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Push or Pull: Making Training Work for Your Organization


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Does your organization struggle to find a balance between mandatory and elective training? Are you using the right resources and tools to make your program a success in the first place? The truth of the matter is that there are benefits to both mandatory and elective training, your job is to find the appropriate balance for your organization and ensure that you’re delivering it in a way that engages your employees and drives results.

In this webinar, Dean Pichee will discuss the challenges and benefits of both types of training and discuss how to find the balance you’ve been trying to achieve. He’ll go through the seven trends in employee training and how those impact your organization as well as what you can do about it. He’ll discuss how to use micro-learning and post-training reinforcement to achieve the maximum return on investment for your program and other tips and tricks to make employee training a success in your workplace.

Dean will cover pros and cons of both push and pull learning and provide actionable steps to add a little more “push” to your “pull” program or a little more “pull” to your “push” program.
He’ll provide real examples of what has worked for companies in the past and recommendations to help your organization succeed in the future.
Key Learning Objectives:
Current trends in employee training.
The benefits of mandatory and elective training.
Why micro-learning works.
The importance of post-training reinforcement.
Gamification techniques.
What’s the right mix of mandatory and elective training?

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Push or Pull: Making Training Work for Your Organization

  1. 1. Presenting Today Dean Pichee President and CEO, BizLibrary Krista Brubaker Marketing Coordinator BizLibrary Follow along on Twitter: #BizWebinar @BizLibrary
  2. 2. BizLibrary helps organizations succeed by improving the way employees learn.
  3. 3. Trends in Employee Training - The Science of Learning - The Importance of Learning Reinforcement - Competency-Based Program Development - Learning in The Cloud - The Emergence of Video as the Dominant Approach to Mobile Learning - MicroLearning
  4. 4. Trend #1: The Science of Learning
  5. 5. Trend #2: The Importance of Learning Reinforcement
  6. 6. Trend #3: Competency-Based Program Development
  7. 7. Trend #4: Learning in the Cloud
  8. 8. Trend #5: The Emergence of Video as the Dominant Approach to Mobile Learning
  9. 9. Trend #6: MicroLearning
  10. 10. What current training trends are impacting your organization? Let us know in chat.
  11. 11. Push Pul)
  12. 12. Case Studies of Mandatory and Elective Training Programs Push Training Pull Training Agriculture Professional Services Telecommunications Wholesale
  13. 13. Push or Pull Push Pull vs
  14. 14. Self-Directed & “Other-Directed” Learning
  15. 15. Self-Directed Learning or “Pull” - Learner makes decisions - Learner selects and carries out goals, objectives methods and means - Works for formal or informal approaches - Encourages self-recognition
  16. 16. Other-Directed Learning or “Push” - Supervisors sending employees to required compliance training - Someone else sets goals and evaluations - Most recognized form of learning - Generic to accommodate needs of most learners - Not everyone may need it - Could include employee development
  17. 17. Benefits of Push and Pull Training Push Pul)
  18. 18. Benefits of Push Learning Large number of employees learn at once Accurate, up-to-date content Quicker ramp up for employees Can include a variety of training methods conforming to adult learning principles
  19. 19. Benefits of Pull Learning Less costly/more time efficient More personal/less intimidating SME can be more willing to share knowledge Employees less resistant to learning
  20. 20. Low Learner Completion High Learner Engagement Long Runway to Success High Leaner Appreciation Suited for Just In Time Learning High Learner Completion Short Runway to Success Low Learner Appreciation Suited for Compliance Training Low Learner Engagement PUSH PULL
  21. 21. vs Pull Push
  22. 22. Learner Engagement PullPush More engaged Understands the power of knowledge Risk: Content won’t be viewed Get learner buy-in Risk: Poor perception of required learning from past experience
  23. 23. Suited For Which Type of Training Just in Time Training Compliance Training vs
  24. 24. Learner Appreciation Push Pull
  25. 25. Runway to Success ss Pull ss Push
  26. 26. Bob Mosher Jane Hart Jay Cross Marcia Conner Roger Schank The Experts Weigh In…
  27. 27. The Global Economy is Shifting "At some point people, and by this I mean school boards, governments, universities, and average citizens, have to get over the idea that there should be any requirements at all in school." - Roger Schank
  28. 28. The Case for Formal Training - Reflect the real world - Help employees know what they need to know - Help achieve company goals
  29. 29. Which statement best describes your organization’s learning strategy? a) More Push Learning b) More Pull Learning c) 50/50 Balance Between Push and Pull
  30. 30. Adding Pull Strategies to Push Learning Strategies Adding Push Strategies to Pull Learning Strategies
  31. 31. Use a Curated Playlist
  32. 32. Keep Score
  33. 33. Push Notifications
  34. 34. MicroLearning
  35. 35. Making the Case for MicroLearning Decentralized Workforce On-demand Access Adapt to Changing Needs
  36. 36. Use Social
  37. 37. Learning Reinforcement
  38. 38. The Forgetting Curve with Learning Reinforcement
  39. 39. Push & Pull – Getting the Right Mix
  40. 40. Key Takeaways Adding Pull Strategies to Push Learning - Microlearning - Book Club - Add Reinforcement Getting the Mix Right…. Push & Pull Adding Push Strategies to Pull Learning - Curated Playlists or Pathways - Keep Score - Push Notices
  41. 41. Video Course: Learning Retention Strategies
  42. 42. Interactive Video: Beginning Development for Training Programs
  43. 43. Try out these video lessons and more! Thousands of videos and unlimited access for your employees.