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Portfolio of my some of my best work that shows my skills as a designer.

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Portfolio Bachelor7 Low Res

  1. 1. Fer De MolineCommercial ExperienceEthereal ElephantFirst Christian Scientist ChurchDionaea MuscipulaBiteler Designs Justin Biteler
  3. 3. Beginning in 1880 Minneapolis was k Fer De Moline Capital of the Wor “Mill City.” West River Parkway, Minneapolis MN Problem The historical building needs to be remodeled for a restaurant. The design will include all spaces needed for a hospitality setting: waiting area, bar and restaurant. Client The client for this new restaurant is going to provide fine Midwestern dinning with an emphasis on a romantic experience of the St. Anthony falls. Design Statement This building on the banks of the Mississippi will be restored to its former majesty as it once was. The restaurant will provide private views of the Saint Anthony falls while tast- ing some of the finest Midwestern cuisine. The design of the restaurant will be inspired 20th century modernism movement when Minneapolis was the capital of the flour milling industry. The design will also reflect the ideals of the Bauhaus and its design theory’s, while drawing forms from the flour milling process of the 20th century. A millrind, also called fer de molineMarcel Duchamp, The BrideStripped Bare 1923
  5. 5. Ellerbe BecketI had the opportunity to work on a wide range of commercial projects around Sidra Medical Center, Doha, Qutarthe world as an intern with Ellerbe Becket Architecture and Engineering Firm. Childrens Hospitals and Clinics, Minneapolis MNWhile working with multiple of different teams in many different stages of de- Parkview Health Clinic Description of thissign I applied my skills to achieve the necessary illustrations and drawing. Sanford Health, Fargo, SD
  6. 6. Ethereal Elephant The boutique hotel was based on the “Louis Ghost Armchair”, by Philippe Starck. He reinvented the classical Louis XVI armchair for his pop post modern design. The hotels “classic meets modern” design originated from the Baroque period, with subtle hints towards its native China. Its unexpected delicate form aims to surprise the guests as they arrive for a stay on Lake Calhoun, in Uptown Minneapolis. DESIGN IN PROCESSAs your luggage is swept from you by the bell hop, you are greeted by the Terra Cotta Soldiers, native to China. Placed Team Membersbelow the surface of the floor. The soldiers are carefully lit to have a subtle, but noticeable presence. John Mc Cab, Jessica Lusignan
  7. 7. The seven story hotel willprovide space needed forsix rooms on each floor.The elevator lobby wasdesigned to capture thecontemporary colors andexceptional detail of theBaroque style. Lightingwill be set off of the ceilingthat will guide your way toyour room.
  8. 8. First Christian Scientist Church CLIENT The family of five are relocating their home to “First Church of Christ” in Elliot Park, Minneapolis. The husband and wife have been married for 25 years and are both sharing the same careers of furniture design. The husband has a great interest in antiques while his wife’s passion in furniture design will be of benefit in their new business venture. They have three boys, ages sixteen, seven, and five years old that are in need for more space. SITE ANALYSIS The “first Christian Scientist Church” was constructed in Minnesota, with great emphasis placed on its architecture. It is located in a residential area of Elliot Park. Architect S.J. Bowler chose a small-scale design of the Doric Order, which was believed to be the oldest, simplest, and most adaptable form of Greek architecture.N FUTURE EXPANSION OBJECTIVE An adaptive reuse of the church is to be remodeled for a space for a family of five. They are interested in restoring the interior of the church to its original colors with an interest in previously used furniture and fixtures. A space is needed for their new business venture in furniture re-upholstery and design shop. Space is also needed for the parents to entertain clients and friends.
  9. 9. Using reclaimed architecture I divided the area Space planning was designed into specific spaces. This entry area allows for around use of the existing curved a transitional space before entering the large stage. Reused columns help with the living room. Using cork flooring and fine rugs overwhelming height of the ceiling and this will provide the defused sound needed with to allow those seated at the bar to the 30’ ceiling. enjoy the theater.Reclaimed Furniture
  10. 10. Dionaea Muscipula The Williamson family is remodeling their 1970’s rambler in Roseville, Minnesota, to a place of exceptional value with sustainable building materials. The family of five will be looking for space for their three kids. The concept was developed from a few key elements the Williamson family was interested in. Their key interests were gardening, watching the Minnesota Timberwolves, and playing board games. The Venus flytrap concept was chosen because of its strategic ability to lure its opponent in, similar to what a basketball player does on the court, or a familyUsing reclaimed Douglas- member playing their favorite boardfir from a railroad bridge in game.northern Minnesota; helpsseparate the main livingarea into specific spaces.The area was designedwith the attempt to lurethe family into this mainarea. It was inspired by thecapturing of insects like theVenus fly trap.
  11. 11. As the fly trap grows and matures, it develops flowers that release pollen which produce a seed. This space was designed off of the flower and its distinct characteristics.Kitchen
  12. 12. Biteler Designs Justin is dedicated to delivering professional rendering services to design and architecture firms. I will provide an efficient avenue to translate concept, vision, and exact specifications into 3D renderings and drawings. Visuals can also be formatted for supplements, such as presentation boards & posters, to bring your current project to life.
  13. 13. Haldeman-Homme, IncSt. Louis County Schools, Virginia, MN Duluth Public School, Duluth, MN Inovative fume hood maintains user safty, is enviornmentally friendly and can generate savings
  14. 14. White Bear Basketball Foundation, White Bare Lake, MN U NLV UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA LAS VEGASAcademic Specialties University Of Nevada Las Vegas Recruitment Center HALDMAN - HOMMELos Vegas, NV
  15. 15. Eco Architecture GildPark bench for a community gardenin St. Paul, Minnesota.
  16. 16. “All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space thatcontains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.”Philip Johnson