Biroti Trading Ltd.


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Biroti Trading Ltd.

  1. 1. THRACE PLASTICS C.o.S.A - Manufacturers of Geosynthetics Biroti Trading Ltd is based in Cyprus and is a trading company that repre- sents (exclusively) a group of established greek manufacturers supplying Thrace Plastics C.o S.A, founded in Xanthi - Greece is one construction materials to the construction industry in the Middle East, of the leading group of companies in the geosythetics industry Europe, US and Asia. Biroti Trading Ltd has been present in the Middle in the world. Its main activity is the production and trade of East since 2007 and has been actively trading in Qatar for more than two PP & PE products. The group has manufacturing facilities in years now. Greece, USA and the UK and distributes to more than 70 countries. Their production covers the needs of the geosythetics The manufacturers which it represents are: market with a wide range of: ESHA - •• Woven Waterproof Systems •• Non-Woven •• Nets Esha produces bituminous waterproofing membranes, emulsions and solutions for •• High flow & High strength protection and waterproofing, rubber-sealing materials, geotextiles in polypropylene acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane and polysulphide products, and polyester oxidized asphalt and bituminous products for road construction •• Concrete reinforcement fibers and bridges. •• Ground Cover – for landscaping & agriculture Besides, the company trades a variety of thermal insulation •• Roofing Membranes products (extruded polystyrene (XPS), expanded Polysty- •• Geogrids rene (EPS), polyurethane boards, stone-wool, glass-wool, wood-wool boards, expanded perlite) and a series of special Additional products which can be found on their website construction products like perlite-beton and poren beton. Being at the forefront of development since its establishment All of its products come with the appropriate certificates for in 1962, the company has significantly contributed for more each market and since 1994 Thrace Plastics C.o.S.A is than forty years to the development of the waterproofing of accredited with an ISO 9001. buildings as well as infrastructures. ESHA's products, which have for so many years satisfied the constructor, the user as well as the Greek investor of the construction, are now synonymous to the concept of waterproofing and are widely accepted by modern designers. The company has proved that its lasting success is not incidental, as it has been and still is a pioneer in the design and implementation of advanced materials and methods in the technical world. The production process is certified with ISO 9001.
  2. 2. MACPROOF - ELVAN S.A. - Manufacturers of Geotextiles Cable Trays & Supporting Systems Manufacturer The intention of "Monotiki Makedonias Ltd.", is the supply, ELVAN S.A is a major European manufacturer producing cable installation and technical studies, concerning the trays and support systems. At its industrial premises located in selection/installation of geotextiles, geomembranes, geogrids, Athens - Greece, more than 5000 standardized articles are geocomposites, insulating materials, etc., for various produced. ELVAN’s manufacturing program -started in 1972 – projects of Civil Engineering (roads, tunnels, dams, airports, and is being continuously updated. Today it includes the following ports, building constructions, etc). In cooperation with ranges of products: D.YL.E.A Ltd., who are very experienced in the geosynthetic •• Cable trays and fittings market since 1988 with numerous supplies and installations. •• Cable ladders and fittings Every geosynthetic or insulating material supplied by "Monotiki •• Supports and accessories for cable trays Makedonias Ltd.", is fully certified, according to ISO and other International Standards. •• Metal framing systems •• Pipe clamps and supports The company is certified by TUV NORD CERT GmbH for ISOMAT - applying a management system as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. Manufacturers of building Scope of certification is "Design, production and sales of cable chemicals and pre-mixed mortars trays, support systems and lightning protection items". Furthermore, ELVAN S.A has carried out exports to several ISOMAT S.A. founded in 1980 is countries, including Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Libya and one of the fastest developing Iraq. More specifically in November 2009, ELVAN S.A sold manufacturers of building chemicals and pre-mixed mortars cable trays, cable ladders and supporting systems to Al Waab in the region of S.E. Europe. The company produces and City project and acquired material approvals from the Arab supplies its customers with building chemicals and mortars Engineering Bureau and Barwa. for different construction applications, summarized within the following 6 group of products: •• Waterproofing Materials •• Concrete and Mortar Additives •• Tile Adhesives and Grouts •• Repairing Materials and Paints •• Premixed Plasters •• Industrial Floors ISOMAT carries out international sales to more than 20 countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia. For the design, development, production and distribution of its products, ISOMAT is certified and applies the quality assurance system ISO 9001 since 1999.
  3. 3. Europe - tel.: +30 210 8151039 • fax: +30 6210285 • mob: +30-6946-062-189 Doha, Qatar- tel.: +974 4868296 • fax: +974 4217492 • mob: +974 5029655 email: