Business Journalism Professors 2014: Tactical Teaching - Using Multimedia by Mark Tatge


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Mark Tatge presents "Tactical Teaching - Using Multimedia" during the Reynolds Center for Business Journalism's annual Business Journalism Week, Jan. 3, 2014. Tatge teaches multimedia storytelling, business writing and media studies as the Eugene S. Pulliam Distinguished Professor of Journalism at DePauw University.

The annual event features two concurrent seminars, Business Journalism Professors and Strictly Financials for journalists.

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Business Journalism Professors 2014: Tactical Teaching - Using Multimedia by Mark Tatge

  1. Tactical Teaching Using multimedia to tackle complex topics, teach analytical skills and improve learning outcomes. §  By Mark Tatge ©Deadline Reporter LLC DePauw University Photo: DePauw University
  2. Today’s agenda Challenges of teaching business. §  Understanding your audience. §  Why Millennials are different. §  Establishing learning objectives. §  Tailoring content to meet goals. §  Employing multimedia. §  Conclusions. §  ©Deadline Reporter LLC Photo: Mark Tatge
  3. Professional Background 30 years experience Photo: DePauw University,
  4. Media & business pundit Appear as guest on CNN, MSBNC, FOX, PBS, NPR, ABC. Frequently quoted on media, economy and business. ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  5. Author “A gem of a teaching text.” - Pacific Coast Business Times Publisher Henry Dubroff. ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  6. Teaching Experience § Seven years university-level teaching. § Created business / economics writing program at Ohio University producing 60 graduates. §  Hold endowed chair at DePauw University – Eugene S. Pulliam Distinguished Professorship of Journalism. §  Developing multimedia storytelling curriculum. §  Building digital Web platform for student media. ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  7. Adapt your teaching to meet the demands of the market Job Market Skills
  8. Why business journalism ? §  Growing area of media. §  Technical skills in demand. §  Basic curiosity among students. §  Changing economic landscape. ©Deadline Reporter LLC Ohio University, Photo by Mark Tatge
  9. Transferrable Skills § Skills students learn in business journalism – in demand, but not necessarily as traditional journalists. ©Deadline Reporter LLC Court Street, Ohio University, Photo by Mark Tatge
  10. What is in demand? § Workers who can: § Quickly process information, §  Make sense of information, §  Package and deliver it to a specialized audience. ©Deadline Reporter LLC Ohio University, Photo by Mark Tatge
  11. Media Job Market Recovers Covers people who collect and analyze facts about newsworthy events by interview, investigation, or observation. Report and write stories for newspaper, news magazine, radio, or television. —Analyze, interpret, and broadcast news received from various sources Source: BLS ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  12. Employment Outlook
  13. Media jobs 2010-20 § Digital, multimedia and specialty content production and will grow in importance. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics ,
  14. Biggest growth: Web & digital Biggest demand will continue to be in content creation focused around digital delivery. Current unemployment rate: 3.8% ©Deadline Reporter LLC Source: BLS
  15. Journalism skills valued The definition of “journalist” is changing. The skill set is still in demand by non-news employers. Source: Michael Mandel blog
  16. Understanding your audience ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  17. The Millennials Born after 1982: §  Optimists §  Team players §  Trusting, accepting of authority §  Rule followers §  Love structure §  Forward looking ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  18. Heavy Media Consumers §  94% have cell phones. §  56% generate own entertainment. §  58% create personal content online. §  75% use social networking sites. §  64% text while driving a car. Sources: Pew Research Center, “Millennials Rising, The Next Generation,” Harrison Group survey (2007) ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  19. My Cell is My Best Friend Source: Pew, PBS ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  20. Prefer text, avoid email Source: Pew ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  21. Don’t like to talk on the phone
  22. Embrace social media §  Source: Pew ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  23. Millennials love the spotlight § Millennial generation consider money, image and fame more important than values like self-acceptance. §  Love the spotlight § Advice: Share it Source: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. DePauw University, Multimedia Storytelling C291, Photo by Mark Tatge ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  24. Content Challenges § Business is complicated. §  Most students intimidated by the topic. §  Liberal arts - Math phobia. §  Millennials: short attention span, strong desire to participate. DePauw University, Multimedia Storytelling C291, Photo by Mark Tatge ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  25. Establish objectives § What do I want them to learn? § What is the best way to teach? § Lecture? § Discussion? § Group projects? § Field work and presentations? DePauw University, Multimedia Storytelling C291, Photo by Mark Tatge ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  26. Why multimedia works §  Explain complex topics. §  Reinforce key points. §  Provide transitions. §  Spark debate. §  Empowers learners. Photo by Mark Tatge ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  27. Multimedia improves learning Using multiple channels can increase the effectiveness of learning outcomes provided the brain can process the information.
  28. Multimedia in action Ohio University graduate Jessica Beinecke uses multi-channel learning at Voice of America . ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  29. Organizing Your Class ©Deadline Reporter LLC Instructor Larry Abed, DePauw University, Multimedia 291
  30. Class period breakdown §  Cable news, – discussion. §  Blogs / discussion boards. §  Blackboard / Moodle – resources. §  TV Clips, movies – reinforce concepts. §  Presentations – discussion. ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  31. Typical class §  §  §  §  §  §  §  §  §  20 minutes lecture. 1-2 Video clips . Summary. Break. Class discussion. 10 minute lecture. Recap. Presentations / Group projects. Walk off video. ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  32. Always discuss daily news
  33. TV - Breaking news ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  34. Use Skype & Webcams §  Have guests visit via Skype or FaceTime Source: Forbes
  35. Use Social Media to Connect ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  36. Setting up a Facebook Group
  37. Post topical readings ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  38. Have Students Write a Blog ©Deadline Reporter LLC §
  39. Homework §  Assign homework on class blogs. §  Post “news” to Tumblr, Google + or Twitter. §  Require students to follow one another. §  Assign topical blogs. § Stocks, economic indicators, newsmakers. §  Assign beats. § Have students post items to Twitter. Strouds Run State Park, Athens, Ohio, Photo: Mark Tatge ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  40. Using Video in Class Source: 20th Century Fox, 1987 ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  41. The ice breaker ©Deadline Reporter LLC v=D2QlitH4nYY
  42. Use video as a changeup §  Lecture for 15-20 minutes. §  Follow up with a video. §  Videos change the pace. § Offer new insights. § Prompt discussion. ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  43. The changeup § Never underestimate the power of humor ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  44. Explaining complex topics §
  45. Empower students – field work §  Video Reporting Assignments ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  46. Multimedia Tools & Resources
  47. Manage Your Course Online
  48. Offer online tutorials ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  49. Offer a Math Refresher ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  50. Use WSJ’s Test Bank § WSJ offers weekly quiz you can use in your class.
  51. Store & Organize Your Class Videos
  52. Put Class Videos Online §  How to: ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  53. Vimeo: student videos ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  54. Build a class website §  Use website to showcase student work and class assignments
  55. Track a stock ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  56. Predict the economy § Offer awards prizes and points. ©Deadline Reporter LLC Source: Business Insider, U.S. Department of Labor
  57. How to search for videos Many different search engines: ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  58. Video Archives
  59. Build your Digital Skills ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  60. Use Morningstar - king of mutual funds ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  61. Scour AAII – educational materials ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  62. Yahoo Finance: Free stock data ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  63. great graphics ©Deadline Reporter LLC
  64. Learn to download & save videos Comes bundled with several add-ons. Make sure you uncheck the boxes before installing. Web. he
  65. Network with biz professors
  66. Finally: Have fun !
  67. Acknowledgements §  §  §  §  §  ©Deadline Reporter LLC DePauw University, www. Deadline Reporter, LLC Bureau of Labor Statistics Pew Research Center Reynolds Center for Business Journalism
  68. The End §  This presentation is for educational, non-commercial purposes. Deadline Reporter has agreed to a shared copyright with the Donald W. Reynolds Center for Business Journalism. Personal or commercial duplication, reproduction and distribution of this work is prohibited without prior consent of the parties. All rights are reserved.