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Best way to learn spanish


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Do you have troubles finding a proper learning technique to learn Spanish easily? Have you ever tried the Birkenbihl Approach to language learning? This article lists important steps towards learning a new language and gives advice on which language learning programs to utilize.

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Best way to learn spanish

  1. 1. Brought to you by Vegetarian Wave GmbH Visit us at
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  3. 3. Spanish is a popular foreign language for several reasons. Many students have Spanish classes in school. But what is the best way to learn Spanish outside of school? Everybody knows how hard it is to motivate oneself to sit down at your table and start learning. The biggest problem is the question how. How should I start? How do I know which learning material to use? How can I keep myself motivated? There are many more. Best way to learn Spanish - simple steps towards your success 1 First of all, make sure that you know what your goals are. Do you aim to improve your Spanish skills? Or are you new to the language and want to learn some basic sentences in order to be able to communicate during your next visit to Spain? Next, it is to decide whether you simply want to understand oral Spanish, or you desire to write letters to a friend or business letters. Maybe you want to read Spanish magazines? Every individual should be conscious about their current level of Spanish knowledge as well as about the desired end-goal.Brought to you by Vegetarian Wave GmbH Visit us at
  4. 4. 2 Secondly, decide on the overall language learning method. You might want to attend a language learning class around the corner, form a Spanish study group or teach Spanish yourself. Often, it is difficult to attend language classes at educational institutions, when we are already working. Mostly, payment is due up front for all classes. However, it is not always possible to participate in every single class. Regarding study groups, it might be difficult to find others that pursue the same goals, that are willing to study frequently and that fit into one group well. Furthermore, it is quite hard to arrange a meeting when every group member has a job and probably family. An alternative is self-study material for learning Spanish yourself at home. The only difficulty here is to keep motivated. Sitting in a room all by yourself can be boring, and dropping learning Spanish seems proper at many times. However, the advantage is that you do not rely on anybody else. You can study whenever you want, without caring for study partners or the lecturer. Moreover, you can decide all by yourself want you want to learn each day and which exercises you will do.Brought to you by Vegetarian Wave GmbH Visit us at
  5. 5. 3 Choosing the right language learning material is vital. In case you go for Spanish language classes at an institution, you might not need to think about this step. However, in case you choose to study Spanish yourself or together with others, you need to pick an appropriate Spanish book or software. There are many out there, but only a few may fit your learning style. Highly recommended are language learning books entirely in Spanish. By using those, you are even more exposed to the foreign language. In case you like more interactive and flexible language learning, you might go for a language learning software. Those are offered in almost every book store as well as in hundreds of online shops. A variety of language learning programs with different content and exercises, innovative learning techniques and multi-media activities are on offer. Make sure, you take the right one! Many suppliers offer free language software trial for their products.Brought to you by Vegetarian Wave GmbH Visit us at
  6. 6. 4 Finally, you are ready to start learning Spanish. The Spanish language is not one of the hard ones, however, everybody needs to dedicate time in order to become a decent Spanish speaker. As it is vital to stay motivated, ensure that the language learning material is challenging, yet fits your situation. Track your learning progress by crossing each session of the learning process on a list, for example. What´s important is that you at some point in time start using your skills. Communicating with a native speaker in Spanish is fun and observable success keeps you motivated to further develop your skills. Do not by shy! Everybody can fully understand that your oral as well as written Spanish won´t be perfect in the beginning. However, you only learn by making mistakes. Hopefully, these simple steps towards understanding and speaking Spanish help you to start off your language learning plan. To make your search for an appropriate language learning program easier, one product is suggested in the next paragraphs.Brought to you by Vegetarian Wave GmbH Visit us at
  7. 7. The Birkenbihl Approach as the best way to learn SpanishBrought to you by Vegetarian Wave GmbH Visit us at
  8. 8. The Birkenbihl Approach is a language learning method that is based on extensive brain research. Studies have revealed that infants and children learn a foreign language much faster than adults because the approach to language learning is different. All of us were exposed to our mother tongue for months before we spoke our first few words. So why do adults mostly try to speak a language right from the beginning? Products by the Birkenbihl Approach follow a simple learning process. At the beginning, a foreign language text is translated word by word. This is important to understand the overall content and to understand the general meaning of the words. The second step involves listening to the recording of the foreign language text and reading the translation at the same time. Thereby, terms are remembered easily. Next, learners should listen to the recording without reading the translation and without actively paying attention to what they hear. This is what we do as children when we learn our mother tongue. By this passive listening, our brain gets used to the new language easily and speaking it afterwards will be very easy. As there are different steps in the learning process, learning Spanish with the Birkenbihl Approach will never become boring. Furthermore,Brought to you by Vegetarian Wave GmbH Visit us at
  9. 9. you do not need to sit at your computer all the time. For example, you can save the recording of all lessons on your mobile phone and listen to it whenever and wherever you want. Various courses are offered, containing different content for many language learning goals. Maybe, there is the right one for you as well! Try it out now! A free language program trail may convince you to use the best way to learn Spanish. Learning a foreign language does not have to be difficult and boring! Make use of the above stated advice and start with the first step today!Brought to you by Vegetarian Wave GmbH Visit us at