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Make Change Work: Leadership Strategies to Turn Change Into a Strategic Advantage


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Every organization faces change. The best organizations anticipate and adapt faster so that their ability to make change work becomes a strategic advantage in their marketplace. This webinar will share specific, practical ideas you can use to help your organization stop reacting to change and start using it to leapfrog your competition.

You will walk away with ideas to help you:

Change your organization’s mindset about change and its importance in achieving success
Influence a nimble culture that embraces opportunities to improve
Balance the necessity for continuous change with the need for flawless execution
Equip your leaders and managers to help their teams make continuous change a way of life

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Make Change Work: Leadership Strategies to Turn Change Into a Strategic Advantage

  1. 1. Presenting Today Randy Pennington Speaker, Author, Expert The Pennington Group @RandyPennington Krista Brubaker Content Marketing Specialist BizLibrary
  2. 2. BizLibrary helps organizations succeed by improving the way employees learn.
  3. 3. The mind expanded by the possibility and potential of a big idea never returns to its original state. @RandyPennington
  4. 4. @RandyPennington The ability to quickly change and adapt in pursuit of your vision is the difference between excellence and irrelevance.
  5. 5. “70 percent of change efforts fail to achieve their desired goal.” @RandyPennington
  6. 6. “My greatest fear at Netflix is that we wouldn’t make the jump from success in DVD’s to success in streaming.” - Reed Hastings CEO, Netflix @RandyPennington
  7. 7. Making change a strategic advantage isn’t a management problem. It is a leadership problem. @RandyPennington
  8. 8. The Difference Between Change Leadership and Change Management @RandyPennington
  9. 9. Change management: managing projects and processes Change leadership: inspiring and connecting with people to bring them with you on a journey @RandyPennington
  10. 10. What is the most difficult challenge your organization faces to make change a strategic advantage? • Creating a nimble culture that anticipates and responds quickly to change • Helping leaders and managers be more effective at leading change • Overcoming the tendency to only focus on what’s broken rather than considering what’s possible Quiz Question! @RandyPennington
  11. 11. CHANGE CHANGE @RandyPennington
  12. 12. Perspective Matters Weeeeeeeeeeee! @RandyPennington
  13. 13. We must … • Change our thinking • Change the conversation • Change the consequences @RandyPennington
  14. 14. Two ways to change how your organization thinks about change: • Frame the conversation around your vision and getting better • Ask “What else” and “What next?” @RandyPennington
  15. 15. We must … • Change our thinking • Change the conversation • Change the consequences @RandyPennington
  17. 17. Quiz Question! What percentage of the things leaders talk about when it comes to change is not important to the vast majority of people listening? • 30% • 50% • 80% • More than 95% @RandyPennington
  18. 18. “80 percent of what leaders care about and talk about when trying to enlist support for change doesn’t matter to 80 percent of the workforce.”@RandyPennington
  19. 19. People support and embrace change for their reasons not ours. @RandyPennington
  20. 20. GENERATE URGENCY @RandyPennington
  21. 21. The ability to change is based on readiness. Intellectual understanding does not ensure emotional readiness. @RandyPennington The truth about change
  22. 22. People change for two reasons • Crisis pushes us to change • Opportunity pulls us to change @RandyPennington
  23. 23. @RandyPennington
  24. 24. Building a Nimble Culture that Embraces Change as a Strategic Advantage @RandyPennington
  25. 25. Choices Culture Actions Habits How Culture Develops @RandyPennington
  26. 26. Leading change would be easy if it weren’t for people!@RandyPennington
  27. 27. Which of the following worries you most as you think about using this information to make change a strategic advantage? • I don’t know what to do first • Our senior leaders will not be on board • Our HR/OD team doesn’t have the credibility to make this happen Quiz Question! @RandyPennington
  28. 28. 1. Invest in education • Make Change Work® series in you BizLibrary subscription • Make Change Work® session leader guide available from Pennington Performance Group 2. Be more intentional about leading change 3. Change more often and celebrate wins Three Ideas to Enable Your Leaders and Managers @RandyPennington
  29. 29. For resources go to
  30. 30. The present should be guided more by the future than the past. @RandyPennington
  31. 31. Questions?
  32. 32. Make Change Work video course 10-part video course 1. Dodos and Coyotes – Only the Nimble Survive 2. The New Realities of Change 3. What Change Leaders Do 4. Achieving Buy-In for Change: Part 1 5. Achieving Buy-In for Change: Part 2 6. Use Resistance as Your Friend- Follower 7. Use Resistance as Your Friend-Leader 8. When Change Isn’t a Choice-Follower 9. When Change Isn’t a Choice-Leader 10. Building and Sustaining a Nimble Culture
  33. 33. Leadership Fundamentals video course 7-part video course from BizLibrary Productions 1. Introduction to Leadership 2. Leadership Throughout the Organization 3. What is Leadership? 4. Styles of Leadership 5. Management vs. Leadership 6. Traits of Successful Leaders 7. How Leaders Get Followers
  34. 34. Try out these video lessons and more! Let us know through the poll if you’d like a free trial of BizLibrary’s online course collection.