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Add Oomph to Your Training Program with Short Video - Webinar 12-04-2013


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In this webinar we'll discuss the importance of using training videos for your employee training and development programs. Digital video consumption grew 30% in 2012, and the pace is showing no signs of slowing down. We'll explain how to use this trend to your benefit when training employees, and we'll get you started on your video training program today.

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Add Oomph to Your Training Program with Short Video - Webinar 12-04-2013

  1. 1. Chris Osborn Vice President of Marketing @chrisosbornstl Jessica Batz Marketing Specialist @jessbatz @BizLibrary BIZLIBRARY.COM
  2. 2. 4,000+ Courses. 25 Topic Areas. Unlimited Access.
  3. 3. POLL QUESTION How are you incorporating video into your learning programs? A. For new employee onboarding. B. Internal communication. C. Performance support and foundational knowledge. D. All of the above. E. Something else.
  4. 4. What you’ll learn: There is a sound business case for incorporating video into employee training programs. Video, especially short-form video, is a very effective training tool. Best practices for incorporating short-form video into employee training programs and initiatives.
  5. 5. In 2012 - 25% of the workforce was comprised of Millennials. By 2015 Millennials are expected to be the majority. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  6. 6. 81% Using Video Content Not Using Video Content 76% 68% 61% 61% 51% Organizational Goal Achieved Employees Highly Engaged Key Positions Filled Quickly SOURCE: Mollie Lombardi, Aberdeen Group, Elearning! Magazine, April/May 2013
  7. 7. HOW? WHY?
  8. 8. Adult Learning Theory Short Form Video Adults are internally motivated and selfdirected. Self-directed, access as needed and when needed. Adults bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiences. Interaction with others when a social component is available. Adults are goal oriented. Goals promoted through short, timely bursts of relevant content. Adults are relevancy oriented. Easier to be relevant when content is short and targeted. Adults are practical. Little to no work flow disruption. Adult learners like to be respected. Employees manage and control pace and timing of their own learning.
  9. 9. 60,000 times faster than text 40% Nerve fibers connect through retina 36,000 visual messages/hour
  10. 10. Why Video? According to popular research – in 72 hours the average human can retain… 10% of text 10% of text 65% of images 95% of video
  11. 11. For the first time, an entire generation has grown up watching content on their own terms. This generation is defined by the Internet, mobile, and social – consuming content when and where they want. Gunnard Johnson, Google's Advertising Research Director
  12. 12. 55% watch everyday Source: Forrester Research
  13. 13. Bring Your Own Device - BYOD 5.1% 6.1% Currently Support 13.3% Planning to Support, Next 12 Months 75.50% Considering, But No Specific Timeframe Not Planning to Support Source: Good Technology State of BYOD Report 2012
  14. 14. Does This Translate Into Employee Training? YES! Adults learn best: Short bursts (5-15 min.) • Visual input for cognitive transfer • Preferred method for information •
  15. 15. Online Training Works Better Than Classroom 56% 60% faster greater gains in learning 40% higher consistency in presentation Source: Prokopeak, M. Special Report: Learning Delivery
  17. 17. LEARNING MUST BE JUST IN TIME AND JUST FOR ME. Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer, Brandon Hall Group
  20. 20. Is this program shorter than 10 minutes? Will the viewer know what they are supposed to do after completing the training? What behavior will change after this training? Is this content engaging? QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER ????
  22. 22. DEPLOYMENT AND DELIVERY How do your employees absorb content? At least 50% of employees already use their own smartphones/devices to access work-related sites or information. SOURCE: Mobile Learning Pulse Survey, Fall 2012, The MASIE Center The number of mobile workers totals 1.3 billion worldwide. THAT’S 35% OF THE WORKFORCE! SOURCE: IDC
  23. 23. Case Study: Dental Insurance Call Center Challenge: hard to make time for training “TAG TRAINING” • Development opportunity • Maintain work flow and service standard • Share with co-workers
  24. 24. How Tony Roma Employees use Video to Teach Important Job Skills The world is changing. People are changing. To be effective, our employee training is changing to meet them where they are. Jessie Bray, VP of Training and HR, Romacorp.
  25. 25. A NIMBLE LEARNING STRATEGY CONTEXTUAL role location plan CONCISE short videos updates INFORMAL everyday ad hoc TIMELY just in time moment of need SOCIAL discussions observed behaviors MOBILE anywhere anytime
  26. 26. In a world of learning and development where complexity is the enemy, BizLibrary has developed a to delivering high quality learning, anywhere, anytime. MICHAEL ROCHELLE Chief Strategy Officer Brandon-Hall Group BIZLIBRARY.COM
  27. 27. Some recommended resources… Embracing Change Streaming Video (5 minutes) How to Know What We Know: The Knowledge Transfer Process Streaming Video (6 minutes) Please Respect My Generation! 5 Generations At Work Streaming Video (23 minutes) Celebrate! Change Your Lens, Change Your Life Streaming Video (20 minutes) BIZLIBRARY.COM
  28. 28. FREE TRIAL OR DEMO 4,000+ Courses. 25 Topic Areas. Unlimited Access. Cloud-based Learning and Performance Technology.