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Studoland: The Studen'ts Dream


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Ignite Athens Presentation of Studoland for BitBomB01

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Studoland: The Studen'ts Dream

  1. 1. StudolandGeorge Papadopoulos @gmpapadopoulos Alex Voinas @alex_stathi Tasos Sagiotis @tsagi
  2. 2. Members’ Profile•Undergraduate Students: o Electrical and Computer Engineering o Business Studies•Academic Interests, Conferences•University projects and researchassistance
  3. 3. Members’ Profile•Scientific and Entrepreneurship Events•Summer Schools•Networking Meetings•Memberships in Student Groups•Finally, want a FULL University Life
  4. 4. So the problem is…• No immediate access to in’n’out University Activities• Time Loss from: o Searching for information sources o Discarding misleading information• No opportunity to enjoy constructive challenges
  5. 5. …and the results are• Less experienced Graduates• Students’ most productive years - NOT productive• Bad feelings for the University• Fear for the future• Anxious Life in the early years of a new career
  6. 6. The ChallengeThe Student’s Dream=Studoland
  7. 7. The Challenge Studoland=Online CommunitySummer Schools Seminars Conferences ScholarshipsStudent Groups’ News Events Success Stories Excursions & Trips Internships
  8. 8. Situation Analysis
  9. 9. Customer AnalysisSmartphone users ≈3.9M in Greece (students in large proportion)Student Users– Want a life-changing student-community– App-Tech Lovers– Don’t know what the possibilities are!– Want to join communities easily and gain “experience”
  10. 10. Competitor AnalysisThere is nothing similar for Greek Students.It will be the first in the GR Marketplace.Most websites claiming that they gather all the importantinformation the university student may need, are just:• reblogging posts about vacation days• related to Political Parties• guides for the freshmen
  11. 11. That’ s why everything a student needs is…
  12. 12. Collaborators• Student Groups and Teams• Key-Stakeholders in the Universities of GreecePest Analysis• Political/Legal – Obstacles don’t exist• Economic – Impose successful help to Social Groups (Greek Economic Crisis)• Social and Technological – Ready to accept it, wants it NOW!
  13. 13. SelectedMarketing Strategy the 4 P’s
  14. 14. 1. Product • App & Online Platform • Includes: internships, summer schools, conferences, scholarships, student groups’ news… etc • Tries to connect student and university –eliminates misunderstandings of educational system in Greece –provides everything a “novice” or a “newbie” wants to find
  15. 15. 1. Product – Development Web: Open-source technologies for stability and compatibility Mobile App: Will display users’ favorite feeds Notify them for new events WP: WP7.5 & WP8 Android: Latest Android frameworks iOS: Compatibility with latest display
  16. 16. 2. Price • Free - lite version • Paid - exclusive version (free trial) • Special offers and bonus for advertising or promoting the app
  17. 17. 3. Distribution (Place)
  18. 18. 4. Promotion• Social Media• Traditional Media• Participation in Competitions• Relationship with key - stakeholders
  19. 19. Short & Long Term ProjectionsMissionA map that Students will enhance their UniversityLife with.VisionA community that will provide everything astudent need for constructive studies.
  20. 20. Conclusion Thank you for your attention! @bitbomb01