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Bish Bash Bosh & Co


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We build tribes. We help find, profile and activite your customer base into a tribe so you grow your customers and make more money from each of them. Simply put we help you win friends and influence people.

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Bish Bash Bosh & Co

  1. 1. How Do You Get Your More Money from Each Customers & How Do You Find New Customers? Bish Bash Bosh & Co
  2. 2. At Bish Bash Bosh & Co We Help You Win Friends and Influence People Bish Bash Bosh & Co
  3. 3. Bish Bash Bosh & Co We identify influencers, tribes and communities ….
  4. 4. by focusing on the power of where, who & the now At GPS Location -28.4567 26.98765 Bish Bash Bosh & Co
  5. 5. Bish Bash Bosh & Co Brand Risk Intelligence Social Impact Reputation Management
  6. 6. The Eye In The Sky A military intelligence tool that delivers the power of now with location. Africa’s most sophisticated social media and intelligence tools war rooms Earn As You Go A WinWin Platform that incentivizes on the ground activation using our unique micro- jobbing platform that influencers the right people in that location The Big Cruncher Profiling so we are spot on through data crunching and anlaytics that gives advanced segmentation profiling. With 3 Powerful Tools 1 2 3 Bish Bash Bosh & Co
  7. 7. Bish Bash Bosh & Co Find, Engage and Communicate directly with communities using Location based Social Intelligence The Eye In The Sky Delivers the power of who, where and now. 1
  8. 8. Bish Bash Bosh & Co The Eye in The Sky: Africa’s most sophisticated social media intelligence with location tracking1
  9. 9. Find your customer’s other Social networks Profile the locations they frequent See the sentiment around what they are saying Refine the audience segmentation through feedback loops Track their activity with Real-time Social Media Streaming Keep an eye on the big picture with the Trend Analysis Refine how we engage through the Conversation Tracker Feedback through Engagement Insight Optimize content and engagement with better timing Identify where their key Network influence points are Profile their relationships to engage deeper Profile their interests and passions through the word / tag cloud or clusters Deeper PROFILING with Location Based Social Media Value
  10. 10. Accept T&C Create Account Consumer Sign Up T&C Consumer Sign Up T&C Sign Up Account Details Profile Questions Sign Up Find or Submit Jobs Accept Job Do Job Rate JobGet Paid Drive on the ground activity through incentives that provides real time reporting and data collection. Delivered through an Uber styled micro-jobbing data gathering platform. 2 Real Time Status Report Bish Bash Bosh & Co The Win Win Platform B2B Business Model
  11. 11. Refined through data and understanding a single view of a customer, family and community3 Bish Bash Bosh & Co
  12. 12. Bish Bash Bosh & Co Analyst Driven (with a whiteboard)
  13. 13. Bish Bash Bosh & Co War Room Guided Missile
  14. 14. Delivering Precision Growth