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Bap Powerpoint Presentation

  1. 1. Webinars - Videos - Templates - Articles - eBooks BizLaunch Small Business ContentHelping you build your brand online by providingeducational small business marketing content
  2. 2. Helping Build Brands OnlineWhat we do:We are a content marketing agency that providessmall business marketing content to help you connectwith your customers.How we do it:We create webinars, videos, articles and other onlinemarketing materials that help you become a thoughtleader in your industry. Use our content to attract trafficto your website and to convert more leads into customers.
  3. 3. What makes us different?• A community of over 30,000 small business owners that trust our content• We research small business owners and share that knowledge with you• Our content is developed by small business experts that know what its like to start, run and grow a successful business, because weve done it!Why use our content?• Our core business is creating small business content your customers will love• Our goal is to make it quick and easy for you to create the content you need
  4. 4. Our small business content includes:Webinars Build your brand online with these educational and interactive online seminars. Each webinar is 60 minutes including Q&A.Videos Show your expertise or feature customers in these professionally produced small business videos. Two minutes each, MP4 quality.Templates Help your customers become successful with fill-in-the-blank small business templates.Blog Posts Educational, 500 word SEO-rich articles about interesting small business topics.Success Stories 1000 word inspirational stories about your customers with your branding integrated throughout.eBooks Detailed how-to guides that educate on a particular small business topic. 8000 word guide delivered in Word.
  5. 5. Small Business Content MarketingWe can help you position your brand as an industry expert byproviding a variety of small business content.What We Offer:• Webinars• Videos• Templates• Blog posts• Success Stories• eBooks
  6. 6. Small Business WebinarsBuild relationships with your small business customers by presentinglive webinars. Our interactive and engaging webinars are an effectiveand measurable lead-capturing tool that you can use to connect withyour customers online. Running webinars will: • Educate existing and potential customers • Generate leads • Build a strong market position • Make new contacts • Convert new contacts
  7. 7. Small Business WebinarsOur webinars are turn-key, so well:• Send you a list of topics to • Manage the registrations choose from and technology• Create the presentation • Present and record the deck webinar• Develop a custom landing • Send you the leads after the page to host the webinars webinar has finished• Promote the webinar to a combined database of customers View some of our upcoming webinars here Webinars should be primarily educational, however your logo and some product messaging can appear in the the presentation.
  8. 8. Small Business Webinars Why use our webinars? BizLaunch • Theyre highly webinars are highly interactive • Unlike most corporate interactive. Unlike most webinars, small business corporate webinars, small owners can get their business owners can get their questions answered byby questions answered our experts and byand by their our experts peers their peers.DESCRIPTION60 minutes (40 minute presentation, 10 minute Sponsor Highlight, 10 minuteQ&A) Production time for webinars is 4-6 weeks to allow for maximum registrants
  9. 9. Small Business VideosWe take the hassle out of creating videos. Why use video marketing? • Shows your product or service • Helps build a brand • Reaches a wider audience in a cost- efficient wayBizLaunch videos are professional, economical, and best of all, theyreturn-key. We will manage the whole process for you to create videos thatcan be used on your website, social media accounts or in any other wayyoud like!
  10. 10. Small Business VideosOur videos are turn-key, so well:• Provide a free video consultation about best practices for videos• Manage the logistical details (calling your customers, arranging dates, etc.)• Professionally produce and edit a two minute video (including a customized introduction and conclusion using your logo and brand elements)• Provide quick turnaround and easy access to your videos DESCRIPTION • Two minute video (MP4 quality that you can easily upload to your website, YouTube channel or share on social media) • Production time for videos is 4-6 weeks
  11. 11. Small Business TemplatesProvide small business owners with tools that they can use. Each ofour small business templates can be customized to include or notinclude formulas, as well as your branding. The templates can befeatured on your site for a one year time period.Some of our templates include: • Balance sheets • Business plans • Cash flow forecasts • Income statements • Break-even calculators • New worth calculators • Marketing plans • Start-up cost calculators
  12. 12. Small Business TemplatesYou can offer these templates for free on your website in exchange for a customers email address and information. This information can then be used to build a database of prospects, which you can then marketto on a regular basis. DESCRIPTION Branded Excel files with formulas or print outs with instructions. Production time for templates is two weeks
  13. 13. Small Business Blog Posts500 word articles that you can use to build a steady stream of content on yourblog or social media accounts. Whether its marketing, sales, finance orbusiness, we can write articles on a variety of topics that will help you becomean industry thought leader.This includes:• Providing a list of the • Including your brand most popular topics for messages into the you to choose from or post writing about a topic that • Providing BizLaunch youd like to cover authors to build• Incorporating SEO rich credibility for your links into the content brand online FACT: The average company that DESCRIPTION blogs gets 97% more inbound 500 word articles delivered in Word (Production time is 1-2 links. weeks) - HubSpot
  14. 14. Small Business Success StoriesSmall business owners love reading about how other small businessowners have become successful. These 1000 word inspirational storiesare great for your social media accounts and show how much you careabout your small business customers.This includes:• Producing a list of questions• Arranging the interviews with your customers• Interviewing your customers• Asking the small business owner for pictures of their business DESCRIPTION• Writing an inspirational 1000 1000 word articles delivered in Word. word article to share their Production time is 3-4 weeks. story
  15. 15. Small Business eBooksEducate your customers about a particular business topic. These in-depthguides show your customers your wealth of knowledge about a specializedsmall business topic. Use these eBooks as a lead-capturing tool on your website.This includes: eBook Topic Areas:• Researching a particular small • Sales & Marketing business topic • Innovation & Technology• Incorporating links and • Human Resources examples from your industry • Accounting & Finance• Including brand messaging • Start-up & Growth about your company Management• Writing and editing the content • Entrepreneurship• Two rounds of revisions• Delivering the final file in Word, DESCRIPTION ready for your design team 8000 word guide delivered in Word. Your brand messaging is incorporated throughout. Production time for guides is 4-6 weeks.
  16. 16. Always remember, were here to help.If you have any questions about how to use content marketing tobuild your brand with small business owners, you can contact usat any time.For more information please reach out to:Andrew Patricio Stefanie NeylandFounder Marketing 581-8880 ext. 1 (416) 581-8880 ext. 2