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How Marketers Can Use Deep Links to Drive User Experience


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You’ve probably been hearing a lot about deep links – but what are deep links and how can they revolutionize user experience and your mobile marketing strategy?

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Watch Matt Thomson, Chief Product Officer at Bitly, and Mike Fyall, Head of Marketing at URX, guide you through the evolving world of mobile marketing and answer your questions about deep links, the technology you need to stay at the forefront of the industry.

In this webinar, you will learn:
- What deep links are and why you need to use them in your app
- How to prioritize this functionality to your marketing and dev teams
- What tools you can use to track deep link success

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How Marketers Can Use Deep Links to Drive User Experience

  1. 1. How Marketers Can Use Deep Links to Drive User Experience Matt Thomson CPO, Bitly May 5th, 2015 | #BitlyAndURX View the Webinar: Mike Fyall Head of Marketing, URX
  2. 2. #BitlyandURX
  3. 3. Mobile UX is...Complicated 1 CLICK 21 TAPS #BitlyandURX
  4. 4. Deep Links Solve Shopping UX
  5. 5. Deep Links Shorten Path to Action #BitlyandURX
  6. 6. Connecting Web and Apps WEBPAGE iPHONE APP airbnb://rooms/1827655 #BitlyandURX
  7. 7. Adoption Growing: 28% Today #BitlyandURX
  8. 8. Let’s Bottom Line This #BitlyandURX mCOMM $33 BILLION lost in 2015 PUBLISHERS 5% chance of engagement
  9. 9. 3 Ways to Make Deep Links Work for You Tell the big guys (FB, Google, Twitter) where to send your customers Take customers to the right place from the same channels Harness your customer’s favorite apps to get them to yours 1 2 3 #BitlyandURX
  10. 10. Take Your Customers to the Right Place #BitlyandURX
  11. 11. Tell the Big Guys Where to Send Your Customers
  12. 12. Harness App to App Connections #BitlyandURX
  13. 13. Booking a Ride From Maps #BitlyandURX
  14. 14. Promote in the Right Context with AppViews #BitlyandURX
  15. 15. Get Started with Deep Links Make sure your app has deep links (ask your dev!) Build links that are device and app aware Target relevant apps to partner with Convince your web team to add deep link tags #BitlyandURX
  16. 16. Further Reading ● How to Convince Your CMO to Care About Deep Links: ● App Usage Patterns: ● Deep Linking Tags: ● Mobile.deep.linking: ● Deep links content: ● Industry deepscape: ● 4 SEO Tips for mobile apps: #BitlyandURX 25% OFF
  17. 17. THANK YOU Matt Thomson CPO, Bitly Mike Fyall Head of Marketing, URX