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Stop Waiting for Your Invitation: Drive Growth and Engage Strategically Today


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Enterprise growth requires executive leadership involvement when it comes to changing the culture, focus, or services an organization offers. To be successful, the growth strategy must focus on many things at once, including people. Every aspect of the organization has to work together, and here’s where HR’s role is crucial. Whether it’s a new product, or a shift in competitive focus, HR is intrinsic to helping the company stay competitive. HR’s role in driving the success of the organization includes a number of factors. HR must ensure the administrative function of the organization are handled, but must focus attention on the important role of sharing the culture and vision of the organization. Internal and external relationships will help shape the HR function, as well as your career.In order to drive enterprise growth and achieve optimal business results, HR and the leadership team must get on the same page and keep communications open. But, how can you do this? We will share proven tips and tricks to being a strategic executive who is action oriented and tech-savvy. We do this by defining a 5 step process to join the leadership team and have the career of your dreams today!

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Stop Waiting for Your Invitation: Drive Growth and Engage Strategically Today

  1. 1. Presenting Today Lori Kleiman, SPHR Business and HR Expert HR Topics Jessica Petry Sr. Marketing Specialist, BizLibrary Follow along on Twitter: #BizWebinar @BizLibrary
  2. 2. BizLibrary helps organizations succeed by improving the way employees learn.
  3. 3. 4 Who am I? Family Business HRpartners Masters Degree and Certified! Arthur J Gallagher
  4. 4. Effective HR Leaders Credible Activist Strategically Positioned Human Capital Curator Culture and Change Champion Analytic Designer & Interpreter Technology and Media Integrator Total Reward Steward Compliance Manager Paradox Navigator
  5. 5. We are the missing piece…..
  6. 6. 5 steps to making an impact Strategy Driving Growth Communicate External Connections Adding Value
  7. 7. The leadership table 1. Strategic Planning
  8. 8. Which goes beyond your assigned tasks! Know the strategic plan
  9. 9. Adding value through systematic alignment Discussion behind the plan Focus on medium and long range initiatives Consider items left out of current plan Provide timeline and metric for success
  10. 10. The leadership table 2. Driving Growth
  11. 11. Know where your business is Startup Rapid Growth Lifecycle of a Business Maturity Decline Rebirth Death
  12. 12. Strategic drivers that determine approach to marketplace Price QualityService
  13. 13. High Potential Competencies Talent Potential Behavior Organizational Strategic Initiatives Engagement © HR Topics Performance Ambition
  14. 14. Modification of Current Job Self Directed Development External Experiences Stretch Assignments Individualized Feedback Beyond Traditional Training Learning Events
  15. 15. Is it working ? Metrics create alignment
  16. 16. The leadership table 3. Communication
  18. 18. Work Environment Employee use of technology Branding organization for top talent Understanding where you are and what is available Connecting at all levels in the organization Facilities Management Information Technologies Marketing Internal & external statistics Company Culture
  19. 19. Communicate Communicate Communicate
  20. 20. Analyze and Benchmark (bothtimeandbudget) Low High Proper FLSA classification and I9 audit Employee newsletter Update handbook Implementation of webinars on demand Impact on Organizational Effectiveness Costofimplementation Low High
  21. 21. The leadership table 4. Outside the Organization
  22. 22. are global, sustained and macro economic forces of development that impacts business, economy, society, culture and personal lives thereby defining our future world and its increasing pace of change Mega Trends
  23. 23. Climate change, demographics, water, food, energy, global health, women’s empowerment – these issues are all intertwined. We cannot look at one strand in isolation. Instead, we must examine how these strands are woven together. Demographics Ban Ki-moon; Secretary General UN
  24. 24. Outsourcing Ukraine - Software Development Poland -Business Process Outsourcing Costa Rica - Electronics China - Manufacturing Mexico - Manufacturing India - Back Office Support
  25. 25. External Connections Mastermind Group Vendors Non Profit Board Trusted Advisors Industry
  26. 26. The leadership table 5. Adding Value
  27. 27. | SMARTER NOT HARDER | Constant Evaluation Actions Prioritize Publicize
  28. 28. Empower and your HR function yourself
  29. 29. Goal Setting Key drivers of corporate success Defining acceptable ROI Honest reflection of future What matters to the C-suite
  30. 30. Focus on what drives your organization Return on Investment Market Share Industry leader Product development Risk diversification
  31. 31. And the winner is…..
  32. 32. Special Offer to BizLibrary Participants Test Prep start TONIGHT! Join in next 3 days and receive text for free!
  33. 33. Do You Reduce RiskAdd ValueAlign HR with Business Know the business
  34. 34. Lori Kleiman SPHR SHRM-SCP| Web : Email : @lorikleiman Connect on LinkedIn!
  35. 35. HR Strategy and Management 8 Part Video Series 1. HR Strategy and Management 2. HR Dashboard of Metrics and Analytics 3. Managing Recruitment Effectively 4. Implementing Successful Training 5. Reward and Remuneration 6. Performance Appraisals 7. Confidentiality Obligations by HR 8. The Induction Promise
  36. 36. Try out these video lessons and more! Let us know through the poll if you’d like a free trial of BizLibrary’s online course collection. Thousands of videos and unlimited access for your employees.
  37. 37. Join us for future webinars! For Upcoming and On-Demand Webinars Professionalism in the Digital Age Live Event: Tuesday, March 23rd 1:00PM Central/2:00PM Eastern Sink or Swim? Supporting the Transition to New Manager Live Event: Wednesday, March 16th 1:00PM Central/2:00PM Eastern