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Conferinta Securitate Web 2.0


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Published in: Technology
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Conferinta Securitate Web 2.0

  1. 1. Web2.0 Spammer @ World: Follow me on Twitter!!! Alexandru Cătălin Coşoi Senior Researcher / AntiSpam Laboratory BitDefender
  2. 2. Twitter Spam
  3. 3. Blog Spam
  4. 4. Social Networks Spam
  5. 5. Phishing in Romania (2007-2009) • 2007 – 7 attacks • 2008 – 26 attacks (50% targeting the same institution) • 2009 – 187 attacks already (98% targeting the same institution) • 2009 – 1’st ½ … anyone want to make a prediction? Don’t be fooled by randomness!
  6. 6. Now… why would anyone start phishing? – With the current market turmoil, what's the easiest way to make a small fortune? – Start off with a large one! • Quote of the day (from a trader): quot;This is worse than a divorce. I've lost half my net worth and I still have a wife • This market stinks so bad…that even Chuck Norris can’t make any money.
  7. 7. Well… I bet not anybody can phish!
  8. 8. Really… it must be more than this!!! 1. Open the yellow pages and pick someone 2. Search his name using a social media search-engine 3. If any SN profile found 1. Download images, posts, comments, friend 2. Create a phishing attack customized for this exact person. 3. Continue with his friends 4. Complicated? Too much work? Dial 1-800 BOTNET for an army of computers to do this for you PS: (success comes when the victim has profiles on more than one social network)
  9. 9. Questions?