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Sourcing with Social Media: Tips from a Corporate Sleuth by Sean Campbell


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Sean Campbell presents the free, one-hour webinar, "Sourcing with Social Media: Tips from a Corporate Sleuth," sponsored by the Donald w. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism.

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Sourcing with Social Media: Tips from a Corporate Sleuth by Sean Campbell

  1. 1. About:  Your  Presenter  and  This  Talk   Contact:  /  503.898.0004     CI  Tips  &  Best  Prac6ces:  The  “CompeBBve  Intel”  Podcast  
  2. 2. §  Who  is  Cascade  Insights?   §  Cascade  Insights  provides  compe66ve  and  market  intelligence  to  B2B   high-­‐tech  hardware,  soBware,  and  services  companies  so  they  can:     §  Handle  the  CompeBBon   §  Capitalize  on  New  OpportuniBes §  Leadership   §  Sean  Campbell  and  ScoQ  Swigart   §  Both  with  decades  of  tech  sector  experBse  and  years  of  compeBBve   intelligence  thought  leadership   §  Clients  include:   §  MicrosoU,  Symantec,  Cisco,  Intel,  McAfee,  Dassault  Systems,  T-­‐Mobile,   Salesforce.   Contact:  /  503.898.0004     CI  Tips  &  Best  Prac6ces:  The  “CompeBBve  Intel”  Podcast  
  3. 3. “COMPETE  CAMP”/  “B2B  RESEARCH”  
  4. 4. …all  in  Internet  Time.  
  5. 5. OSINT  ≠  Social  Media     Social  Media  is  <  OSINT     Social  Media  is  >  Twitter  &   LinkedIn  
  6. 6. To  use  the  Modern  tools  effectively   you  need  to  know:     §  Why  are  you  at  that  site  vs.  another?   §  What  can  that  site  provide  you  in  terms  of   meaningful  contacts?   §  How  are  you  going  to  meaningfully  reach   out  to  the  contacts  you  find?  
  7. 7. A  few  Benchmarking  Questions…   •  Do  you  use  rely  foremost  on  your  personal  connections  or  the  web  when  it  comes  to  connecting  to  the   right  sources?   •  Do  you  gather  OSINT  information  over  time  (weeks,  months,  years)  to  build  up  a  database  of  the  right   sources  or  only  on  an  ad-­‐hoc  basis  when  a  fire  drill  occurs?   •  Do  you  mine  job  postings,  resumes,  and  online  business  profiles  to  find  the  right  people  who  have  he   right  experience  and  perspective?   •  Do  you  actively  look  for  documents,  presentations  on  hosted  services  such  as  Scribd,  Slideshare,  etc.  that   mention  the  names  of  individuals  that  you  could  reach  out  to?   •  Are  you  regularly  mining  web  based  support,  customer,  and  industry  forums  for  people  with  the  right   level  of  accessibility,  experience,  and  perspective?   •  Do  you  mine  public  sector  information,  data  from  open  data  initiatives  to  find  the  right  people  to  reach   out  to?   •  Do  you  leverage  LinkedIn  as  a  tool  that  goes  beyond  a  mere  resume  holder?   10   11/12/13  
  8. 8. Accessible   Experience   How  hard  is  it  to  obtain  an   interview?   How  long  will  it  take  to  obtain   What  degree  of  experience   does  the  interviewee  have   an  interview?   with  the  target  domain?   How  many  gatekeepers  might   you  have  to  go  through?   Is  the  interviewee  essentially   inaccessible?   Perspective   Is  their  experience  based  on   interactions  with  a  single   product  /  service  or  several?   How  many  different  industries   has  the  interviewee  worked  in?   Does  the  interviewee  have   direct  experience  with  more   than  one  competitor  in  the   target  market?  
  9. 9. Why  Me?   Why  Now?   Why  Share?   • Profile  Details   • Industry  Exp   • Product  /  Srv.  Exp   • Incentive   • Profile  Details   • Access  to  the  Study   • Incentive   • Industry  Shared  Exp   • Business  Shared  Exp   • Anonymity   • Access  to  the  Study   Scheduled   Interview  
  10. 10. ¡  Tools   §  Tweet  Deck   §  HootSuite  -­‐  *   ¡  Who  /  What  to  Follow:   §  Product  Managers   §  Sales  Team  Members   §  Directors  of  Departments   §  VP’s  /  CEO’s   §  Product  Aligned  Twitter   Accounts   §  Hashtags  for  Conferences   §  Topics  /  Search  Combinations  
  11. 11. TweetReach     Follower  Wonk     What  topics  /   hashtags  are   popular?   Who  has  a  good   follower  list  in  this   space?     What  kind  of  reach   does  that  topic  /   hashtag  have?     Who  is  focused  on   a  given  space  –   given  their  bio?  
  12. 12. ¡  ¡  ¡  An  important  tool   Look  for  lists  of   other  twitter   accounts  that   “matter”  –  by   follower  /  following   account,  or  their   topic  focus   Follow  these  lists  in   whole  or  in  part  by   picking  particular   users  to  follow  
  13. 13. ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  TweetFeel   MentionMap   Twiangulate   Social  Mention   Twitter  Counter   SnapBird   Trendistic   Twitonomy   Twittermap   twXRay  –  Knight  Lab   twXplorer  –  Knight  Lab   TAME  
  14. 14. ¡  Recently  indexed  all  425m  pieces  of  Twitter   related  content  going  back  to  2006.   §  Why  use  Topsy?   ▪  Influencers  on  a  topic   ▪  See  the  entire  timeline  of  a  users  tweets   ▪  View  by  Links  –  find  relevant  articles,  sites,  etc.   ▪  Which  domain  is  getting  more  tweets  on  a  industry  term   or  topic   ▪  virtualization  site:vmware  virtualization  
  15. 15. ¡  Previously  you  had  to   Follow  Back  someone   on  Twitter  for  them  to   DM  you   ¡  Not  anymore:  
  16. 16. ¡  Identify  Influencers  in  a   given  community   ¡  Constrain  your  searches   by:  city,  state,  geo   ¡  Use  tools  to  find  the   relevant  hashtags,   users,  and  lists  to  follow  
  17. 17. ¡  Find  people  who  are:   §  Industry  Experts   §  Product  Experts   §  Thought  Leaders    
  18. 18. Because  companies  speak  in:             Don’t  forget  to  use  filetype:pptx,  filetype:ppt,  filetype:xlsx,   filetype:xls,  filetype:docx,  filetype:doc  in  conjunction  with     site:  <domain>  searches     Via  Google  when  tracking  a  competitor.     30   11/12/13  
  19. 19. Find  documents  –  with  authors  –  that  you  need  to  contact…  
  20. 20. Outside  of  what  the  NSA  might  have  up  their  sleeve  of  course….  ;)  
  21. 21. ¡  Connected  with  1  Lion   ¡  1  Lion:   §  Expanded  my  connections:  64,932  connections   At  the  Start:  My  Network   After  connecting  with  1  Lion  
  22. 22. “Every  Person  is  his  or  her  own   brand.” –  Reid  Hoffman  –  LinkedIn    
  23. 23.  
  24. 24. ¡  Templates  for  InMails,  Outreach   ¡  Defaults  to  send  through  a  group  (free   message)  if  available     ¡  Reporting   ¡  Etc.  
  25. 25. "hadoop"  "seattle"-­‐intitle:"profiles"  -­‐inurl:"dir/  "  OR  ~"apparel"    "lives  *  portland"    "Works  at  nike"  "   inurl:about  
  26. 26. There  is  a  crack  in  everything,   that’s  how  the  light     gets  in.”     Leonard  Cohen   Filtering  
  27. 27. ¡  LinkedIn  HR   ¡  Harvard  Business  Review   ¡  Project  Managers   Network   ¡  §  819,340  members   ¡  §  376,244  members   §  506,555  members   ¡  §  465,404  members   ¡  Finance  Club   Retail  Industry  Group   §  311,924  members   ¡  Oil  and  Gas  People   §  299,644  members   ¡  §  377,211  members   ¡  On  Startups   Media  Professionals   §  339,  370  members   §  379,939  members   ¡  Telecom  Professionals   Future  Trends   §  254,431  members   Cloud  Computing   §  252,987  members  
  28. 28. QUESTION   ¡  Where  are  people  who  know  about  X  product  and  it’s  real-­‐ world  uses?   RECIPE   ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  Find  job  posting  aggregators  that  have  API’s  or  which  you  can   manually  mine  the  data   Mine  data  from  these  aggregators   Focus  is  on  product  names,  solution  names,  related  certifications,   etc.   Plot  over  time   Extract  company  names,  regional  growth,  etc.   Compare  with  other  data,  etc.  
  29. 29. ¡  Job  posting  aggregator  with  API  
  30. 30. ¡  Indeed   §  Over  ½  of  all  job  searches   start  on  Indeed   §  100m  unique  visitors  a   month   §  Localized  in  50  countries  /  26   languages  –  covers  94%  of   Global  GDP   ¡  Career  Builder     §  24m  unique  visitors  a  month   §  60  markets  worldwide  
  31. 31. QUESTION:   ¡  What  is  the  momentum  around  XYZ  market  trend?   RECIPE:   ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  Find  job  posting  aggregators  that  have  API’s,  Trend  Graphs,  etc.   Mine  data  from  these  aggregators   Focus  is  on  industry  trends  by  name   Drill  down  into  jobs  that  have  these  terms  in  descriptions,  titles,   etc.   Plot  over  time   Extract  regional  growth,  etc.   Compare  with  other  data  –  MR  Studies,  Analyst  Reports,  CI  /  MI   research  efforts  
  32. 32. Title   Detail   Virtual  Sales  Specialist   “Supported  partner  (IronBow  Technologies)  with  multi-­‐year  BPA  for  Clinical  VA   opportunity  that  has  brought  in  $40+  Million  in  video  sales/services,  and  continues  to   add  more  video  end  points  and  other  collaboration  capabilities  to  our  Veterans.”   Sales  and  Credit  Analyst   “Allocation  and  forecasting  for  European  Stock  and  Storage  partners  such  as  Deutsche   Telekom  and  France  Telecom  with  a  total  yearly  sales  value  of  $200  million.  Advocate   for  European  Markets  Cisco  sales  group  while  handling  revenue  claims  along  with  all   other  issues  pertaining  to  sales.  Developed  and  maintained  relationships  across  all   platforms  and  teams  within  Cisco.”   Federal  Sales  Account  Manager   “U.S.  Indian  Health  Service:  $3.5m  in  bookings.  I  grew  this  account  60%  year  over  year  ”   Cloud  Sales  Engineer   “Sales  Engineer  for  large  Multi-­‐National  Service  Provider  (AT&T)  within  Channel   Organization,  Developed  Go-­‐To-­‐Market  (GTM)  Strategy  that  increased  Cisco  UCS   Server  Sales  from  $843K  in  FY10  to  $3.79M  in  FY11  and  increase  of  350%  ,  Led  Partner   Team  in  achieving  an  increase  of  Data  Center  Product  Sales  from  $23.9  million  in  FY09   to  $44.7  million  in  FY10  and  increase  of  87%  ”  
  33. 33. National  Sales  Manager  (McAfee)     “Managed  key  retail  partnerships  with  some  of  the  nation's  largest  technology  retailers   including  Walmart,  Staples,  Office  Depot,  OfficeMax  and  Sam's  Club.  My  territory   accounted  for  approximately  45%  of  the  U.S.  territory.     *  In  a  category  that  has  trended  down  20%  year-­‐over-­‐year,  I  was  able  to  grow  my  region   25%  and  exceed  Plan  by  13%.     *  Hunted  and  established  new  relationships  including  hhgregg,  BJ's  Wholesale  Club  and   TigerDirect.”   Sr.  Sales  Manager  (NetApp)   “Grew  annual  team  goal  from  $85M  to  $136M  for  public  sector  market  sales  by  creating   multiple  key  strategies  for  addressing  targets  and  customer  segments.”     “Developed  and  built  multi-­‐faceted  teams  from  14  to  30+  employees  with  specific  focus   on  State/local  government,  K-­‐12,  higher  education,  civilian,  and  Department  of  Defense   sectors.  Average  annual  goal  increased  from  $2M  to  $5M  per  inside  sales  rep.”   Senior  Sales  Executive  (NetApp)   Oversee  North  America  financials,  currently  covering  Goldman  Sachs  and  Barclays  Plc.   Sell  FAS/V-­‐Series,  Cloud,  professional  services  and  SSD  solutions.     •  Closed  a  $7.0  million  transaction  at  Goldman  Sachs  in  the  first  six  months  of  tenure.   $  client  title:sales  company:netapp   $  client  title:sales  company:mcafee  
  34. 34. ¡  Example  Queries:   §  "joined   on"  "public  activity"  -­‐ tab.activity   §   "mountain  view"  google   "joined  on"  "public   activity"  -­‐tab.activity   §  
  35. 35. ¡  Review  Support  Forums  for:   §  Frequent  Complaints   §  Comments  about  Product  Futures   §  Topics  and  Threads  and  Forums  that  are  more   popular  than  others.   §  Etc.   ¡  Tip:   §  Use  the  forum’s  own  advanced  search  tools  to  sort   by  most  read,  most  responded  to,  etc.  
  38. 38. ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  540m  users   300m  active  in  the   “stream”  each  week   1.5  billion  photos   uploaded  every  week   Stats  as  of  October   2013  
  39. 39. ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  It’s  not  something  to  laugh   at  any  longer…   Stats   Google+  Communities   Google  +  Circles   Google+  Specific  Tools     §  For  marketers,  etc.   §  Find  People  on  Plus  
  40. 40. ¡  Google  Ripples   §  Click  a  post  that  has  been   §  §  §  §  §  §  publicly  shared   Choose  “View  Ripples”   Works  best  on  posts  with   multiple  shares     See  who  shared  the  post   Watch  the  spread  of  the   post  visually  from  1st  share   to  last   See  who  shared  the  most   Find  new  influencers  to   follow  
  41. 41. ¡  Use  the  basic  search   ¡  Use  X-­‐Ray  Queries   §  “lives  *  san  francisco”   “software  engineer”  “works  *  salesforce”    
  42. 42. ¡  Compared  to  LinkedIn   §  You  don’t  have  to  be   connected  to  someone  to   view  their  profile  when  you   search.   ▪ people/find     ▪  X-­‐Ray  Searches  via  Google   Search     ▪  Site:,  etc.  
  43. 43. ¡  How  does  Google+  beat  Facebook   §  Posts  are  crawled  and  indexed  immediately  vs.  the  delay  that  is   §  §  §  §  §  inherent  on  some  other  platforms   Google  plus  personal  profiles  do  extremely  well  in  rankings     You  can  segment  your  audience/contacts  in  circles  and  interact   with  them  thru  your  customized  circles.     Crawlers  can  scan  up  to  2,5k  words  of  a  google  plus  page,   compared  to  merely  275  words  of  a  Facebook  page  (sorry  Zuck,   but  you  have  missed  it  here...)           There  is  also  evidence  that  author  rank  will  correlate  with   rankings   Google  plus  network  is  optimized  to  work  with   knowledge  graph  just  right  in  the  dawn  of  semantic  web.  And   the  list  goes  on...­‐plus-­‐vs-­‐facebook.html  
  44. 44.•­‐awesome-­‐social-­‐media-­‐facts-­‐and-­‐statistics-­‐for-­‐2013/  
  45. 45.•­‐awesome-­‐social-­‐media-­‐facts-­‐and-­‐statistics-­‐for-­‐2013/  
  46. 46.•­‐awesome-­‐social-­‐media-­‐facts-­‐and-­‐statistics-­‐for-­‐2013/  
  47. 47. ¡  iTunes   ¡  Mobile  /  Tablet  App   §  Stitcher  Radio   §  Pocket  Casts   ¡  Podcast  Alley  
  48. 48. MeetUps   Search  for  session  leaders,   local  meetup  leaders,etc.     site:http://   inurl:”big  data”   inurl:”members”  intitle: (“IL”)  
  49. 49. ¡  What  if  you  want  to  zero  in   geographically?   §  Followerwonk  –  Geo   §  Followerwonk  –  City  in  Bio   §  Facebook  Graph  –  Searches   by  City,  etc.   §  Google  –  Regional  Searches   §  LinkedIn  Search  by  Region  /   Industry  /  Company   §  –  near   this  place  
  50. 50. ¡  Twitter   §  §  §  §  ¡  ¡  Includes  Facebook,  LinkedIn,  Twitter,  Google+   §  §  ¡  Number  of  Likes   §  ¡  Relationship  =  Followers  vs.  Following  Ratio   Mass  =  Tweets   Number  of  times  the  user  is  put  into  a  list   Number  of  followers,  Number  of  Circles,  etc.   View  Ripples  on  Posts   Slideshare   Klout   Google+ LinkedIn   Number  of  Connections   Number  of  times  listed  as  an  influencer  in  a   LinkedIn  Group   §  Number  of  times  endorsed  for  a  skill   §  Testimonials  /  Recommendations   §  §       
  51. 51. ¡  ¡  Services  like  Namechk  can  show  you  if  the  same   username  is  in  use  on  multiple  services   Knowem  is  a  similar  site  
  52. 52. Why  Me?   Why  Now?   Why  Share?   • Profile  Details   • Industry  Exp   • Product  /  Srv.  Exp   • Incentive   • Profile  Details   • Access  to  the  Study   • Incentive   • Industry  Shared  Exp   • Business  Shared  Exp   • Anonymity   • Access  to  the  Study   Scheduled   Interview  
  53. 53. ¡  Revolutionary  Sourcing   Millions  of  LinkedIn  (Xing,  Twitter,  etc.)  profiles   Millions  of  Job  Postings   Millions  of  resumes  on  job  sites   Thousands  of  public  conference  speaker  lists   Forums  filled  with  key  influencers  and  technology   implementers  who  are  clearly  identifiable  by  past   contributions.   §  Authors  of  presentations  and  documents  who  discuss  the   products,  solutions,  or  KIQ’s  in  focus.   §  Listings  of  industry  and  equity  analysts   §  Etc.  Etc.  Etc.       §  §  §  §  § 
  54. 54. INTERNET   PEOPLE  
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