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How you can smoothly manage big commerce orders with Bista's CloudERP


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Bigcommerce is an eCommerce Platform for fast growing Businesses, it enables the user to launch their own online eCommerce store within few days. No Doubt building Bigcommerce store is easy, but managing the orders and shipping as your business grows may be a difficult task.

Manual entry into Bigcommerce store and maintaining inventory records may create problems such as Errors, Duplications, Inventory out-of-sync, etc. However there is a better way.

You can easily install ERPinCloud application after login into Bigcommerce and take a Free Trial of 30 days.

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How you can smoothly manage big commerce orders with Bista's CloudERP

  1. 1. How You Can Smoothly Manage Big- commerce Orders with Cloud ERP Bista Solutions Inc USA 1
  2. 2. Easy integration with ERPinCloud Bista Solutions Inc USA 2 ERPinCloud integration with Bigcommerce enables you to: • Automatic import of Bigcommerce orders into the cloud ERP. • Automated transfer of order status, stock levels to Bigcommerce. • Automatic rules based placement of an order with selected courier service. • Automatic synchronization of customer information from Bigcommerce to Cloud ERP Using ERPinCloud also helps you to: • Removal of Data entry and associated Human errors • Reduced operational cost • Significant improvement in order fulfillment times
  3. 3. 1. Login to Bigcommerce store and install EIC App Bista Solutions Inc USA 3
  4. 4. Bista Solutions Inc USA 4 2. Complete the installation steps
  5. 5. Bista Solutions Inc USA 5 3. After Confirm, it will show you following screen. Please wait till it logs you in.
  6. 6. Bista Solutions Inc USA 6 4. After Login, click on Import Product under Catalog Management
  7. 7. Bista Solutions Inc USA 7 5. It will show you various options to Import Products
  8. 8. Bista Solutions Inc USA 8 6. You have to follow the Initial Import Process with given sequence in order to import master data. 7. When you click on “Import Product Categories” you can find all the imported categories under menu Sale–>Configuration–>Products–>Product Categories 8. When you click on “Import Product”, you can find all the imported Products under menu Sale–>Products–>Products
  9. 9. Bista Solutions Inc USA 9 9. Import Customers
  10. 10. Bista Solutions Inc USA 10 10. When you click on “Import Product”, you can find all the imported Products under Menu Sale–>Products–>Products 11. When you click on “Import Order Status”, you can find all the possible values of Order Status of Bigcommerce under Menu eCommerce–>Bigcommerce–>Order Status 12. When you click on “Import Product Inventory”, you can find all the imported Product inventory under Menu Sale–>Products–>Products
  11. 11. Bista Solutions Inc USA 11 13. Import Product Inventory
  12. 12. Bista Solutions Inc USA 12 14. Import Sale Orders
  13. 13. Bista Solutions Inc USA 13 15. Example of Sale order which is imported
  14. 14. Bista Solutions Inc USA 14 16. You will find Bigcommerce Order Number
  15. 15. Bista Solutions Inc USA 15 17. You need to process the sale Order and Delivery Order
  16. 16. Bista Solutions Inc USA 16 18. Delivery Order
  17. 17. Bista Solutions Inc USA 17 19. Transfer Products
  18. 18. Bista Solutions Inc USA 18 20. Delivery Completed. Put tracking numbers manually
  19. 19. Bista Solutions Inc USA 19 21. Now you click on “Update Order Status” under Menu eCommerce–>Bigcommerce–>Bigcommerce Shop, which will update the Order status on Bigcommerce. 22. Finally, your product will be successfully shipped and at the same time a tracking number will be also generated.
  20. 20. Bista Solutions Inc USA 20 23. View Shipments
  21. 21. Bista Solutions Inc USA 21 Email ID - Website –
  22. 22. Thank you Bista Solutions Inc USA 22