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BitDefender safego Infographic Out and About

  1. 1. It’s a bird! It’s a plane. No, it’s our Social Scam Infograph. Helps you understand the dynamics of online social interactions. Sheds light on the psychological factorsexploited by social engineering techniques. Reveals the internal mechanisms of online social scams.
  2. 2. Some apps provide a way of interacting with your friendsand visitors in ways that the platform you are using does The Appnot allow by default and which copy real-life gestures Promisewhich border the illicit. We’ve got apps that promise tobecome your eyes and spy on people who drop by. Land math Other apps whizzes detective apps (they always populate the (promise count virtual world to dig up who knows something) as busy doers what secret) of things: artsy apps (ready to help you errand boy make your fortune tellers and apps (they’ll take Facebook home more horoscope readers, etc. your gifts and best pleasant) wishes to your friends) Just as in the real world, we’ve got the good and the bad guys. How do you tell the difference?
  3. 3. profileTricky 34.7% insights (“see who viewed your 16,2% profile/ who social game app deleted you”, “my profile stalker”, etc.) bonuses (FarmVille, CityVille, etc.) shocking images ( “this baits 14,1% girl killed herself after…”, “you will never text again after inexistent seeing this”, Facebook etc.) features ( “my 12,5% first status”, “how long have you been logged in to versions 8,4% facebook”, “who of famous poked me the games (Super 5,7% most”, a dislike Mario, The free gadgets button, etc.) Sims, World of Warcraft, etc.) (iPhones, iPads, etc.) 4,3% malware 4,1% Other types of less popular threats
  4. 4. This is definitely not cloud number 9, or, for The that matter any other cloud you would want your social account to be in or on. We’ve put togetherSpam word a list of words that are most likely to be appear in scam messages that flood social cloud networks. This is a true dictionary of human curiosity triggers.
  5. 5. TheScam Phrase cloud is this you what are you doing in this video when/ after i saw this …. I’ve just found out x about me. Check yours how could he/she just found out that how can someone do x? i cannot believe
  6. 6. That’s and and that’s that’s Ma Pa Auntie! To say that scams are social animals would not be that far-fetched. The same scam usuallyspreads through several URLs that come in waves. How can you tell it’s a wave? If several URLs lead to applications that have almost identical functionalities, spread through approximately thesame message, within a short period of time, then that’s a wave.
  7. 7. The process whereby posted content is LIKED without the user’s consent or knowledge. Simply put, after clicking a link (to view the content behind it) you find that a message Likejacking is automatically posted on your Wall, in your name, saying that you LIKED that link. “GRAPHIC VIDEO.. Japan “OMG! Look What happens Tsunami Sends WHALE when FATHER catchesSMashing Into A Building” DAUGHTER on her WEBCAM” Your friend you are redirected behind the video you click apparently liked to what seems to there’s a hidden the link a link to a video be a video like button an automatic post on your wall indicates you unwillingly endorse that that you liked that link, although you link and your friends get into didn’t actually click any like button the loop after clicking it
  8. 8. A case Top study Busiest Scam 5 Clicking Countries* See who viewed your profile. *sample is the BitDefender Safego user base *only scams distributed According to Bitdefender Safego data, this scam spread through approximately 286 unique URLs 1. USA through shortened links per wave, on the average.Variations in the message used in the propagation of the scam: view/viewers, peek, stalk/stalker, 2. India see who has viewed/who stalks you, who was your top stalker, etc.These URLs led to 14 unique Facebook applications applications, 3. UK on the average. ( Based on the data provided by url shortening services that offer statistics on shortened links, 4. Canada clicks these URLs gathered 1,411,743 clicks. The distribution spike per URL is of 34 hours hours. 5. Australia
  9. 9. Share safely with BitDefender safego: