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Business Backup Services: Management Consulting, Business Consulting, Commercial Advisory, Business Development, Marketing Management, Shopper Marketing, Trade Marketing, Commercial Planning, Sales Force Management, Channel Management, Modern Trade Management, Trading Terms, Business Contract, Distributor Management, Training and Development, Build Capabilities, Skills Enhancement e.g. Selling Skills, Sales Coaching Skills, Negotiation Skills, Key Account Management, etc.

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Introduction to bizz backup co., ltd. r5 eng

  1. 1. An introduction to…
  2. 2. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 2 Bizz Backup is delivering superior value of management consultancy. We help our clients to improve their business from visionary goals, strategic directions, “Flawless Execution of Solutions”, and measurable outcomes to increase client revenues and enabling growth. Bizz Backup is specializing in consumer marketing, shopper marketing, commercial planning, sales force management, channel management, modern trade management, general trade management, distributor management, sales intelligence, process excellence, and more. Our services are including “Skills Enhancement” e.g. selling skills, coaching skills, negotiation skills, and national account management via tailored in-company training that build clients’ workforce capabilities, stimulate behavior change, and promote a culture of excellence. About us
  3. 3. • Delivering superior value of management consultancy, and building clients’ workforce capabilities to increase client revenues and enabling growth, benefiting to all stakeholders. Our Purpose © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 3
  4. 4. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 4 Leadership Collabora tion Integrity Respect for the Individual Our Values provide the ethical and behavioral framework on which we base our decisions every day. We will be courageous and defend our values and beliefs:
  5. 5. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 5 Leadership Collabora tion Integrity Respect for the Individual Respect for the Individual We treat clients, colleagues, and all other people with consideration, empathetic, dignity, courtesy, and fairness. We treat people as we would like to be treated. We have confidence in each other’s capabilities and intentions. We believe that people work best when there is a foundation of trust.
  6. 6. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 6 Leadership Collabora tion Integrity Respect for the Individual Integrity We are open, honest, and doing the right thing. We are straightforward with each other. We observe appropriate confidentiality of our client information. We are committed to serve with good sense and wise solutions. We only make promises we can keep. We deliver “Flawless Execution of Solutions”.
  7. 7. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 7 Leadership Collabora tion Integrity Respect for the Individual Leadership A change agent who challenges the status quo. We proactively sense and respond to problems and opportunities. We assume personal ownership and accountability for business results and solutions. We are all leaders in our area of responsibility, with a deep commitment to deliver leadership results. We are determined to be the best at doing what matters most.
  8. 8. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 8 Leadership Collabora tion Integrity Respect for the Individual Collaboration Shared Values is our foundation.We puts interests of enterprise above own. We work together in a manner that is team- oriented, constructive, and challenging. We are providing an open and consultative environment that encourages their people to raise issues and discuss differences of opinion. We are objective in forming our professional opinions and the advice we give.
  9. 9. • Be, and be recognized as, the best local management consultancy in Southeast Asia. Our Vision © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 9
  10. 10. • We thrive on building deep relationships with our clients. • We are dedicated to achieving profound, tangible, high-value management consulting services, and uplifting client’s workforce capabilities. Our Mission © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 10
  11. 11. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 11 Talent Development Management Consulting Commercial Advisory
  12. 12. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 12 Management Consulting We provides many opportunities that will assist an organization in developing its strategies and “Flawless Execution of Solutions” to increase client revenues and enabling growth. We provides project management services, including plan development, implementation, evaluation, and modification that are focused on general management, strategic marketing direction, commercial planning and development, and supply chain initiatives.
  13. 13. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 13 Management Consulting We focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and change management to deliver tangible results, such as: Strategic management Portfolio management Marketing strategy and brand planning Business process improvement Corporate compliance Management control Tax planning And more…
  14. 14. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 14 Management Consulting Exploring and understanding the case Framing and analyzing the real issue Developing “Flawless Execution of Solutions” Proposing and getting agreement Training and convincing the team to avoid change resistance Implementing agreed solutions Measuring the outcomes Continuous improvement and sustaining long-term success
  15. 15. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 15 Commercial Advisory We provides a wide range ofcommercial advisory services including: Commercial strategy and sales planning Channel management Organizational design Time and territory management Sales intelligence and process excellence Sales motivation planning Sales performance measurement Customer insights Negotiation strategy And more…
  16. 16. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 16 Commercial Advisory Modern Trade Shopper/ Customer Marketing General/ Traditional Trade Sales Operation and Process Excellence
  17. 17. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 17 Modern Trade Modern Trade Building “Key Customer Profile” andSearching “Business Opportunities” Translating “Key Customer Insights” and leveraging into actions “Segmenting Key Customers” for betterresources allocation “Trade Spending in Big Picture” forutilizing trade investment Optimizing the “Trading Terms”and business agreement Designing an actionable “Joint Business Planning” Simulating Key Customer “Annual Promotional Plan and Control” Creating Key Customer “Joint Collaborative Scorecard” Evaluating the “Promotion Efficiency”
  18. 18. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 18 General/ Traditional Trade General/Traditional Trade Analyzing and Finalizing the “Best Fit Distribution Channel” Defining “Channel Strategy , Distribution Strategy, and Penetration Strategy” “Screening and Selecting” the Distributor Partners “Managing the 3rd Party Sales” – the Distributor Partners Optimizing the sales structure via “Sales Force Effectiveness” Setting and Monitoring Distributor KPI’s Controlling “Distributor’s Inventory” for long-term healthy growth Strengthening the “Local Key Customer” “Distribution Expansion” opportunities in General Trade
  19. 19. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 19 Shopper/ Customer Marketing Shopper/Customer Marketing Translating “Consumer and Shopper Insights” and leveraging into actions Creating “Category Partnership Initiatives” for enhancing business relationship Reviewing the suitable product range and develop “Product Assortment Guideline” for specific channel Reviewing the brand position, its market share, and develop “Standard Merchandising Guideline” for specific channel Reviewing the price position, and develop “ Floor Price Guideline” to avoid price conflict among channels
  20. 20. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 20 Sales Operation and Process Excellence Sales Operation and Process Excellence Defining “Key Commercial Strategies” to increase client revenues and enabling growth Building “Relevant Business Reports and Scorecard” for ease of measurement Rationalizing “Sales Forecast” lead to good inventory control resulting better financial efficiency Improving “Internal Process” and managing operational execution Designing an “Effective Annual Appraisal” for satisfactory performance review Activating the sales force and uplifting morale – motivation via “Effective Sales Incentive Scheme”
  21. 21. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 21 Talent Development We provides many opportunities on training and development that build clients’ workforce capabilities, and promote a culture of excellence through strong leadership. We offers a variety of customized workshops, seminars, and services designed to build job skills and enhance professional development by experience and skilled professionals to stimulate behavior change.
  22. 22. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 22 Talent Development We focus on behavior change – change just one thing! via “tailored in-company training programs”, such as: Selling skills Sales Coaching skills Negotiation skills Key customer management Distributor management Category management Commercial management And more…
  23. 23. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 23 Talent Development Understand Client’s Expectations Analyze the organization's needs, Identify training goals, Align learning objectives, Agree on timeline, who should attend, and etc. Design and Develop a “tailored in- company training programs” Course content, Lessons and sequence of lessons, Interacting learning "package" e.g. group discussion, exercises, role play Implement the training package, by ensuring: Educate – improve knowledge, Enhance individual skills by doing – practicing the case plays, Embed positive attitude, Reinforce behavior change, and Enjoyment Evaluate the training package Before, during, and after implementation of training Measuring: “Quantitative Results”, Verbatim feedback via “Qualitative Results”
  24. 24. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 24 Elementary Advanced BB100634 – Building Strong Fundamentalof the 3rd Party Sales BB100853 – Marketing in Big Picture for Non- Marketer BB100543 – Translating Shopper Insights into Category Initiatives BB100735 – Structuring and Managing the Winning Sales Force Intermediate Pre- Intermediate Upper- Intermediate
  25. 25. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 25 Program Outline and Featuring “Pre-approach” – to be prepared is half the victory Prepare FAB’s “Sales Proposition” Prepare your opening statements Practice your sales presentation Adjust the “Sales Approach” based on buyer behavior Demonstrated that the product/service match the prospect’s needs Customize a comprehensive questioning, and active listening Anticipate and handle customer’s negative behavior, conflict, and objections Influencing, convincing, or persuading to get commitment Employ “Closing Tips and Techniques” Elementary
  26. 26. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 26 Program Outline and Featuring Prepare to get the most out of a coaching conversation Making a “Positive Opening” – effectively manage and control anger, conflict and difficult situations “Discover” by applying effective listening skills to nurture employee input “Setting a Clearly Defined Goal” Facilitating the coachee’s thinking via effective questioning “Exploring the Possible Solutions”– make a positive impact of the productivity and give a constructive feedback to enhance performance Following-up the coaching session – reinforce behavior change Embedding the coaching culture in the organization Intermediate
  27. 27. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 27 Program Outline and Featuring Understand Key Customer’s Financial, Supply Chain, and Retailing Strategies Building Key Customer Profile Define and prioritizing Key Customer’s Business Opportunities Simulate Key Customer Business Planning Managing Promotional Investment Trading Terms and Business Agreement Designing “Joint Collaborative Scorecard” Tailor and presenting “Key Customer’s Business Proposal” Implementing “In-store Execution Excellence” for maximizing outcomes Evaluating Business Performance Intermediate
  28. 28. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 28 Program Outline and Featuring Learn as much as possible about the other party To gain a greater understanding of your own negotiation strengths and weaknesses Creating the ideal BATNA per engagement Adopting strategies and selecting tactics Assessing the other party’s BATNA Aware of verbal signals and observe non-verbal signals Proposing a realistic and specific proposal Identify and repackage a proposal by valuing your concessions Bargain at all stages Clinching the deal Evaluate and learn from negotiation experiences Upper- Intermediate
  29. 29. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 29 “Ponder and Perform” Our consulting process for “Improvement” stimulates “Ponder”, using creativity to reveal critical and necessary business strategies. Convert its strategies to tactics, develop its “Flawless Execution of Solutions” and “Perform”, aiming to increase client revenues and enabling growth.
  30. 30. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 30 Uplifting Skills and Professionalism Our intensive “Talent Development” programs are fully customized, step-by-step approach for ease of understanding – enhancing individual potentials and uplifting client’s workforce capabilities. We emphasis on “Interaction” through group discussion, learning via case studies, and practicing via role-play for “Uplifting Skills and Professionalism”.
  31. 31. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 31 Meticulously Designed – To Be Used in Real Life Our exclusive “Talent Development” programs are “Meticulously Designed”. We think over and define only issue matter for group discussion, case studies, and role-play. All topics and issues we created for learning based on actual problems of its organization, ensuring “To Be Used in Real Life” after the workshop.
  32. 32. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 32 Inspire and Stimulate Behavior Change. Our expert, and skilled professionals have breadth and depth of experience. We always “Inspire and Stimulate Behavior Change”, cultivate positive attitude, and promote a culture of excellence through strong leadership to ensure sustainable growth.
  33. 33. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 33 Fostering High Performance Delivering the Promise Our Ethics and Compliance
  34. 34. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 34 Our Ethics and Compliance Our Ethics and Compliance We are adhering high ethical standards as to the confidentiality. We are respecting and protecting our client information. Our employees must comply with our privacy policies and procedures. We are committed to fair business practices. We are operating within the letter and the spirit of applicable laws. We do not compromise our intellectual integrity.
  35. 35. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 35 Fostering High Performance Fostering High Performance We identify holistic competitive system, market positions, its dynamics, development of plans for improvement, and build capabilities that enable clients to deliver superior results in a sustainable manner. We are fostering entrepreneurial spirit and environment. We maintain a positive and constructive approach, even during difficult times.
  36. 36. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 36 Delivering the Promise Delivering the Promise We work with our clients in a dynamic atmosphere, through our collaborative, interactive and working-partner style that values creativity, discuss differences of opinion, generates exceptional thinking, develop insightful, and its ability to forming strategic ideas that drive lasting impact for our clients. We give practical advice. Concrete recommendations and support clients right through to implementation, receiving a high return on their consulting investment.
  37. 37. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 37 Our Operating Principles We take holistic approach to understand external and internal perspectives. We value our clients and colleagues as individuals, making an effort to understand their personal needs. We stay focused to discover the root causes. We value depth and breadth analysis.
  38. 38. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 38 Our Operating Principles We interact based on the assumption that we are all act in a reliable and trustworthy manner. We encourage tolerance for each other's opinions. We maintain openness to new ideas. We communicate honestly, using direct and straightforward language – we tell it like it is. We are providing problem-solving and decision-making logic, innovative strategies and sustainable solutions.
  39. 39. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 39 Our Clients Our Testimonials Clients Value Creation
  40. 40. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 40 Clients Value Creation Clients Value Creation We are committed wholeheartedly to our clients’ success. We measure our success by our clients' success. Clients Come First. We are committed to deliver distinctive client value by creating returns many multiples of their investment. We deliver tangible and positive change, not simply presentations or ideas.
  41. 41. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 41 Clients Value Creation Clients Value Creation We are committed to improve our clients' business performance, creating long-term, win-win relationships, and focusing on execution excellence. We are committed to the highest level of integrity in all of our dealings with our clients, employees and service partners. We respect personal privacy, and safeguard individual record confidentiality.
  42. 42. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 42 Our Clients
  43. 43. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 43 Our Clients
  44. 44. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 44 Our Clients
  45. 45. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 45 Our Testimonials Customer’s need and want keep changing endlessly… that why we need to develop ourselves at all time… most important is an opportunity to practice soft skills in virtual situations from the real professionals. Chutamas Vichit-aree Loan Officer, Siam City Bank PCL – Damnoen Saduak, Ratchaburi Arjarn Sanphat – Yes! He is… everyone are admired and like him a lot because his capabilities, both strategic and actionable. Utumporn Chantaboon Accountant, Siam City Bank PCL – Ban Don, Surat Thani Arjarn Sanphat is a highly experienced marketer, his comments are rational, and his advices are truly implementable. He illustrates with clear examples, and business opportunities are accessible from making smarter marketing strategies. Nisara Suchinyaporn Marketing PR Manager, Pornkamon Rice Flour Mills Co., Ltd.
  46. 46. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 46 Our Testimonials Arjarn Sanphat has gained profound experiences in management and marketing. He is the real experts, providing advices that are useful to SMEs. Those suggestions can be able to use in real business life – not too hard to be developed, and I immediately see the benefits right after implementation. I’m fortunate having him an advisor, and I’m intend to build on by take various advices deploying in business to enhance competitiveness. Niwat Kedsavapitug Managing Director, Rungroj Fish Sauce Co., Ltd. Excellent program. Concise contents – clear and relevant. Not overlooked even in small details. Able to point out specific deficiencies. His advises and techniques can actually be used in the real situation. Wichate Watthanasakunpong Managing Director, Bio-Woman Co., Ltd.
  47. 47. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 47 Our Testimonials At first, I was shocked by the price proposed by Bizz Backup. I was too much concern more on amount of investment. Finally, I decided to step-up and change as I don’t want to manage my business as a traditional entrepreneur. I learn a lot from professional, together with my experiences – I could assimilate and digest, see the big picture and visualized what to do next. I’ve developed organizational structure while many new processes are in place. All strategies could release unnecessary stress. We’ve improve brand positioning, new concept idea has been proposed to our customers and it could lead to higher sales results. It’s the right decision to participate as we’re receiving much higher values on consulting investment. Kanya Phaungphet General Manager Cha Cha Cha. Fill in the fun. Dexy. Life is flexible.
  48. 48. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 48 Our Testimonials Bizz Backup helps visualize bigger picture and even better approach for the future. Managing Director Newsci Nanotech Co., Ltd. Is one of the very impressive courses, the training style is focusing on practicing, the learners got the constructive comments for self-improvement and come back for re-roleplaying, the feedbacks are clear and to the point, all participants are understood and creating the real learning atmosphere. Pattaree Choonhavarakorn HR Specialist, KONE Public Company Limited
  49. 49. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 49 Our Testimonials Bizz Backup is a reliable business partner, delivering superior service – exceeds expectation. Withoon Praditthanakhornsuk Traditional Trade Capability Manager, Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading Co., Ltd. We are very much admiring Arjarn Sanphat. He is a real professional coacher, fully responsible and determination. His systematic thinking provided a clear business guideline going forward. We could apply his various solutions at present and in the future. Thank you very much indeed. Veerawat Thitivuthdhisathian Managing Director, Tong Seng Lhee Co., Ltd.
  50. 50. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 50 Our Testimonials Bizz Backup is not only business support but also partner of success building and developing the sales force of PepsiCo. Rattakorn Vichitsook Capability GTM Manager, Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading Co., Ltd. Sanphat is the perfect blend of a consultant who brings in his subjective expertise in sales, while demonstrating uninterrupted ownership and dedication. His contributions to Pepsi’s sales team capability building as we started the new company were phenomenal with Sanphat demonstrated the right mindset and passion to make an impact that will last with the sales team. Working with Sanphat is a guaranteed added value to any company that chooses to work with a professional of his caliber. Fadi Hammad Sales Capability Manager, PepsiCo, Inc. | AMEA
  51. 51. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 51 Executive Leadership Corporate Governance Executive Biography
  52. 52. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 52 Corporate Governance Corporate Governance We demonstrate transparency and good standards of corporate governance. We believe that strong corporate governance is critical to the long-term creation of stakeholder value. We aim for the highest standards of behavior at all levels in our business. Our effective policies and processes for managing our business are in accordance with the law. Clear accountability is also vital.
  53. 53. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 53 Corporate Governance Corporate Governance We are concerned not only with results, but with how those results are achieved. We will never condone nor tolerate efforts or activities to achieve results through illegal or unethical dealings anywhere and at anytime.
  54. 54. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 54 Executive Leadership Executive Leadership Our people and our culture are our greatest assets. We select people with intelligence, integrity, passion and the ambition to make a mark.
  55. 55. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 55 Summary An accomplished consumer brands’ Executive who brings commercial strategies to life. Possesses a unique blend of creative synthesizer, big picture orientation, and details digger resulting in the development of visionary goals, and the execution of solutions. Highly regarded for his ability to manage: The high demand of modern retail chains The complexity of mass market distribution model The integration transition of the new categories into organization Executive Biography
  56. 56. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 56 Sales Manager (2.5 months) National Sales Manager (34 months) Sales Director (36 months) Commercial Director (21.5 months)L’Oreal Thailand (7.8 years) Customer Development Director (62.5 months) J&J Consumer (5.2 years) Key Account Specialist(16 months) District Sales Manager – North (20 months) District Sales Manager – Bangkok (28 months) National Key Accounts Manager (18 months) National Trade Marketing Division Manager (3 months) National Field Sales Division Manager (10 months)Gillette Thailand (9.2 years) Sales Trainee (1 month) Task Force Man (8 months) Task Force Team Leader (13 months) Credit Salesman (47 months) Borneo Thailand (4.5 years)
  57. 57. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 57 A Change Agent; who challenges the status quo and who takes personal ownership in building organizational capabilities. Committed in Long-term; cultivating new ideas and enabling new processes to fuel the future growth. Results Oriented and Performance Driven; achieved 13-consecutive years of double-digit growth. Executive Biography
  58. 58. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 58 Our People Our Culture Career Path Work-life Balance Diversity
  59. 59. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 59 Our People Our People Our People make the difference. We attract and recruit the finest people. We are passionate about retaining our talents, and helping them succeed professionally and personally through ongoing coaching, training and development programs. We give equal opportunity for our employees at all levels. We are promoting and rewarding our talents based on performance. We are challenging and stretching them with "can do" attitude. They help us deliver on our promises to clients. They make Bizz Backup a great place to work.
  60. 60. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 60 Our Culture Our Culture We are performance driven, and results oriented. We are encouraging people to achieve their best. We like to experiment with new ideas. We are pushing ourselves to make things happen, and we strive to make a difference in everything we do. Our Culture is strong and cohesive. We are developing a culture based on mutual respect and teamwork that promotes personal responsibility and initiative at all levels. We are down to earth, friendly and approachable. We develop deep, enduring relationships with each other and our clients.
  61. 61. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 61 Work-life Balance Work-life Balance We value work-life balance and support our employees' personal aspirations, offering flexibility in tandem with advancement in the firm. We are highly competitive for our clients, but very supportive with each other. We also value our diverse interests outside of work via networking activities.
  62. 62. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 62 Career Path Career Path Our flexible culture allows you to pursue your passions and shape your own career. We make every effort to hasten your progress along a clearly defined career path. You'll receive the necessary support to tailor your career path through ongoing training, mentoring and feedback.
  63. 63. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 63 Diversity Diversity We will always embrace Diversity. Diversity covers a broad range of personal attributes, characteristics, natural abilities, skills and functions, motivation and preference. Diversity makes our world unique. We believe that a diverse workforce brings more and broader points of view, which drive innovation and creative solutions. That's why our talents are come from a wide range of cultural, educational, and geographic backgrounds.
  64. 64. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 64 Sustainability Corporate Citizenship Social Responsibility
  65. 65. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 65 Corporate Citizenship Corporate Citizenship Being a good corporate citizen is an important part of our character and identity. We support our people's passion to bring lasting, and positive change to their communities. We nurture motivation, employee pride and social awareness through a systematic framework which, anchored by a strong set of core values, drives consistency and transparency across our businesses and workforces.
  66. 66. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 66 Social Responsibility Social Responsibility Providing Professional Services We are delivering tangible outcomes through a mix of financial giving and the giving of the time and skills from our skilled professionals, by tutoring young people in the community, and/or facilitating educational activities in the business colleges or universities. Volunteering in Our Communities We are delivering tangible outcomes through Fundraisers for local and national charities, community involvement activities, disaster relief and inspired fundraising by our people.
  67. 67. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 67 Sustainability Sustainability We care for the world. We are doing all we should to control energy and other utilities consumption with the objective of improving the quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come. We have responsibility to the society. We aim to limit the impact our business has on the environment. We are protecting the environment from pollution. We are reducing the need to travel through video and teleconferencing.
  68. 68. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 68 Higher Financial Results Higher Job Satisfaction Higher Rate of Employee Retention Increased knowledge, productivity, contribution, and loyalty – worth investment solutions Most admired companies are not only having a good training programs but training is a part of their culture
  69. 69. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 69 Expert, Experience and Skilled Professionals Our professionals who have breadth and depth of experience and accountable for “Flawless Execution of Solutions”, consistently delivers results that meet or exceed expectations. Commitment to Excellence Bizz Backup is recognized as a high quality services provider of “Management Consulting, Commercial Advisory, and Talent Development”.
  70. 70. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 70 Fully Customized to Meet Client Needs Tailored in-company training programs are practical, motivational, focus on learning and changes in behavior that will lead to positive results. Proactively Senses and Responds to Problems and Opportunities A majority of our clients engage us for additional work, offering further testament to our strong reputation and the value we provide to our customers.
  71. 71. © Bizz Backup | All Rights Reserved 71 Flexibility and Adaptability We demonstrate integrity, respect, and teaming. We lead with energy, enthusiasm, and collaborate with our clients.
  72. 72. Flawless Execution of Solutions Management Consulting | Commercial Advisory | Talent Development
  73. 73. Contact “Bizz Backup”: Bizz Backup Co., Ltd. 24 Soi Lad Phrao Wang Hin 20 Yak 2, Lad Phrao Wang Hin road Lad Phrao, Lad Phrao, Bangkok 10230 Tel/Fax: (66) 2931-6654 Mobile: (66) 8-1892-2456 E-mail:
  74. 74. Copyright © 2009-2013 by Bizz Backup Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this creative ideas, concepts, and information may be developed, duplicated or reproduced, distributed, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Bizz Backup Co., Ltd. Bizz Backup Co., Ltd. Tel/Fax: (66) 2931-6654, Mobile: (66) 8-1892-2456