Making Rain: Prep, Pitch and Close


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Making Rain: Prep, Pitch and Close

  1. BlackBerry attended the Professional Women in Advocacy Conference in Washington, DC from December 8 to 10, 2013. Here's a quick summary of the presentation delivered by Ann Sullivan, President of Madison Services Group.
  2. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT The world is your oyster Think like an entrepreneur Set realistic goals Know your revenue targets Build on relationships – yours and everyone else’s
  3. PREP Who do I know? What do I know? What should I know? Can I fill a need?
  4. PITCH Open friendly – Don’t be in a hurry It’s ok to give free information Appearance matters Lead with an idea, not a company Be quick on your feet Even when you aren’t pitching, you’re pitching
  5. CLOSE Know when to hold, know when to fold Get to the point Do the paperwork It’s business, not personal
  6. COMMON MISTAKES You don’t do everything well Lack of follow up Too much follow up Overpromising/underperforming Hesitancy to talk about money Seeing obstacles instead of solving problems
  7. Ann Sullivan, President Madison Services Group