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Bishop Fixtures Company Overview


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Bishop Fixture + Millwork is a leading provider of commercial environment solutions including custom retail store fixtures, mall kiosks & turn-key project services. Combining award winning, American Made display manufacturing with global manufacturing + retail services, Bishop provides retail, hospitality, and commercial businesses with fixture procurement programs, store remodels & store fixture rollouts.

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Bishop Fixtures Company Overview

  1. 1. Value Committed, Relationship Driven Commercial Environment Solutions Since 1977
  2. 2. Bishop Fixture + Millwork is a leading Americanmanufacturer of custom display fixtures, kiosks, millworkand commercial environments. By combining a 35 yearhistory of domestic manufacturing with offshorepartnerships, Bishop brings retailers fixture & displaysolutions at a leading value. Advantages q  Award Winning Solutions q  Customer-Centric Service q  Premier Craftsmanship q  Industry Leading Turnaround q  FSC Certified & LEED® q  Superior Value
  3. 3. “Value Committed, Relationship Driven” has been Bishop’sbusiness philosophy since 1977. This approach has led to 20+ yearrelationships with Fortune 500 retailers and numerous “Fixture Vendorof the Year” awards. What’s the difference? We strive to be an extension of ourcustomer which translates into customer-centric account teams, 24/7service, shorter turnarounds, lower prices & superior solutions.  
  4. 4. Bishop’s Premier store fit-out products include customretail fixtures, merchandising displays, furniture, architecturalmillwork, signage & hardware. Our vast fabrication capabilitiesallow us to create nearly anything you can dream up. Bishop’sengineers and material experts will work with you to develop aone-of-a-kind product in any material and finish.   Products q  Merchandising Displays  q  Kiosks q  Cash wraps & Counters q  POP/POS q  Interactive Displays q  Furniture, Tables & Seating  q  Shelving, Standards & Hardware q  Platforms, Risers, Cubes, Pedestals q  Gondolas, Carts & Endcaps q  Architectural Trim & Moldings q  Slatwall & Slatwall Fixtures q  Graphic Frames q  Lit & Unlit Signage
  5. 5. Bishop helps you go green. Bishop’s fixtures are made withcertified wood materials and low-VOC adhesives and paints toreduce the environmental impact and increase the air quality of yourstore environment. Furthermore, Bishop’s available LEED® resourcesfor clients, will help you push the envelope with your sustainableinitiatives & earn more LEED® credits in the process. Contact Bishopat 1.800.841.1284 to learn more or setup a free consultation.   q  Reduce, Reuse + Recycle -  All wood waste is recycled & used by local farms -  Bishop offers fixture refurbishment to eliminate it’s clients waste q  Green Material Certifications -  All Woods/Veneers are CARB 1 or II Certified q  LOW VOC Paints & Adhesives -  Water Base Paints contain just 1.89 lbs/gal of VOCs -  GREENGUARD Certified Adhesives -  Qualify for LEED®-NC & CI EQ Credit 4.1& 4.4
  6. 6. Store Environments Bishop Fixture + Millwork provides the best in commercial environments ranging fromflagship stores to pop-ups. Combining experienced display engineering, innovativeproblem solving and expert craftsmanship Bishop creates superior environments.  
  7. 7. Displays + Fixtures Benefit from displays that meet your design, budget and environmental initiatives.Bishop lets you create fixtures that go beyond the status quo, by manufacturing in allmaterials, finishes, interactive technology, lighting and security available today.  q  Value Engineered q  Branded q  Interactive q  Eco-Conscious
  8. 8. Furniture + Millwork Bishop Fixture + Millwork combines top quality craftsmanship with valueengineering to get you the custom look you desire within your budget. Make themost of your space with Bishop’s custom architectural millwork and furniture.   q  Tables q  Casework q  Seating q  Moldings q  Upholstered q  Decor q  Outdoor q  Trim
  9. 9. Mall Kiosks When it comes to kiosks, Bishop has a reputation for building the best in theindustry. Tailor-made by Bishop master craftsmen and hand-delivered by Bishop’sprofessional install team, our kiosks combine the latest technology with intelligentdesign to maximize your return on investment. q  Material & Technology Integration q  LED Lighting q  Value Engineering & Material Selection q  Mall Compliant q  Installation, Refurbish, Relocation q  UL Electrical
  10. 10. Bishop’s Turn-Key Retail Services provide solutions forrollouts, remodels, pop-ups and new store constructions. Whetheryour project requires a turn-key solution or an ad hoc service,Bishop will bring you a professional and cost effective solution. Andafter 35 years serving the most demanding retailers, we’ll do it withgreater speed to market, attention to detail and responsive servicethan anyone in the industry.   Services q  Project Management Engineering Construction q  Large - Small Run Manufacturing q  Prototyping q  Drafting & Value Engineering q  Design & Renderings Installationq  Installation & Field Services q  Refurbishment q  Warehousing & Logistics q  International Sourcing
  11. 11. Global Reach Bishop’s Global Services bring ease, efficiency and control to yourinternational store openings and rollouts. Since 2004, Bishop has beenhelping Fortune 500 retailers enter new foreign markets and also lowerthe costs of current fixture programs. From strategic product sourcingto turn-key international project management, Bishop’s comprehensiveservices ensure a professional solution that meets your objectives.   Services q  Project Management q  Med.-Large Run Manufacturing q  Warehousing & Consolidation q  Shipping & Logistics q  Installation q  Field Services & Repair *Bishop ships to over 20 countries annually and q  Strategic Product Sourcing operates international projects cooperatively q  ISO 9001, 14001 & SA8000 out of Balsam Lake, WI and Shanghai, China.  
  12. 12. Eco-Friendly Finishing Energy Efficient Paint Line Powder Coating (No VOC’s) 3 Water Based Paint Booths (Low VOCs)
  13. 13. Clients Served in 2011
  14. 14. Regis Corporation Minneapolis retail design firm, BLACK,worked with Bishop for the design-build,delivery and installation of the Regis 2011mall kiosks and Minnesota prototype storeremodels. Both projects were completed onshort timelines and emphasized flexibilitywith product merchandising & promotion.
  15. 15. Pop-Up Salons Fixture: Mall Kiosk/Cart §  Materials: Melamine, Solid Wood,Veneered MDF, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Acrylic, Mirror, LED Lighting, Fluorescent Lighting. §  Production: 3 Weeks – 25 Kiosks.
  16. 16. Salon Remodels Project: GC, Engineering, New Fixture Build & Refurbishment, Installation. §  Fixtures: Cash wrap, Merchandising Displays, Greeter Display, Brow Bar Display, Wall Graphics & Frames, Hair book Stand & Chairs. §  Production: 4 Weeks – Engineering through Installation.
  17. 17. Salon Remodels Floor Merchandising Displays: Regis’ floor displays were designed tomaximize functionality & ease-of-use. Combining durable laminate with magneticpanels & product headers and adjustable glass shelving allows personnel to changepromotional materials and merchandise on the fly.
  18. 18. Salon Remodels Brow bar Display: The brow bar is multipurpose withmagnetic graphics, work station, product display and privacyscreen all rolled into one. Easy slide-out trays stow product andtools, while a glass top gives an elegant floating display.  
  19. 19. Gap, Inc. Since 2004, Bishop has worked closely with Gap’s design,procurement and execution teams to support theircorporate and franchise stores world-wide. In 2011, Bishopdelivered store fixtures and turn-key solutions throughoutNorth America and China, earning the distinction “GapFixture Vendor of the Year.” Bishop continues to supportGap and it’s subsidiary brands, Banana Republic & Athleta. Highlighted Projects: q  Fall & Summer Merchandising q  1969 SoHo, NY Store
  20. 20. Fall Elements Fixtures: Merchandising Ladders and Tables §  Materials: Solid Oak, Oak Veneer, Steel. §  Finishes: Water Based Clear Coat; Black Lacquer, Black Powder Coat. §  Design/Engineering: Engineered from Sketch. §  Production: 6 Weeks – 272 Stores.
  21. 21. 1969 Soho, NY Timeline: 29 Days Install: 3 Days Signage Rail: Custom signage showcases 1969 graphics & product with versatility.4 rails spanning 20 to 32’ support 6 interchangeable sign frames, allowing Gap staff toposition and lock their branding from nearly wall to wall. Merchandising Boxes: Center of store, two merchandising boxes were tongue& grooved (hand finished) on-site with maple to ensure a flawless one-of-a-kind finishfor opening day.
  22. 22. 1969 Soho, NY Timeline: 29 Days Install: 3 Days iPad Interactive Cashwrap: A maple veneer with 4 recessed iPads allowscustomers to view 1969 jean styles and other Gap product information. Changing Rooms: 3 Changing Rooms in a Flat Black Ash exterior and a MapleVeneer Clear Coated interior with black powder coated hardware. Maple Tables & Denim Wall: 10’ Maple “Denim Wall” showcases 1969 jeansunder LED Slim Lights.
  23. 23. Testimonials “Reaction time and service levels are impeccable when workingwith Store Design teams on new development.” - Fortune 500 Client “Despite numerous changes and short lead times, on-timedelivery results are better than expected.” - Fortune 500 Client “Thank you for helping with ad hoc projects.We appreciateyour commitment to being a true partner.” - Fortune 500 Client
  24. 24. To learn more Visit Contact Morgan Nelson Jr. Cell: 612-618-1210 Toll Free: 1-800-841-1284