10 Questions To Ask Before Your Company’s Next Website Redesign


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Before you invest in a whole new website for your company, there are 10 questions you must discuss internally to make sure this investment in worth it.

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10 Questions To Ask Before Your Company’s Next Website Redesign

  1. 1. 10 Questions To Ask Before Your Company’s Next Website Redesign
  2. 2. Is Your Website Generating Enough Leads? Question #1
  3. 3. Is Your Website Optimized for Smartphones And Tablets? Try Project Mobilize! The easiest way to see how your website is performing across the “three screens.” projectmobilize.co Question #2
  4. 4. Does Your Website Have A Blog? Companies that blog see 55% more visitors than companies that don’t blog Question #3
  5. 5. Does Your Website Drive Traffic To Social Networks And Vice Versa? Companies with 1,000 Facebook “Likes” see a 185% increase in website traffic Question #4
  6. 6. Do You Have An Email Marketing Service? 42% of email is now opened on a mobile device Question #5
  7. 7. Can You Author Best Practice Landing Pages With Ease? The first experience a prospect will have with your company will happen on one of your landing pages Question #6
  8. 8. Do You Know Who Is Visiting Your Website? Question #7
  9. 9. Do You Know What The Most Popular Content On Your Website Is? Question #8
  10. 10. Can You Develop And Place Calls to Action With Ease? Question #9
  11. 11. Do You Have The Resources To Build A New Website? Question #10
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