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Niso dnl13 individualizationcollabf


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Published in: Education
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Niso dnl13 individualizationcollabf

  1. 1. Individualization + collaboration=Innovation1KA Watson, Coastline Distance Learning, CA
  2. 2. Individualization: The ILPGoal: customization/personalization of learningParts: ALP + I-PASSAcademic learning planIndividual, physical, social successRequired courses must meet state standardsmath, English, science, social studies,tech, phys. ed., arts, world languagesExtras: Electives, internship, projectKA Watson, Coastline Distance Learning, CA 2
  3. 3. Collaboration: “Teaching Europe”Goal: Multi-lateral/transdisciplinary learningParts: Competencies for European literacySpecific/exemplar courses taught cooperativelythe euro; stereotypes; “borders”;rights, responsibilities, ethics; schoolsExtras: International fora, diaporamas, seminarsKA Watson, Coastline Distance Learning, CA 3
  4. 4. The ELICIT exampleGoal: To unite academics, experts, learnersParts: savoirs & compétencesSpecific courses: taught multi-culturallythe euro; “glocalism” (global + local);institutions; curiosity & consciousness;environment(s); myths & beliefs; numbersExtras: Intra-Europe travel; data treatmentKA Watson, Coastline Distance Learning, CA 4
  5. 5. TransdisciplinarityUsing individualizationUsing collaborationUsing the interculturalUsing the internationalProfiting from alternativesKA Watson, Coastline Distance Learning, CA 5
  6. 6. Unesco:suggestions & mandatesInternational, intercultural, foundationalDesigned for trainers, teachers, learnersK-postsecondary & “adult”Exemplified by EduscolFor mixed compétencesKA Watson, Coastline Distance Learning, CA 6
  7. 7. Curriculum design:Customized collaborationHow? Using what materials? How transmitted?When? In static or dynamic environments?Who? Among homogeneous or heterogeneous?Where? In classrooms? Online?Why? Consequences?KA Watson, Coastline Distance Learning, CA 7
  8. 8. Ultimate goal: InnovationSame old, same old? NOT!Never the same river twiceOld (re)newed againKA Watson, Coastline Distance Learning, CA 8
  9. 9. Innovation implicationsTransdisciplinarity (revisited) in curriculumFour literacies underlying curriculumAlphabétisationNumeracyCultureTechDynamismKA Watson, Coastline Distance Learning, CA 9