How Automotive Marketers Use Targeted Display Advertising


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Learn how top marketers in the auto industry use targeted display advertising to guide prospects through the buying cycle and reach them wherever they travel online.

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How Automotive Marketers Use Targeted Display Advertising

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  4. 4. But there are two key challenges facing auto marketers… of all verticals including luxury cars, fleet, trucks, or services & parts:
  5. 5. ONE$ WAY$ Precisely targeting audiences that matter most Continuously engaging prospects throughout the buying cycle
  6. 6. Using&business&demographic&data&and& analy5cs&to&precisely&target&the&right& audiences&&&create&personalized& experiences&online& & Deploying&dis5nct&strategies&at&every&stage& of&the&buying&cycle&to&reach&prospects& early&and&o<en&
  7. 7. Building Brand Awareness | ACDelco | Service & Parts$ High Impact Top-Funnel Ad Elements: •  Brand and tagline emphasized first •  Main value prop clearly stated •  Message resonates whether or not audience visits the website
  8. 8. Business Demographic Targeting •  Target ads to professionals based on company size or industry Company Name Targeting •  Reach employees at target accounts Video Targeting •  Target video ads to precise business audiences
  9. 9. Increase Audience Engagement | Ford | Trucks$ High Impact Mid-Funnel Ad Elements: •  Focus on a specific product, not the entire brand •  Encourages a variety of interactions and information to peruse
  10. 10. Business Demographic Targeting •  Target ads to professionals based on job function or seniority Social Advertising •  Target ads to business audiences on social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn
  11. 11. Drive Conversions & Sales | Audi | Luxury$ High Impact Bottom-Funnel Ad Elements: •  Reinforcing “luxury” & “premium” •  Personalization. “Buy ready” call to action suggests the audience seeing this ad has previously engaged & shopped Audi online
  12. 12. Website Retargeting •  Get a second chance at online conversions from lost website visitors Marketing Automation Sync •  Synchronize display & social ads with emails delivered via marketing automation systems CRM Retargeting •  Target ads to contacts from your CRM database