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Uruguay accounting and taxation requirements


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Uruguay has a great commercial environment to conduct business activities and offers investors a variety of fiscal benefits through the presence of Free Trade Zones across the region. Additionally, Uruguay has high levels of political stability and low levels of corruption within their national institutions, making it an ideal Latin America investment location.

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Uruguay accounting and taxation requirements

  1. 1. Accounting & Taxation Requirements in Uruguay
  2. 2. Current Fiscal Advantages in Uruguay No prerequisites or special state permits needed for foreign investors Companies can enjoy tax exemptions within the 11 Free Trade Zones Free transfer of capitals – ability to exchange currency freely Attractive legal and security framework for foreign investors 25%Corporate Income Tax Rate (IRAE)
  3. 3. Value Added Tax Rate Corporate Company Tax Rate (IRAE) Dividend Tax Rate Limited Liability Company (SAU) Tax Rate Branch Tax Rate 22%* 25% 7% - 12% 25%** 7% Requirement to file Monthly Taxes Requirement to file Annual Taxes Reporting to what Accounting Standard Requirement to invoice through the National Tax Authority ICOSA Tax Annual Cost Yes Yes IFRS Yes, DG USD 600 (Approx) Key Information: Duty rates in Uruguay vary from 0% to 35%, with the average duty rate at 22.27%. Some products can be imported free of duty (e.g. books) Accounting & Taxation Requirements in Uruguay *A reduced rate of 10% for certain essential goods and services. ** SAUs that are offshore entities can be legally tax exempt.
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