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Infographic Partner Benefits


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Read about the benefits of being a BlackBerry enterprise software partner.

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Infographic Partner Benefits

  1. 1. BENEFITS OF BEING A BLACKBERRY ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE PARTNER Partnership Provides Tangible Benefits: In a recent survey BlackBerry Enterprise Software Partners revealed the benefits and the outcomes from being a BlackBerry partner. This is what we learned. Top Business Outcome: 57% indicated in the last year that they experienced increased sales due to the BlackBerry Partnership 40% indicated their BlackBerry Solution sales increased in the last year by more than 10% 16% indicated their last year sales of BlackBerry increase by more than 25% Looking into the coming year: 60% expect BlackBerry Solutions sales to increase by at least 11% and 39% expect sales to increase by at least 25% 54% ability to expand their existing sales by upgrading their accounts to new products and services 48% grow their customer base 44% differentiate themselves in a crowded market 67.95% 70.59% 28.47% 0.9% 55% Said their satisfaction with BlackBerry during the past year has clearly increased or remain the same Source: BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program Survey 2017, and Report “The Benefits of Being a BlackBerry Enterprise Software Partner: What the Partners are saying” A J. Gold Associates Research Report. There is no better moment to become a BlackBerry Partner. Join Now! Visit © 2017 BlackBerry Limited. All rights reserved. Trademarks, including but not limited to BLACKBERRY, EMBLEM Design, BBM and BES are the trademarks or registered trademarks of BlackBerry Limited the exclusive rights to such trademarks are expressly reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. RESPONDENTS GAVE BLACKBERRY SOFTWARE PRODUCTS HIGH MARKS FOR FEATURES AND FUNCTIONALITY, TECHNICAL INNOVATION AND QUALITY - ALL AREAS THAT PROVIDE A KEY SELLING ADVANTAGE OVER COMPETITOR'S PRODUCTS. Believe that the outcome of joining the BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program has been positive, with clear benefits to my business BLACKBERRY PORTFOLIO STRATEGY Research Whitepaper: The Benefit of Being a BlackBerry Enterprise Software Partner Planning to expand Remain the same Planning to reduce Download Report