Recipe for Creating a Successful Training Program - Webinar 12-10-13


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There's a reason why frozen meals and quick and easy dinners have become so popular, cooking from scratch can be intimidating. The same can be said with building a training program. In this webinar we'll take away the intimidation factor and give you the key combination of ingredients and best practices to create a successful employee training program.

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Recipe for Creating a Successful Training Program - Webinar 12-10-13

  1. 1. 4,000+ Courses. 25 Topic Areas. Unlimited Access.
  3. 3. PROCESSED Just-in-Case Training
  4. 4. Instructor-led training model is based upon educational model that has its roots in the 19th century . . . .
  5. 5. How do insure we deliver value in our employee training programs?
  6. 6. NUTRITIONAL VALUE Business Benefits SATISFACTION Employees Learn And Grow
  7. 7. 1. Identify target areas. 2. Outline competencies and levels of mastery. 3. Identify gaps. 4. Gain manager support. 5. Build a BUSINESS case linking these elements to improved bottom-line results
  8. 8. IDENTIFY TARGET AREAS • Limited number for each employee • Figure out EXACTLY how top performers currently deliver results • What will be needed in the near future?
  9. 9. IDENTIFY THE GAPS The difference between the current level of performance compared to desired level.
  10. 10. ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS PERFORMANCE CHALLENGE: Improve client retention by 5% Start with… Why are we not retaining clients at our target of 90%? We are only at 85%? What do we learn? Two causes – one has a training solution – one does not.
  11. 11. OUTLINE COMPETENCIES AND LEVELS OF MASTERY • Create focus • Provide guidance • Benchmark
  12. 12. COMPETENCY LEVELS CORE COMPETENCIES Industry and culture JOB FAMILY COMPETENCIES Business discipline JOB ROLE COMPETENCIES Level of mastery required
  13. 13. GAIN MANAGER SUPPORT • Training and learning support • Productivity • Retention • Engagement
  14. 14. MAJOR MANAGERIAL SKILLS GAPS 1. Coaching 2. Performance appraisals 3. Developing others 4. Managing change 5. Communications 6. Business acumen Bersin by Deloitte , Current Capabilities by Role, December 2011
  15. 15. BEST PRACTICES FOR A MANAGER TO SUPPORT LEARNING Make the employees stakeholders. Get involved and be a good example. Incorporate learning into day-today work. Celebrate and recognize.
  16. 16. BUILD YOUR BUSINESS CASE • Risks of the status quo • Strategic value vs. only ROI
  17. 17. Organizations with a strong learning culture significantly outperform their peers… Innovation Productivity Time to Market 46% 37% 34% More likely to be first to market Greater employee productivity Better response to customer needs Quality 26% Greater ability to deliver “quality products” Skills for the future Profitability 58% 17% More prepared to meet future demand More likely to be market share leaders BERSIN BY DELOITTE 2012
  18. 18. FOR: Erica, HR Manager INGREDIENTS: DIRECTIONS: Off-site HR workshop 1. Target areas: Assist managers with performance support and reviews of difficult employees Online video courses: • • • Let’s T.A.L.K. – Handling the Difficult Performance Appraisal Avoiding Discrimination Problems – 5 Keys A.I.M. For Development Social Learning Assign Mentor 2. Manager Competencies: Coaching, Performance Support & Management 3. Identify Gaps: SKILLS – coaching, communications and professional development KNOWLEDGE: discrimination rules and law 4. Manager Support – HR Director – need to ensure HR Director knows about each element of Eric’s individual plan and the availability of other online resources
  19. 19. FOR: Paul, New Client Services Manager INGREDIENTS: DIRECTIONS: Classroom sessions on basic supervisory skills 1. Target areas: Basic supervisory skills, help with transition into supervisory role Online video courses: Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow 1 On 1 – Informal Performance Review A Leader’s Guide to Delegating Social Learning & Support Group – other newly promoted managers Assign Mentor 2. Manager Competencies: Emotional intelligence, Coaching, Communications and Delegation 3. Identify Gaps: Coaching – Paul has never coached other employees before! Delegating tasks – another area that will be completely new. 4. Manager Support –Director of Client Services – Tell Sheryl about “From Bus to Boss” – a great book she can read and discuss with Paul. Ensure she is aware of support group for Paul and all online courses for new managers as needed.
  20. 20. FOR: Marsha, Director of Sales INGREDIENTS: Leadership Lessons series of short videos. Online video courses: • Leadership, What’s Trust Got to do With It? • Follow the Leader: Vision & Communication Social Learning & Support Group – other directors Assign Mentor from pool of VP’s Find outside executive coach DIRECTIONS: 1. Target areas: supervising and managing other managers, strategic thinking, change management 2. Manager Competencies; Leading diverse teams, communicating vision and direction, Leading change 3. Identify Gaps: Change is a challenge for Marsha. We need her coach and mentor to help her with the challenges her team will be facing. 4. Manager Support – VP of Sales – ensure Michael is aware of books and other online resources on change leadership. Suggest reading Leading Change by John Kotter as a discussion item with Marsha to help her with initial challenges.
  21. 21. A NIMBLE LEARNING STRATEGY CONTEXTUAL role location plan CONCISE short videos updates INFORMAL everyday ad hoc TIMELY just in time moment of need SOCIAL discussions observed behaviors MOBILE anywhere anytime
  22. 22. In a world of learning and development where complexity is the enemy, BizLibrary has developed a to delivering high quality learning, anywhere, anytime. MICHAEL ROCHELLE Chief Strategy Officer Brandon-Hall Group BIZLIBRARY.COM
  23. 23. FREE TRIAL OR DEMO 4,000+ Courses. 25 Topic Areas. Unlimited Access. Cloud-based Learning and Performance Technology.
  24. 24. Chris Osborn Vice President of Marketing @chrisosbornstl Jessica Batz Marketing Specialist @jessbatz @BizLibrary BIZLIBRARY.COM