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Gain and Retain Top Talent


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Employee retention is a critical issue facing today's organizations, and the competition for talented people is tougher than it has ever been! Replacing an employee can cost your company money, but more importantly, it costs time. Join BizLibrary and learn how to keep your best employees while gaining new talent with these five best practices:

- Develop the leadership skills of your managers
- Clearly define expectations
- Ensure training goals are aligned with company objectives
- Deliver training based on your employees' preferences
- Recognize and reward

Attendees will learn:
-How to maximize employee retention despite challenges
-Key training and development best practice that are easy to -implement to increase employee retention
-How to attract top talent

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Gain and Retain Top Talent

  1. 1. Presenting Today Krista Brubaker Marketing Content Strategist BizLibrary Katie Miller Marketing Specialist BizLibrary
  2. 2.
  3. 3. How would you describe your employee training and development?
  4. 4. How to maximize employee retention despite challenges. Key training and development best practices that you can implement to increase employee retention. How to attract top talent. What We Hope You’ll Take-Away
  5. 5. “The only thing worse than training employees and losing them, is not training them and keeping them.“ Zig Ziglar
  6. 6. 61%67% Higher engagement levels* Greater efficiencies* 30% Lower turnover* 65% of employees say the quality of training and learning opportunities positively influences their engagement. Source: Learning’s Role in Employee Engagement, ATD * Source: CIO Insight from Aerotek survey 2013 Benefits Of Employee Development
  7. 7. PAST PRESENT THE EVOLUTION OF THE EMPLOYEE 9-5 WORK Work Anytime WORK In a corporate office WORK anywhere WORK Company equipment USE Any device USE inputs FOCUSED On outputs FOCUSED
  8. 8. The coporate ladder CLIMB Your own ladder CREATE Work PRE-DEFINED work CUSTOMIZED information Hoards information SHARES On email RELIES On colaboration technologies RELIES On knowledge FOCUSED On adaptive learning FOCUSED Learning and teaching CORPORATE Learning and teaching DEMOCRATIZED
  9. 9. "Employees of ALL ages, not just millennials, will no longer wait for feedback that will help accelerate their 3 C’s – career, compensation and contentment. Offer CLEAR Career Paths, Learning Objectives, Expectations, Accountabilities and Rewards. If you don’t, they’ll leave. There are too many other options for them in the human capital marketplace. Or even worse, they might stay.” Bradword Wilkins, Vice President of HR, Altisource The Biggest Disrupters in HR Are Speed and Simplicity,
  10. 10. 5 Training and Development Best Practices to Gain and Retain Your Employees Develop the leadership skills of your managers Clearly define expectations Ensure training goals are aligned with company objectives Deliver training based on your employees’ preferences Recognize and reward
  12. 12. "Nowhere in our formal education do we ever cover how to motivate others, handle difficult situations, articulate a strategy, balance competing expectations, or any of the other communication skills that sit at the core of what leadership is. And just as we got good at everything else we’re good at through time and constant practice, we need to be doing the same with leadership skills. A quality leadership education program will involve daily exercises in verbal, nonverbal, and written communication.“ Jeff Havens, Speaker and Trainer
  13. 13. High Potential Employees New Managers And Newly Promoted Mid And Senior Level Managers Technical And Professional Senior Directors And Vice Presidents Target Multiple Levels of Management Supervisory and Team Lead Managing Advanced Leadership Executive Development
  14. 14. Learn By Doing Rotational Assignments Action Learning Task Force or Project Team Mentoring
  16. 16. Achievement Accountability Accessibility Three Elements of Employee Performance
  17. 17. 50% LISTENING Communication 1X1s vs. Annual reviews Positivity = increased productivity Regular Communication
  18. 18. Levels of Expectations Highest Level Individual Level Informal Level
  20. 20. Set Clear Goals and Alignment PROMOTE Does the goal you are setting promote goals you’ve set for the team and organization as a whole? MEASURE Can you measure it? DIFFICULTY Difficult, yet attainable for the employee? GOALS
  22. 22.
  23. 23. LEARNER EXPECTATIONS • Easy to use - intuitive • Learning experience fits to delivery mode • Content is accessible no matter what device I’m using • Content is accessible in any location or work environment • Easy to find and easy to share • Engaging CONTENT CHARACTERISTICS • Delivery looks familiar to me and there is video to watch • Content is personalized to fit my needs • Mobile – must have, it’s not an option • I choose when and how to access content • Social – shareable with friends and colleagues and I can comment • Short, relevant video
  24. 24. Employees aren’t engaged in training
  25. 25. 70% 90% 24 Hours: 70% of training has been forgotten 3 Days: 90% of training has been forgotten
  26. 26. Tag Training Example Development Opportunity Maintain Work flow and service standard Share and discuss with co-workers TAG TRAINING
  28. 28. Manager coaching Acknowledge participation Reward positive behavior Celebrate success Align rewards with business goals Social learning networks and discussion boards Continuous Encouragement
  29. 29. Training and Development Punch Card Receive a punch for each course completion. Receive 10 punches and enter to win a $100 gift card!
  30. 30. Social Learning Network • “Teller Round Table” • Share ideas, questions, successes and news • New hires learn and discuss specific topics • Links to articles for discussion • Subject matter experts as guest moderators
  31. 31. 5 Training and Development Best Practices to Gain and Retain Your Employees Develop the leadership skills of your managers Clearly define expectations Ensure training goals are aligned with company objectives Deliver training based on your employees’ preferences Recognize and reward
  32. 32. Questions?
  33. 33. Employee Engagement Essentials Video Series Created by our producer partner “The Jeff Havens Company,” this is a nine part video series that has been designed to supply that missing piece, approaching leadership in a new way that will make creating an engaged workforce easier than ever before. And it will do so with far more humor and entertainment than your typical leadership course. So if you want to learn how to become a better leader, create a more productive workforce, and laugh the whole way through, then you’ve come to the right place! Employee Engagement Essentials
  34. 34. Improving Your Workplace Communication In this lesson, viewers will learn the basic definition of communication and come to realize that communication attempts often go awry for various reasons. Learners will also discover solutions for common communication mistakes at work and become familiar with the 7 C’s of effective communication. Ultimately, learners should feel well-equipped to communicate more effectively with their coworkers, clients, customers, and managers. Improving Your Workplace Communication
  35. 35. Let us know through the poll if you’d like a free demo of BizLibrary’s online course collection. Try out these video lessons and more!
  36. 36. JOIN US ON DIDN’T GET YOUR QUESTION ANSWERED? Tune in on Friday at 1:30 pm CT Chat with Katie about all things training and get your questions answered!
  37. 37. Thank you for attending! Katie Miller Marketing Specialist BizLibrary Krista Brubaker Marketing Content Strategist BizLibrary