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Facebook Graph Search 101


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Introduction about Facebooks new Graph Search Project. It handles topics like:
What is it?
How does it work?
What´s the difference between Graph Search and Google Search?
What are the pros and cons?
Which are the implications for the future?

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Facebook Graph Search 101

  1. 1. TimelineNews GraphFeed Search User Experience
  2. 2. semantic searchcomparable search filter (multidimensional)with: comparable social dimensionWolfram Alpha with:Siri Solr comparable search engine with: comparable Yelp with: Foursquare Google Xing
  3. 3. profiles pages places groupselements events photos + videos „websites“
  4. 4. likes shares comments* „indicators“ information** keywords*only IF there was a comment, NOT the content of the comments.**for example: „married to XY“, „working at ABC“, „living in123“
  5. 5. local like/fancloseness countclassic SEO likes/shares for Bing of friends
  6. 6. •••••
  7. 7. • • • • •••
  8. 8. „People who live in Hannover, like TYPO3 and go to college“ Profile person X Place „Hannover“ Person X marks „Hannover“ as hometown Page „TYPO3“ (hobby, software) Requirement Person X clicks „like“ for „TYPO3“ page Page e.g. „FH-Hannover“ Person X marks „student at FH-Hannover“ Person X makes these information visible in public
  9. 9. opt in opt out mandatory login optional login likes + shares links „item“ search keyword searchpeople, places, activities, books, movies, etc. websites
  10. 10. •••••
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  13. 13.