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The First Global, Full-Reserve And Gold-Based Financial Services Business


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BitGold Completes $59.4mm Acquisition Of GoldMoney, Building The First Global, Full-Reserve And Gold-Based Financial Services Business

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The First Global, Full-Reserve And Gold-Based Financial Services Business

  1. 1. “Gold should not be viewed as the means to make you rich, but rather, as a means to avoid the debts that can make you poor” -GoldMoney Inc. July 21, 2015
  2. 2. Caution Regarding Forward-Looking Information These Slides contain certain “forward-looking information” within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities laws that are based on expectations, estimates and projections as at the date of these Slides. The information in these Slides about the future plans and objectives of the Company are forward-looking information. Other forward-looking information includes but is not limited to information concerning the intentions, plans and future actions of the Company. Any statements that involve discussions with respect to predictions, expectations, beliefs, plans, projections, objectives, assumptions, future events or performance (often but not always using phrases such as “expects”, or “does not expect”, “is expected”, “anticipates” or “does not anticipate”, “plans”, “budget”, “scheduled”, “forecasts”, “estimates”, “believes” or “intends” or variations of such words and phrases or stating that certain actions, events or results “may” or “could”, “would”, “might” or “will” be taken to occur or be achieved) are not statements of historical fact and may be forward-looking information and are intended to identify forward-looking information. This forward-looking information is based on reasonable assumptions and estimates of management of the Company at the time it was made, and involves known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking information. Such factors include, among others: the Corporation’s limited operating history; future capital needs and uncertainty of additional financing; the competitive nature of the industry; currency exchange risks; the need for the Corporation to manage its planned growth and expansion; the effects of product development and need for continued technology change; protection of proprietary rights; the effect of government regulation and compliance on the Corporation and the industry; network security risks; the ability of the Corporation to maintain properly working systems; theft and risk of physical harm to personnel; reliance on key personnel; global economic and financial market deterioration impeding access to capital or increasing the cost of capital; global economic climate; dilution; and volatile securities markets impacting security pricing unrelated to operating performance. Although the Company has attempted to identify important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially, there may be other factors that cause results not to be as anticipated, estimated or intended. There can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking information. The Company undertakes no obligation to revise or update any forward-looking information other than as required by law. No stock exchange, securities commission or other regulatory authority has approved or disapproved the information contained herein. The Slides and the accompanying verbal presentation are confidential and are being supplied to you solely for your information and may not be reproduced or distributed to any other person or published, in whole or in part, for any other purpose. Important Notice These presentation slides (the “Slides”) do not comprise a prospectus or other form of offering document relating to BitGold Inc. (the “Company”), and do not constitute an offer or invitation to purchase or subscribe for any securities of the Company or any other company and should not be relied on in connection with a decision to purchase or subscribe for any such securities. The Slides and the accompanying verbal presentation do not constitute a recommendation regarding any decision to sell or purchase securities of the Company or any other company. Your attention is drawn to the risk factors set out below.
  3. 3. 3 Mobilizing gold for innovation in global payments and savings markets • Megatrends in technology, demographics, internationalization, and negative real-interest rates are driving rapid change in markets for payments, money transfers, savings and finance • GoldMoney Inc. seeks growth in multiple payments and savings segments utilizing an underlying ledger and settlement technology and a rapidly growing international client base: • GoldMoney performs full-service precious metal custody and trading, wealth management and research • BitGold operates a self-directed savings platform and payments network for individuals and businesses in high growth segments • Ideally positioned for secular growth in cross border payments and transfers, global e-commerce, mobile in-app & micro-transactions, and emerging middle class savings & wealth management “Gold is a significant percentage of global base-money, owned in every country & across every income segment, but with no modern ‘banking’ or payment apps. Trillion dollar markets are ripe for innovation & disruption in a new technological age for money and real-time international transactions” Building the first global, full-reserve financial service network by combining the unique attributes of gold with the real-time connectivity of the mobile-internet revolution
  4. 4. Business Highlights Early stage, rapid growth platform for global savings, payments and e-commerce • Delivering financial services as trusted, limited third-party service; no securities or IOUs • BitGold network benefits are similar to bitcoin in mobile & micro transactions, but no bitcoin volatility or anonymity risk (BitGold proudly on-shore, promotes tax & KYC/AML compliance) Globally relevant, internet-scalable (SaaS) models w/ sticky customer lifetime value • Internet growth strategy + global nature of gold: financial services for anyone w/ smartphone • Ledger and settlement technology allows for minimum working capital and overhead • Over 150,000 customers and $1.5B AUA, an initial base for rapid global growth underway • Innovative technology, intellectual property assets, and first mover advantage to help GoldMoney platforms achieve network effect growth in multiple payment and savings markets • +$50B market in ETFs and online vaulting: lower cost, higher utility platform • Innovation & disruption in the +$30B net revenue C2C transfer/remittance market • Real-time payments and settlement in e-commerce, cross-border mobile commerce • Differentiated global gateway to emerging middle-class wealth management Over CAD $30mm raised and no debt (see page 20 for capital structure) • Public funding rounds led by Dundee, GMP, Clarus and Canaccord Genuity • Backed by Soros Brothers, Eric Sprott, Friedberg Mercantile, PowerOne Capital “The unique characteristics of gold allows for a titled, physical asset to perform as commodity money underlying international transactions, with GoldMoney Inc. performing financial services on a client’s underlying, fully-reserved, fully-insured gold - minimizing counter-party risk in savings, payments & e-commerce” 4
  5. 5. Network effect for global finance Megatrends are reshaping finance, with new-technology diffusion rates accelerating • Payments transformed by mobile technology: new spending channels & real-time payments • Demographics (millennial, emerging middle class) & technology are reshaping commerce • e-commerce, m-commerce & in-store point of sale converging & internationalizing • Spending becoming more social, increasingly focused on user experience • Security and identity still core concerns • Wealth and savings transformed by demographics, interest rates, regulation, innovation • Changing behavior being met with innovation & democratization of access to services • Mono-culture of centralized banking & finance (shaped by regulation and rate policy) is slow to meet new user needs, creating an environment for more socialized finance • Banks have lost their gateway as they fail to pay a real inter rate on savings Gold as a medium for technology & a global-gateway for networked savings and payments • GoldMoney is well positioned with technology and a differentiated global savings gateway in gold, can be a facilitator of real-time network transactions without credit risk • GoldMoney puts security of wealth first, with a sole focus of being on the side of the client – a position unmatched by technology companies or centralized finance “Technology companies are increasingly well positioned in payments and finance, driving change with real-time connectivity and more adaptive to on-demand user experience. However, trust, security, and protection of wealth remain core features of finance. GoldMoney is well positioned to meet both needs on a unique international scale.” 5
  6. 6. “A wave of financial innovation and disruption is taking place on top of the existing banking and fiat money systems; GoldMoney Inc. can mirror and build market share utilizing all of this innovation, in all segments, as the only service operating on top of vaulted gold” Savings HNWI and Institutional Wealth • Established 2001 • +100,000 signups, 20,000 active wealth accounts • $1.5 Billion AUA Allocated & Physical Vaulted Assets Under Administration (AUA) in Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium Full-Reserve Multi-Currency Accounts and Debit Card. (2H2015) Long term wealth management: portfolio management & fund of fund services (2016+) Fundamental Research in Money, Energy and Social & Political Economy (2H2015) led by Stefan Wieler, Alasdair Macleod and Josh Crumb     Savings Global vault administration for gold savings “Robo-advisor” portfolio management (2016+) e-wallet payments (gold to gold), B2C: Prepaid debit card (gold to fiat) Micro payments and & in app global payments (2H2015) C2C: disruptive innovation in cross border transfers gold to gold, gold to prepaid (gold to fiat, fiat to fiat - 2016) B2B & B2C: merchant payments, invoicing, e-commerce Consumer Payments Remittance m-Payments • Launched May ‘15 • 125,000+ signups in first 90 days • Over 100 countries • Rapid Alexa ascent • Merchant tools summer 2015         Available now In development or planned 6
  7. 7. • GoldMoney Ltd. founded in 2001 by Geoff and James Turk • Innovative leader & unmatched reputation in regulated vaulting services for gold, silver, PGMs – the first regulated gold payment/transfer service • Over 20,000 active wealth customers • Over $1.5 Billion in Client Assets under Administration • GoldMoney provides the best full-service way to trade allocated precious metals online and arrange their secure storage in specialized bullion vaults in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and the United Kingdom • Added features in 2H2015: GoldMoney Prepaid card (+18kt gold card to come), mobile app, lower dealing fees and streamlined trading execution with BitGold trade engine • Wealth management services to be added in 2016 • Former Goldman Sachs Commodities Head of Energy Research, Stefan Wieler brought in to head Research and Corporate Treasury Sales; co-leading research in gold, energy, FX and social & political economy analysis with GoldMoney’s Alasdair Macleod Vaulted PM Savings Wealth Management Research Trading & Execution The World’s Most Trusted Precious Metal Custodian 7
  8. 8. • Self-directed savings and payments network that connects user-gold to international payment rails – targeting millions of global users for savings, global transfer and remittance, and a global merchant network for payments & settlement • Network value proposition is a global, single network platform for savings and payments that’s secure (physical value, digital information, protected from fraud), provides minimal credit and counter-party risk in all services, and minimizes settlement risk in payments and e-commerce. The global nature of the platform and real-time settlement can drive significant value & low cost/low risk services for users • Profit model driven by 1% fees/spreads into and out of the this high utility, low cost network, offering value across trillions of dollars in global transaction segments • Key performance indicators announced monthly • Over 125,000 user signups within 90 days of platform launch • Users from over 100 countries • $3.5mm transaction volume as at June 30th (total deposits, redemptions, payments/transfers) • Over $1mm in non-purchase transaction volume within network in first 90 days • $3.0mm in customer gold in vault network as at June 30th • global website-traffic ranking climbing rapidly, within top 10,000 sites in many countries Vaulted Savings Consumer Payments Transfers/Remittance Merchant Payments “A new global operating system for gold” 8
  9. 9. 9 “No matter where you live in the world gold has effortlessly held its commodity value over time relative to costs like food and energy that we require as humans, making it one the most important savings tools for most of the human population”
  10. 10. Platform Features – Savings Secure Gold Savings Platform Accessed via Smart Phones Globally: • Purchase or redeem gold at 1% of spot price • Free gold storage in vaults operated by BRINKS and insured by Lloyds of London • Five deposit/redemption methods from multiple global currencies: 1. Direct Bank Deposit – INTERAC, UnionPay (SEPA coming) 2. Bank Transfer – SWIFT, Wire 3. Credit/Debit Cards – Major Credit Cards & China UnionPay 4. Virtual Currencies – Bitcoin (deposit only, Ripple to come) 5. Cash via BitGold ATM Machine (in development) • All gold vaulted under customer’s name in separate legal entity • BitGold has zero rights to customer gold (bailment Law) • Gold is redeemable as 10g GoldCubes or 1kg Bullion Bars • Internet's best live price alert engine Best Practices in Compliance and KYC/AML: • Every customer required to provide legal name, address and date of birth; valid email + mobile phone verification • Level 2 features & transactions >200 grams requires government ID • Proprietary technology flags suspicious activity & screens AML risk 10
  11. 11. - Consumer Payments/Transfers Gold for Payments & Transfers: • Send or receive gold payments to any BitGold user globally for free • Send gold to anyone with an email address or mobile phone • Send gold or “post gold” transfers through social media with tipping tool (3Q2015) • Spend vaulted gold at traditional points of sale or withdraw local currency from traditional ATM machines with BitGold Prepaid Card (prepaid card in private beta – full release 3Q2015) • Tax tool for end of year gains & loss accounting in local currency BitGold Automated Teller Machine (ATM – 4Q2015): • Converts up to 100 different currencies into gold, credited instantly to the customer’s Vault Account • Full account features: make/receive payments • Customer acquisition tool: encourages long-term savings in gold • Functions as a branch for BitGold service allowing for a physical consumer-facing relationship 11
  12. 12. - Merchant Platform (2H2015) 12 Engaging a Global User Network and De-risking Settlement with Real-Time Payments • Process BitGold network transactions from anywhere for 1% of transaction – Accept traditional card payments, ChinaUnionPay and others • Introduce various payment opportunities (checkout, remit, payout, donate, POS) • Real-time settlement in local or international transactions – Value settled immediately with gold • Manage foreign exchange costs with one simple, globally fungible international currency in gold – Highly useful for engaging emerging market customers using BitGold instead of local currencies • Simple API integration with in-app buy buttons and clean UX/UI payment completion Empowering Users as Global Merchants with Payment Processing: • Earn Gold by invoicing time, labor, goods or services – Only 1% of invoice value + processing fees • Accept VISA, MasterCard, ChinaUnionPay, Bitcoin from anyone around the world, resulting in credit of gold grams, kilograms or tonnes in Vault • Email an invoice or request payment • Collect payments via tablet or mobile device • Mobile QR code generation/scan for quick POS transactions on mobile/tablet
  13. 13. Mobile App in Development – Summer 2015 13 • Mobile onboarding, social/contacts integration, push notifications and more
  14. 14. BitGold ATM Machine (launching soon): On-boards customers in minutes, accepts deposits of local currency funding mobile Vault Account BitGold Prepaid Card (feature launched in beta) 14
  15. 15. 6 Instant Deposit Methods to Physical Gold via Patent-Pending Aurum Technology Platform Features (Screenshots) Over 100 Live Reference Currencies 15 Revolutionary On-Boarding, KYC/AML technology
  16. 16. Redeem physically or electronically Redeem Gold – BitGold 10g Cubes Platform Features (Screenshots) 16
  17. 17. 17 Revenue Model Targeted markets for early growth: • Online and third-party gold vaulting business (and alternative to ETF for retail ) • E-gaming community • Crypto currency market • Cross border payments and remittances • Invoicing and merchant business BitGold’s revenue model is driven by internet-scalable transaction velocity and pricing automation. BitGold makes small gold/currency conversion fees through an embedded markup on the “best bid or offer” quoted on the Aurum exchange every time gold is bought and sold (account funding, withdrawals, debit card purchases, ATM deposits), and through merchant fees Network Value Proposition The BitGold Investor Proposition is to deliver strong growth in our user base, building a global network for both savings and transactions. Maximizing shareholder value in the long term, achieved through growth in our users and revenues to scale, requires investment in our users, and investment in the user experience and security of the platform Powerful Business Model – High ratio of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  18. 18. Media, Social & Viral • Early media coverage and interest in the platform have greatly exceeded expectations prior to an official PR campaign • Feedback loops from viral growth and PR/media can lower customer acquisition costs in a market with natural story interest and no specific competitors • Remarkable multi-regional ascent on Alexa rankings (under 18,000 within 3mo) • BitGold has built a strong social media following and will be increasing social engagement with tools such as tipping and #birthdaygold 18
  19. 19. Josh Crumb – Director Co-Founder – CSO For purpose Businesses, Former Sr. Metals Strategist, Goldman Sachs Multi-Disciplinary Team • Katy Millington – General Counsel • Jason Loewe – V.P. Operations & Compliance – Former Regional Compliance at Assante • Mike Busby – Chief Design Officer – Highly regarded UX/UI designer, has worked with Adidas, • Stefan Wieler – V.P. Research and Corporate Sales – Former head of energy research at Goldman Sachs • Alex Potichnyj – V.P. Digital Marketing & Strategy – Former head of global marketing at OANDA • Daniel Crandall – Chief Financial Officer – CFO to TSX Companies • Karman Lee – Operations – Former PwC, UBS, Trafigura, Vodafone • Emily Cornelius – Marketing and Public Relations – Former AOL Canada, Huffington Post • 8 Software Engineers working under CTO Alessandro Premoli in Milan, Italy Independent Directors • Mehendra Naik – Audit Committee Chair – former AC Chair of GoldMoney Ltd, former CFO of IAMGOLD • Dennis Peterson – Independent Director – 25+ years experience in corporate securities law • James Eaton – Independent Director – Weatons Holdings, John David and Signy Eaton Foundation • James Turk – Independent Director – (to be added Nov’ 15) Founder of in 2001 • Hector Fleming – Independent Director – (to be added Nov’ 15) The GoldMoney & BitGold teams builds on decades of experience in financial services, investment management, e-commerce & payments, software engineering, UX/UI design, cryptography, digital security, financial service compliance, consumer marketing, commodity market trading & macroeconomics 19 Roy Sebag – Director Co-Founder - CEO Former Portfolio Manager Long/Short Equity, Essentia Equity Alessandro Premoli Group CTO Decade+ experience in encryption, cryptography, digital signatures Darrell MacMullin CEO – BitGold Former Head of PayPal Canada
  20. 20. Capital Structure & Financings • 54.5mm shares O/S following completion of GoldMoney acquisition and June financing • 7mm warrants & options (3.9mm warrants forceable at C$1.35 strike) • Founders own and control over 20mm shares and continue to invest in GoldMoney (and continue to work without salary - both founders are independently successful from previous ventures and are extremely passionate about GoldMoney potential) • $21.0mm in bought deal financing in June 2015, backed by Albert Friedberg, Co-Book Leads: GMP, Clarus, Dundee, CannaccordGenuity • Completed $59.4mm acquisition (11.1mm shares issued) of GoldMoney in July 2015 • First 2 months BitGold platform operating financials to be included in June 30 quarter • First consolidated BitGold-GoldMoney operating financials in Sep 30 quarter Capital and Liquidity as of July-GoldMoney Consolidation • ~$30 million in cash & liquid assets (~$5 million additional post warrant exercise) • BitGold pre-marketing cash expenditures of ~$250k/month can service first 250,000 customers due to scalable infrastructure; GoldMoney has recurring revenue base • No material liabilities, obligations or encumbrances 20
  21. 21. Common Values & Network Principles Putting client interest first • We seek a network-growth business model where we deliver more value to each customer than we expect to earn in return; where the long term return on investment in customers provides returns to all network stakeholders with increasing efficiency, productivity, and scaling transaction income growth Know our clients, protect from money laundering, protect clients & the network • The GoldMoney network is a closed network built with decentralized checks and balances • Unlike bitcoin or other crypto currency networks, the closed ledger network of BitGold allows for KYC protections that help prevent money laundering, fraud, and consumer • The closed network approach allows GoldMoney to operate within regulatory requirements and integrate safely with partners in banking, dealing, payment networks and vault services Full-asset reserve services, minimize exogenous risk for all users of the network • We believe core savings and payments services can operate using gold and technology without the need for fractionally reserved deposits or securitized IOUS To execute on our mission and grow a long term business sustainably, thus maximizing long-term shareholder value, we must always invest in our clients and the security and integrity of our network The GoldMoney network and the shared business architecture through the platform is designed to follow three core principles: 21
  22. 22. Gold as a commodity, an ideal “commodity money” for a global closed-loop network Gold needs to be reinvented for its commodity value in a new technological age • We do not support the traditional gold money narrative of the gold bugs – pulling away from society or selling fear or greed is inconsistent with our human values and isn’t relevant for younger generations to embrace the utility of a closed-loop network with gold • Consider a different Narrative: Gold is the only logical offline, globally neutral form-factor for securing digital values with non-bank like risk or regulatory requirements - $11K per Cubic Inch stored inexpensively and maintaining purchasing power over time. Gold as a physical commodity that holds value globally is superior to local systems of debt for cross border micro transactions • Gold as physical element Au – cubes, not coins • Gold’s commodity value (for jewelry and heirlooms) held over millenniums due to its low marginal transaction cost (due to it’s density and tarnish-proof properties over many exchanges), coupled with its opportunity cost structure (gold’s commodity cost is composed of basic labor and energy, just like food) • Gold as money was highly politicized during the centralized gold standard and ever-changing sovereign currency regimes • Gold as money broke down as it became an inferior medium of exchange in an inter-connected world needing high velocity transactions in more complex economies • However, gold’s value as a commodity will hold and grow, making it useful as a decentralized and secure store of value • New and superior digital money for transactions still need links to natural systems, and natural systems of account: fiat and crypto were superior monies as a medium of exchange, but physically unanchored as a unit of account – which negatively leads to illogical inequality and an unanchored sense of environmental cost to growth 22
  23. 23. Well timed with a unique proposition Source: Peter Brimelow (Forbes (1997)), Biodesic The smart phone revolution has enabled many new multi- billion dollar companies (bubble size represents market cap) Source: Goldman Sachs, “Internet of Things Vol II” July 2014 • Internet technology companies are generating record earnings • Macro cycle is right, XAU micro cycle is right 23
  24. 24. The internet is transforming from an internet of communication to an internet of value, or “internet of money”. This transformation will have profound effects on the financial services industry by democratizing access to the global economy, potentially integrating up to 4 billion un-banked and under-banked over the next 25 years. This transformation provides opportunity for leadership in linking the growing market for digital-transactions to gold, a globally neutral asset uniquely positioned to secure digital values and empower individuals. - Roy and Josh “Bitcoinhasburst,butcouldstill revolutionizebanking” -FinancialTimes,Oct2014 “Bitcoinisexcitingbecauseitshowshow cheapitcanbetotransfermoney.” -BillGates,Oct2014 “Wefindthatwhilebitcoinisunlikelyto displacegoldasacommoditystoreof value,focusingonthevalueofbitcoinas acommodity,whichbitcoinwitha lowercase“b”clearlyis,misseswhat Bitcoinwithacapital“B”is–a technology” -JeffCurrie,GoldmanSachs,2014 “Callitbitgold…” -Bloomberg,July 2014 24
  25. 25. A New Global Operating System for Gold GoldMoney Inc. Investors 1-800-854-7418 St. Helier (GoldMoney HQ) 32 Commercial Street. St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Isles JE2 3RU United Kingdom Toronto (BitGold HQ) 334 Adelaide St. West 3rd Floor Toronto, Ontario M5V 1R4 Canada