Mobile and Cloud Security Predictions for 2014


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2014 is just around the corner. For mobile and cloud technology, a lot has happened in a brief period of time. More employees are signing up for cloud applications and bringing their own devices to work, sometimes faster than IT can manage. How will this trend continue in the following year? How will businesses deal with new security challenges, while still enabling their employees to move forward with cloud and mobile innovation?
Check out what some of the top industry experts predict will happen in 2014.

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Mobile and Cloud Security Predictions for 2014

  1. 1. Mobile & Cloud Security   Predictions for 2014
  2. 2. 11 Analysts and Experts 
 Weigh In…
  3. 3. A Little Preview Venture Capitalist Bill Coughran – Shares what technology will be “of paramount importance in a post-Snowden world…” Principal Analyst Maribel Lopez – Reveals the new buzzword of 2014, moving beyond MAM & BYOD… Principal Analyst Steve Wilson – Explains what “will become a primary target for attackers…”
 Co-Founder of CxOTalk Michael Krigsman – Predicts the future of IT, when employees expect tech to be “easy, fast and simple.” Principal Analyst Steve Wilson – Talks about the “once-in-a-generation opportunity to build” a certain type of technology…
  4. 4. Michael Krigsman Co-founder, CxOTalk Founder, Asuret When technology change intersects with cultural shifts, the effects are rapid, profound, and unstoppable. The combination of cloud and mobile computing have given people in business the tools needed to develop greater independence from centralized technology authorities, namely IT. Social computing, such as Twitter and Facebook, adds fuel by creating the pervasive expectation of technology immediacy. In other words, mostly everyone today expects technology to be easy, fast, and simple. Enterprise software vendors and IT departments that do not change and adapt will die; it's that simple.

  5. 5. Ben Kepes Commenter, Business Adviser Diversity Limited As the adoption of mobile solutions greatly increases in the enterprise, we'll see far more focus on delivering the robust, granular, enabling tools to bridge the gap between IT (with its compliance focus) and the business (with its focus on the tools that deliver results). We'll see less knee-jerking concerns about security and more nuanced pragmatism.  

  6. 6. Maribel Lopez Principal Analyst and Founder Lopez Research The new buzz word of 2014 will move from MAM & BYOD to MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service).
  7. 7. Steve Wilson VP and Principal Analyst Constellation Research With mobiles, we have literally a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build real industrial-grade security and user convenience into the primary platform. Ever since the advent of the Internet and the PC itself, IT industry doyens have rued the missed opportunity to cement proper security into the infrastructure platforms. Famously, the Internet 'has no identity layer' in its protocols and the PC software ecosystem is a jungle of ad hoc patches on patches. We could rectify this situation now, once and forever.

  8. 8. James Maguire Senior Managing Editor Quinstreet Enterprise In 2014, the rapid pace of acquisitions in the cloud sector will continue, with larger players snapping up small firms to quickly expand capabilities with an eye toward grabbing market share in this formative period. Additionally, tools and solutions that enable the Software Defined Data center will take center stage in the cloud’s growth, enlarging the role of virtualization in its many forms, from networking to storage to provisioning.  

  9. 9. Jeff Wilson Principal Analyst Security Infonetics The Evernote breach in 2013 was the tip of a very large spear, and I think that in 2014, readily-available consumer grade cloud apps (storage (including iCloud), notes, file sharing, cloud apps like Adobe Creative Cloud) will become a primary target for attackers looking for both bulk data and information for targeted attacks, and there will be multiple breach disclosures in this space.
  10. 10. Joe Franscella Senior Director Trainer Communications In 2014, it’s likely we will see the emergence of an APT-like term that will be used to describe the NSA surveillance threat. Likely something along the lines of Advanced Surveillance Threat (AST) or Advanced Surveillance Attack (ASA). It will most likely be coined by an IT security provider with the ability to identify an NSA surveillance incident through research and to then get it into the public eye through creative marketing and aggressive public relations.
  11. 11. Bill Coughran Partner at Sequoia Capital Many enterprises have become comfortable with their critical data in a cloud, but in 2014 effective encryption outside of the cloud provider along with domestic storage is of paramount importance in a post-Snowden world. More and more services are delivered via mobile with tablets rapidly becoming the norm.
  12. 12. Lieuwe Jan Koning CTO, On2IT BV In 2014, we expect a growing number of customers to welcome the advantages of cloud applications like Google Apps and Office 365. Our research shows that market share will triple in the next 3 years. However, customers require visibility and control on the data their users put in these cloud applications, and will look for solutions that provide this. Especially in Europe, where the implications of the Patriot Act are of growing concern to industry, finance and healthcare customers.

  13. 13. Nathan McBride Vice President of IT AMAG Pharmaceuticals The SaaS Firewall marketplace will blow up...
  14. 14. Nat Kausik CEO, Bitglass Inc. 2014 will be the year when regulated industries, such as financial services and healthcare, start broad adoption of cloud apps.
  15. 15. Mobile  &  Cloud  Security