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Oracle SOA Enterprise Repositories


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Oracle SOA Enterprise Repositories to successfully implement mature SOA in your Organization.

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Oracle SOA Enterprise Repositories

  1. 1. Oracle SOA Enterprise Repositories
  2. 2. • Once you install the SOA Suite platform. If you want to learn more on Oracle SOA governance I would suggest you add two additional tools: Organize production services through a UDDI directory. Manage the definition and design of services. • These tools provide the ability to control the runtime and design aspects of SOA services upstream to downstream of the SOA Suite (for a vision of the highest level, refer to the article on the SOA Maturity Model) This slide also provides an overview rapid technological and key elements to achieve this additional installation of SOA Suite 11g PS6.
  3. 3. Technical Overview • Oracle tools provide overall coherence necessary to master the production chain and correctly follow the business services: Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER) to specify, document and govern business services. Oracle Service Registry (OSR) is a UDDI v3 when its directory. • They combine and revolve around the SOA suite. The specification, design, deployment, execution and monitoring are then connected to each other. Rather than words, although this diagram below summarizes these dependencies, technical here between 'Service Definition' (OER), the 'Service Implementation and Configuration' (JDev), SOA Test Staging and Prod '(SOA Suite and OSB) , SOA Monitoring and Management '(OEM) and UDDI' (OSR).
  4. 4. As you can see, the technical standards of OER, OSR and MDS are at the heart of this architecture. The following article shows how to install them on a pedestal SOA Suite PS6. I will cover the installation and setup of OER in my next post.