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Driving It Home: Real Change is Not an Even, It's a Process

Numbers are rarely fun, so let’s get statistics out of the way first.

Did you know that 87% of employees believe there is not enough focus on “how” to change? (IBM 2015)
Did you know that 90% of CEO’s fear their organizations do not have the agility to maneuver the road ahead? (Global CEO survey)
You may or may not know that retention for stand-alone events or training is 10% at best. (National Training Laboratories)
This is the reality. It hints at many organizations being stuck in their old ways and shows that the current methods and training are not “Driving It Home,” which just happens to be the title of this very webinar.

When it comes to change, most organizations focus on structures, processes, and systems instead of individuals. Few recognize that without a collective mindset for change and innovation targeted towards leaders and employees, their best efforts to change will fail.

So how do we expect our teams and organizations to change if the leaders and individuals within them don’t? How do we expect change to “stick” when we know the poor retention of standalone training and learning sessions?

It is now, more than ever, that workplaces must acquire and utilize the right tools and the right mindset to effectively manage the forces of change. This begs the question: How? That is what we’ll talk about in this must-attend webinar.

Key Learning Objectives

What is getting in the way of change and why creating a mindset for change is so critical now.
The ugly reality of stand alone learning.
An in-depth look at the changing expectations of both consumers and learners.
The power of cinematic micro-learning where learners experience the art of coaching and learning through bite-sized video stories spaced overtime, presented on a technology platform.

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Driving It Home: Real Change is Not an Even, It's a Process

  1. 1. Presenting Today Laura Goodrich Author, Speaker and Online Learning, Global Workforce Innovator Global Workforce Transformation Follow along on Twitter: #BizWebinar @BizLibrary Erin Boettge Content Marketing Manager, BizLibrary
  2. 2. BizLibrary helps organizations succeed by improving the way employees learn.
  3. 3. Technology Global Connectedness Demographic Shifts Changing Consumer and Employee Expectations Drivers of Change
  4. 4. ”As these drivers of change collide, they will produce changes so significant that much of the management intuition that has served us in the past will become irrelevant.” McKinsey Institute
  5. 5. The Need- The Necessity
  6. 6. We live and lead in a time of unprecedented change where a new product or innovation can drop into the marketplace and change the game overnight. Laura Goodrich
  7. 7. WHAT Is Getting In the Way of Creating a Mindset for Change Upwards of 70% of thoughts are unconsciously focused on fear and those things we don’t want. This unconscious focus is literally paralyzing organizations.
  8. 8. Accenture Studies: 1 Million Employees Myth #1: Too much change, too fast, is destructive. According to the data, organizations that have a Mindset for Change, high performing groups actually thrive in a change dynamic environment. Myth #2: Change causes organizations to go off track. In fact, 85% of groups that run into trouble had major underlying issues before implementing their change program. Myth #3: Performance will dip during early stages of change. For organizations that have a Mindset for Change, high performance groups performance actually improves from the start Myth #4: People need to completely understand any change before committing to it. With leaders and organizations that have an individual and collective mindset for change will embrace change. In essence, they are willing to get in the car, before they know exactly where it’s headed.
  9. 9. When it comes to change, most organizations focus on structures, processes, and systems instead of Mindset. Few recognize that without a collective Mindset for Change targeted towards leaders and then their employees, their best efforts to change will fail. So how do we expect our teams or organizations to change if the leaders and people within them don't? Change
  10. 10. Mindset Mindset is a deeply engrained set of assumptions, methods and beliefs held by one or more people or groups of people. Since Mindset is typically developed over years of conditioning it has the potential to create powerful incentives for people to accept those assumptions, methods and beliefs.
  11. 11. Creating a Mindset for Change • Urgency • Awareness, understanding and commitment • Accountability • Spaced learning, reminders, and reinforcement of the value of Creating a Mindset for Change.
  12. 12. It took: 50 years - Electricity 30 year – Radio 18 years –Color TV 13 years –Mobile Phones 7 years - Laptops A few days – Mobile Apps For 25% of Americans to accept
  13. 13. Diffusion of Innovation
  14. 14. Shared Conversation
  15. 15. of
  16. 16. Who in the world is leading the way? Online learning has now surpassed stand and deliver learning as the highest spend, and most popular learning in Asia. This is a seismic shift. Asia What Cegos learned is that: The learner has an insatiable thirst for learning Wants control of their professional development. Wants their own schedule Loves using their tablets and smart phones Jeremy Blain, Cegos APCA (Asia Pacific)
  17. 17. Cinematic Micro-Learning The art of coaching through bite-sized video stories, spaced overtime, followed by self-reflection questions •Bite-sized micro-learning (average 90 sec.) Leader 33 videos Individual 26 videos •Self reflective questions to make the learning personal •A digital Toolkit to chart your course and serve as a dialogue tool for leaders and their employees •A road map for 1:1, co-hort, group coaching conversations, research, sharing of ambassador stories.
  18. 18. Where are you now? On a scale of 1-10, how effective are your leaders at managing and leading change?
  19. 19. Tangible Benefits and Outcomes The program will influence open and honest conversations about change that will create support and focus on positive outcomes. Leaders and staff will know how to effectively manage the human side of change, both for themselves as individuals and also for their reports, teams and organization. Leaders and employees will be prepared to execute and champion change We can create an agile workforce in our industry not just for known changes but also unknown changes in the future.
  20. 20. Bringing the organization together by creating a mindset for change will prepare us to optimize performance now and in the future. Driving It Home Where people are not moving in opposite directions They’re moving in the same direction Driving yourself, your team and your organization to a positive future
  21. 21. Driving Yourself, Your Team and Your Organization to a Positive Future
  22. 22. Where people Are NOT moving in opposite directions Driving It Home
  23. 23. They’re moving In the SAME DIRECTION Driving It Home
  24. 24. Recommended Resources The Seeing Red Cars Mindset 1. The Seeing Red Cars Mindset 2. It Started in Your Youth 3. Don’t Want…Don’t Want…Don’t Want 4. Why Is It so Hard to Change? 5. A Sightline to What You Want 6. How to Manage Your Moments 7. Being Aware of Our Changing World 8. Creating a Positive Focus 9. Change is Hard 10. Take Charge 11. Creating Clarity 12. A True Example of Positive Focus 13. People Can Tell What You Are Thinking 14. Working With Your Strengths 15. Creating a Great Day 16. How Leaders Can Influence Others 17. Keeping on Track 18. The 70% 19. Understanding the Dynamics of a Team 20. It’s Never Too Late to Change 21. You Have to Be Bad Before You Get Good 22. Embracing Change 23. A Positive Future 24. Playing to Your Strengths 25. Is It Pain or Opportunity 26. Focusing on What You Want
  25. 25. Try out these video lessons and more! Let us know through the poll if you’d like a free trial of BizLibrary’s online course collection.