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Bitmove Presentation Nov08


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Bitmove Company Presentation

Published in: Business, Technology
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Bitmove Presentation Nov08

  1. 1. Company & product presentation Bitmove 2008
  2. 2. SOUND FAMILIAR? You have a great brand and a range of special places to share this. People who encounter your brand at one of these places absorb everything they experience and enjoy every minute. Once they meet you they are sold! However your challenge is to main- tain the flow of visitors to those meetingplaces… - Did you ever dream of extending your reach and consumer experience beyond the actual visit? - Ever wondered how to maintain or deepen the contact with your visitors? - What can you do to get them back and attract new visitors? - Is your marketing budget well spent and can you measure the effects of your efforts? - Are you thinking of smart ways to get people to your website or make better use of your current interactive activities? - Uncertain as to how you can reach potential visitors worldwide? - Is there more to know about your visitors? And what they think of you?
  3. 3. About Bitmove The web is a playground that lets consumers unleash their creativity and share it with their friends and family. At Bitmove, we understand this. That’s why we’re constantly looking for creative applications that let the consumer use your brand in a playful and interactive way to create their experiences. How? Bitmove specialises in interactive photo and video capabilities that allow consumers to create fun and unique photos/videos using your brand as a medium. The result? A personalised message from the consumer and your brand spread online via email and social networks. Bitmove
  4. 4. Our Promise People share their experiences online. The Bitmove Messages Tools help you play a positive role in this process. Because this video mail is sent through a trusted person, the mail is always received positively. Thus, ensuring 100% positive reaction from your potential target audience. Thanks to the enthusiastic sender and the background in the video, these messages will make your brand special. It’s a known fact that word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective advertising and this interactive video and photo making gives consumers a lot to talk about. Finally, you can use the email addresses that are voluntarily given by the consumers to inform potential visitors about future exhibitions, promotions and other news stories that would be interesting for your audience. In short, with the Bitmove Messages Tools we promise you: - Access to online social networks of your consumers - Access to the inbox of your consumers - Word-of-mouth advertising - One-on-one contact with your target audience - Web traffic - Email addresses - Recognition and reputation amongst your audience - Higher number of visitors
  5. 5. Bitmove Messages Tools An interactive media kiosk forms the basis of everything we offer. At the kiosk, a photo or film is created and directly sent to family and friends. It’s how we execute the application that’s different. Apart from unique brand content, you can choose from three different applications: VideoMail, MovieMail, or PhotoMail. Whichever option you choose, con- sumers get bragging rights and you get to be featured in them. Based on your needs and specifications, we can advise and tailor-make a solution that’s just right for you.
  6. 6. Which Tool for me If you have a unique location that you would like to showcase, we recommend the VideoMail. With the VideoMail, visitors can record their message with the location as the background. This film can then be sent to family and friends. The result? A per- sonal video message shot against your backdrop that a happy visitor shares with her friends and family. MovieMail goes one step further. It allows visitors to play a part in a pre-recorded movie where you have written the script. The result is a hilarious film starring your visitors in your film VideoMail and huge chances of being forwarded over and over again on your audiences’ social networks. This is generally a good choice when the brand has a strong relationship with stars, sports or adventure. MovieMail
  7. 7. How does it work? Step 1: Visitors make a short video message in front of the kiosk’s camera. With MovieMail, our first-time actors will instantly see themselves on a big television screen in the selected film setting – perfect entertainment for all those watching! Step 2: They then use the touch screen to key in their email address and their friends’ and families’ addresses. But first, before they send off their emails, they need to answer a few simple questions about the museum or the brand - an easy way to get valuable information about how the con- sumers perceive you. Step 3: Once the emails are sent, the friends receive a message with the logo of the museum and a link to the video message. The link leads the person directly to your website where they can view the video message. We then collect and store all email addresses and details of your target audience and ensure you have access to it whenever you need it. Simple, easy, effective.
  8. 8. Our services Creativity rules – from idea to execution To bring the ‘messages tools’ to life, we need a story that your brand wants to tell. Our job is to help you tell it in a special way: through tailor-made designs, decor and kiosks and unique background films. From script to production and everything in between, we can take care of the entire process if you’d like us to. What about the technical stuff? It’s hard to explain our technical side without the techy talk so we won’t speak too much about it. What you do need to know is that we will take care of it all for you. We’ll install and maintain equipment, implement the software and designs and host the data move- ment. All you’ll need to focus on is how to maximize your growing brand awareness.
  9. 9. Examples hardware customization and branding possibilities Concept - VideoMail Chair Example Dewars Whisky - VideoMail Kiosk Avidrome Schipol Amsterdam Chelsea Football Club - PhotoMail Kiosk - PhotoMail Kiosk
  10. 10. Cases & Testimonials Since the year 2000 Bitmove has been working successfully in the museum and visitor center arena. A selection of companies we currently work for: - Van Gogh Museum-Amsterdam - Dutch State museum (Rijksmuseum) - Amsterdam - Anne Frank House-Amsterdam - Tate Modern-London - Arsenal Football Club- London - Bacardi visitors center- Puerto Rico Case: Van Gogh Museum Case: Heineken Experience, visitor center - Heineken experience- Amsterdam - Glenfiddich museum- Scotland 2 kiosks - 4 kiosks 71.694 recorded messages per year - Guinness storehouse- Ireland - 151.314 recorded messages per year 238.026 unique web visitors per year - 451.927 unique web visitors per year - NCAA - Athletics Association- United States 27.441 email addresses in database - 46.912 email addresses in database - Dewars Whiskey- Scotland per year, after opt-in (38%) - per year, after opt-in (31%) - Chelsea Football Club- London We are always curious what clients think of our products and services. Who else can tell the story better! Click below, or copy-paste this URL in your internet browser to watch the 3 minute trailer:
  11. 11. Contact info For more information please contact: Bitmove B.V. Klaas van der Veur Van Diemenstraat 38 1013 NH Amsterdam The Netherlands E: T: 0031-(0)206721600 F: 0031-(0)206721622 M: 0031-(0)624543667 W: