperately search high and low for outlets.

Then again, not everyone minds.

Some people have developed elaborate personal systems for getting a charge. We call these people “Wallhuggers,” and you just might have had an awkward encounter with one at an airport, coffee shop, or work conference.

We’ve built a guide to the eight different kinds of Wallhuggers, and their corresponding level of “outletiquette.”

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Outletiquette: A Guide to Wallhuggers

  1. 1. ®
  2. 2. ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦
  3. 3. The Spelunker
  4. 4. The Sprinter
  5. 5. The Starer I want your outlet.
  6. 6. The Stayer
  7. 7. The Smooth Talker
  8. 8. The Snaker
  9. 9. The Sharer
  10. 10. The Smart One Guess what? The Smart One isn’t actually a Wallhugger. He or she uses BlackBerry devices like the Z30 with 25 hours of battery life, the BlackBerryPassport, with an enormous 3,450 mAh battery that delivers 30 hours of mixed use, or the upcoming BlackBerry Classic (battery to be announced). When you’re Powered by BlackBerry, there’s a whole world of possibilities and productivity that Wallhuggers can’t even imagine.
  11. 11. © BlackBerry 2014 Tired of wallhugging? Created by Matt Young