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Power point basics


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Power point basics

  1. 1. PowerPoint Basics Berni Durham-Jones
  2. 2. Slide DesignSlide Design A range of designs can be usedA range of designs can be used as you will see over the next fewas you will see over the next few slidesslides
  3. 3. Session Aim: To have a clearerSession Aim: To have a clearer understanding of the uses ofunderstanding of the uses of PowerPointPowerPoint  Learners will be able to:Learners will be able to:  Use the basic features of PowerPointUse the basic features of PowerPoint  Understand the difference between good andUnderstand the difference between good and bad presentationbad presentation  Produce a presentation using PowerPointProduce a presentation using PowerPoint  Be aware of advanced techniquesBe aware of advanced techniques
  4. 4. Task: What makes a goodTask: What makes a good presentation?presentation?
  5. 5. What makes a bad presentation?
  6. 6. Slide Layout • You can choose a range of layouts including: • Title Slide • Title Only • Title and Text (bullets) • Title and 2 Column Text • Content (table, image, clip art, organisation chart) • Increasing and Decreasing Indents
  7. 7. To Insert a Clip Art ImageTo Insert a Clip Art Image  Click Insert, Picture, Clip ArtClick Insert, Picture, Clip Art  Type in what you are looking forType in what you are looking for  Ensure that you have clickedEnsure that you have clicked Everywhere on All CollectionsEverywhere on All Collections  Double click your selection toDouble click your selection to add to the page.add to the page.
  8. 8. Clip Art and ImagesClip Art and Images Copyright
  9. 9. FormattingFormatting  You can format text by using differentYou can format text by using different fontsfonts,, sizessizes,, colourscolours You can also useYou can also use  You canYou can boldbold,, italicitalic,, underlineunderline
  10. 10. BackgroundBackground • You can change the background to a specific colour, or use the set templates or even use a image as a background. • You can increase the size of text by clicking on the side of the box and choosing the options on the toolbar
  11. 11. Views • At the moment we are in Normal View • The next option is slide sorter view which allows you to view all the slides together, move, delete, reorder etc • This will run the slide show from the current slide
  12. 12. Notes and Printing Handouts Notes These can be added at the bottom of this slide to assist you when presenting Handouts To save paper and to provide a copy of your presentation, when you click Print, choose Print What, then choose Handouts, you can choose between 1 and 9 per page
  13. 13. Adding DiagramsAdding Diagrams Double Click Content in Slide Design Option to change Choose Diagram
  14. 14. Adding Autoshapes  This is available on the Drawing toolbar  Click autoshapes and choose shape  Draw with mouse eg,
  15. 15. Time to ….Time to …. Create your own presentationCreate your own presentation and practice the skills youand practice the skills you have learnt today…have learnt today…