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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  1. 1. How has the innovation of technology affected the way people in the world communicate?
  2. 2. How have African Americans impacted the way society views sports in the United States? Are more opportunities given to African Americans in order to play sports?
  3. 3. How did President Bush’s “ No kid left behind act” impact the kids in more urban areas in the Nation? Should “swatting” or “spanking” children be allowed in public schools? In order to gain control.
  4. 4. How has fast food affected obesity, in the United States? Are fast food chains taking advantage of today’s fast paced world?
  5. 5. Why are there more and more homeless people every year, in major cities? Why does society frown on people try to help homeless.
  6. 6. How have the illegal immigrants affected work for legal in the U.S? Should Americans have to pay to build a wall across the Mexican border?
  7. 7. At what age in ones life should they give up their drivers license? Who will transport the elderly when they can no longer drive?
  8. 8. What affects do models have on dieting techniques in society? Do skinny models give false hopes to all the young kids in society today?
  9. 9. Is it necessary for a major company not to pay a fair wage, in order to be considered a successful company? Does society profit from millions of walmart across the nation?
  10. 10. Is it fair for people to feed of Britney Spears’ breakdowns, in order to make money. Is it good to have idols or icons for little boys and girls to look up to and grow up too?