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Hospital management software presentataion


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Hospital management software presentataion

  1. 1. We care Health care…
  2. 2. Stakeholders in Healthcare
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Solution Landscape Kiosk Clinical Research Centre Public Report Mobile Physician Internet Corporate Centre Regulator Management Staff Management Query Server Supplier / Company Staff Internet Desktop Hospital Diagnostic Centre Clinic Pharmacy Telemedicine Laptop
  5. 5. Health Solution Framework Healthcare Users, Consumers & Citizens Healthcare Providers Govt. departments & decision makers Healthcare suppliers Delivery mechanism PC/ LAN Kiosks Portals SMS/ Email / WAN Mobile DICOM viewers Healthcare IT System HIS Clinic Mgmt Lab Mgmt Blood bank Mgmt Citizen Health profile Administrative & Support System Citizen Personal Data Portals and Collaborative Systems Decision support, health analytics and statistical system Healthcare and Citizen Database Health Disease Health schemes surveillance statistical data data data Teleradiology & PACS Health management data IT Infrastructure Health policies, Acts and Guidelines Health objectives and goals Enterprise architectural principles
  6. 6. Solution Coverage National Reporting/ Statistics (Dashboard) External Systems Central Laboratory Citizen database Main data center Govt. Blood bank Pharmacy distribution PHC General Hospital Govt. Hospital
  7. 7. Health Solutions Available RIS Quanta PACS LIS Clinic Mgmt Health Solutions Telemedicine Pharmacy Mgmt Financial Costing Specialized modules
  8. 8. Objectives of Hospital Computerization Management of all information regarding the hospital Addressing maternal health issues Achieve the WHO Millennium Development Goals Combat communicable & non-communicable diseases Addressing child health issues
  9. 9. Public Health Solutions Government Health Portal Health Clinics Health Info Specialty Clinics Main Data Centre General Hospitals Specialty Hospitals Government Hospitals Labs
  10. 10. Telemedicine Solutions Rural/District Hospital Satellite Specialty Hospital Doctor Specialist Consultant doctor Video Conferencing Video Conferencing Lab report
  11. 11. Technology Stack User Interface & Client Web Browsers : IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. Operating System: Windows Application Server DotNET Framework, AJAX Development Toolkit, Web Services, WCF Services, IIS Back-End (Database Server) SQL Server 2008/Oracle Hardware Intel Platform, IBM Series
  12. 12. HIS Stand-alone Architecture Quanta HIMS
  13. 13. Quanta Enterprise Architecture Quanta HIMS
  14. 14. Quanta Enterprise Management Quanta HIMS
  15. 15. Quanta External Stakeholders Quanta HIMS
  16. 16. Quanta Patient Services Quanta HIMS
  17. 17. Quanta Clinical Specialties Quanta HIMS
  18. 18. Quanta Back Office Management Quanta HIMS
  19. 19. Interfaces with Quanta Quanta HIMS
  20. 20. Interfaces with Medical Equipment NON-DICOM Imaging & Pathology Devices (Bi and Uni)
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Quanta Smart Link Integration for Insurance Claims Start Patient walks into SPs & produces Smart Card SP attendant runs Smart Link & places card on Reader Attendant selects the pool & clicks ‘Forward’ button on SL Dbase Data forwarded to specified location HIMS reads forwarded file & populates HIMS interface Attendant enters claim details on HIMS Smartlink generates confirmation file HIMS generates hospitalclaimfile.xml HIMS checks for confirmation file Attendant goes to Smartlink & selects ‘Retrieve’ HIMS inserts transactions into its own database Smartlink opens the claim screen with present interim claims Attendant clicks on ‘Save claims’ Claims inserted into SL Dbase HIMS produces paper invoice Attendant closes/minimizes Smartlink End
  23. 23. Interfaces with ERPs
  24. 24. Interfaces with Standards
  25. 25. Group Hospital Network
  26. 26. Quanta Maintenance & Support Mngt
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Quanta Main Dashboard
  30. 30. Quanta Module - Menus Reports Admin Insurance OT OPD IPD Billing Patient registration
  31. 31. Quanta – Patient Registration Patient Demographic Details Entry Patient Demographic Details Email Updates for Patient SMS Registered Patients Patient Membership Card Printout Patient Insurance Claims Processing
  32. 32. Quanta – Patient Membership Actual Card Samples Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya P.O.Box. 57929-0200 0710348522 Reg. No : 150 Name : Mr. Jefferson Wambua Mule Father Name : Mr. Mule Age / Sex Reg. Date : 33 Years Male : 13/03/2013
  33. 33. Quanta – Patient Membership Card Designs Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya P.O. Box. 57929-0200 0710348522 Reg. No. : 150 Name : Mr. Jefferson Wambua Mule Father’s Name : Mr. Mule Age & Sex : 33 Years Male Registration Date : 13/03/2013 Patient Photo
  34. 34. Quanta – Patient Membership Card Designs Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya P.O. Box. 57929-0200 0710348522 Reg. No. : 150 Name : Mr. Jefferson Wambua Mule Father’s Name : Mr. Mule Age & Sex : 33 Years Male Registration Date : 13/03/2013 Patient Photo
  35. 35. Quanta – Patient Membership Card Designs Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya P.O. Box. 57929-0200 0710348522 Reg. No. :150 Name : Mr. Jefferson Wambua Mule Father’s Name : Mr. Mule Age & Sex : 33 Years Male Registration Date :13/03/2013 Patient Photo
  36. 36. Quanta – Patient Membership Card Designs Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya P.O. Box. 57929-0200 0710348522 Reg. No. : 150 Name : Mr. Jefferson Wambua Mule Father’s Name : Mr. Mule Age & Sex : 33 Years Male Registration Date : 13/03/2013 Patient Photo
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Quanta - OPD Module - Menus Doctor’s appointment Insurance Admin Reports Billing Patient registration
  39. 39.
  40. 40. Quanta - EMR Module - Menus Patient History Ophthalmology Patient Examination Gynaec Module Diagnosis Neonatal Discharge Summary PAP Smear Report ENT Examination Patient Treatment Dental Department
  41. 41.
  42. 42. Quanta - IPD Module - Menus ADT Insurance Admin EMR OT Reports Patient registration Billing
  43. 43.
  44. 44. Quanta - OT Module - Menus Admin OT Register Set Schedule
  45. 45.
  46. 46. Quanta - Billing Module - Menus Admin IPD Billing IPD Advance Billing OPD Billing IPD Registration Receipt IPD Refund Receipt
  47. 47. Quanta - Billing Module – Payment Options Mobile – MPESA (Mobile Pesa i.e. Mobile Money) Cheque/ DD / Pay Order Credit Card Debit Card Cash Payment Net Banking
  48. 48.
  49. 49. Quanta - Insurance Module - Menus Admin Ledger Transaction Report Insurance Request Submit Patient Claim Payment Received Sanction Insurance
  50. 50.
  51. 51. Quanta - Reports Module - Menus Cash Report Income Summary Report Admin Different Revenue Reports MIS Report Shifted Patient Report Clinician-wise Patient List Report Operation Schedule Report Admitted/ Discharge report Total No. of Admissions Report Room Status Report Refund Report
  52. 52.
  53. 53. Pathology Module - Menus Admin Patient Result Reports Accession Inventory Patient registration
  54. 54. Pathology Module – Interfacing with Devices Beckman Coulter Sysmex Swelab Alpha Barcode device Hematology Analyzer Cobas
  55. 55.
  56. 56. Radiology Module - Menus Admin Patient Result Reports Accession Inventory Patient registration
  57. 57.
  58. 58. PACS Module - Dashboard
  59. 59. PACS Module – Imaging Controls Imaging Controls
  60. 60. Teleradiology & PACS Remote Location Patient Physician Radiologist Administrator Internet PACS Facility Centre Administrator Radiologist Workstation PACS Server
  61. 61. PACS Modality Connectivity Modalities Full Form Modalities Full Form Modalities Full Form CR Computed Radiography CT Computed Tomography MR Magnetic Resonance NM Nuclear Medicine US Ultrasound OT Other BI Biomagnetic imaging CD Color flow Doppler DD Duplex Doppler DG Diaphanography ES Endoscopy LS Laser surface scan PT Positron emission tomography (PET) RG Radiographic imaging (conventional film/screen) ST Single-photon emission computed tomography(S PECT) DG CT XR RG US
  62. 62. PACS Modality Connectivity(contd.) Modalities Full Form Modalities Full Form Modalities Full Form TG Thermography XA X-Ray Angiography RF Radio Fluoroscopy RTIMAGE Radiotherapy Image RTDOSE Radiotherapy Dose RTSTRUCT Radiotherapy Structure Set RTPLAN Radiotherapy Plan RTRECORD RT Treatment Record HC Hard Copy DX Digital Radiography MG Mammography IO Intra-oral Radiography PX Panoramic X-Ray GM General Microscopy SM Slide Microscopy XC External-camera Photography PR Presentation State AU Audio PX XA SM DX
  63. 63. PACS Modality Connectivity Modalities Full Form Modalities Full Form Modalities Full Form ECG Electrocardiogr aphy EPS Cardiac Electrophysiology HO Hemodynamic Waveform SR SR Document IVUS Intravascular Ultrasound DS Digital Subtraction Angiography (retired) CF Cinefluorograph DF y (retired) Digital fluoroscopy (retired) VF Videofluorog raphy (retired) AS Angioscopy CS Cystoscopy EC Echocardiogr aphy LP Laparoscopy FA Fluorescein angiography CP Culposcopy ECG Laparoscopy equipment FA CF
  64. 64. PACS Modality Connectivity Modalities Full Form Modalities Full Form Modalities Full Form DM Digital microscopy FS Fundoscopy MA Magnetic resonance angiography MS Magnetic resonance spectroscopy MS FS
  65. 65.
  66. 66. Patient Module - Menus Patient Home Send SMS Clinical Record Send Email View Appointment Make Appointment
  67. 67.
  68. 68. Procurement Module - Menus Master Purchase Report
  69. 69. Procurement Module – Master Menu Supplier Master Master Manufacture Company Item Master Edit / Search Item Drug Master Set Rate Type Upload Drug List Rate Type Master
  70. 70. Procurement Module – Purchase Menu Add New PO Purchase PO Tracking Add New Invoice Edit / Search Invoice Issue Voucher Search Issue Voucher View Acknowledgement Stock Adjustment
  71. 71. Procurement Module – Report Menu Stock Ledger Report Current Stock Current Stock Branch Wise
  72. 72.
  73. 73. Pharmacy Module - Menus Master Transaction Report
  74. 74. Pharmacy Module – Master Menu Item Master Master Supplier Master Manufacturing Company Edit / Search Item Generic Drug Master Set Rate Type Rate Type Master Category Master
  75. 75. Pharmacy Module – Transaction Menu Patient Issue Voucher Transaction Department Indent List Search Voucher/ View Prescription Label Printing Cancel Issue Voucher Item Refund Stock Ledger Current Stock
  76. 76. Pharmacy Module – Report Menu Cash Summary Report Report Drug wise Summary Bill wise daily Sale Report Expired Item Reorder Level Item Movement Tracking Stock Ledger
  77. 77.
  78. 78. Inventory Module - Menus Master Transaction Report
  79. 79. Inventory Module – Master Menu Item Master Master Supplier Master Manufacturing Company Category Master Location Master
  80. 80. Inventory Module – Transaction Menu Issue Voucher Transaction Cancel Issue Voucher Item Installation Item Refund
  81. 81. Inventory Module – Report Menu Stock Ledger Report Report Current Stock Item Movement Tracking Department wise Issue Report
  82. 82.
  83. 83. House keeping Module - Menus Master Transaction Report Laundry
  84. 84. House keeping Module – Master Menu Item Master Master Supplier Master Manufacturing Company Category Master Laundry Master
  85. 85. House keeping Module – Transaction Menu Search Issue Voucher Transaction Issue Voucher Cancel Issue Voucher Material Received Item Refund Issue for Consumption
  86. 86. House keeping Module – Reports Menu Stock Ledger Report Report Current Stock Item Stock Ledger Item Location Report Issue Sales Report Expired Items Item below ROL Item Movement Tracking
  87. 87. House keeping Module – Laundry Menu House keeper Entry Edit House keeper Entry Work Master Area Master Laundry Schedule Master Shift Master Received from Ward Issue to Laundry Received from Laundry Received from Ward Report Issue to Laundry Report Received from Laundry Report
  88. 88.
  89. 89. Nurse Module - Menus Nurse Module Report Pharmacy Inventory
  90. 90.
  91. 91. CSSD Module - Menus Master Transaction Report CSSD Store
  92. 92. CSSD Module – Master Menu Accept Stock to CSSD Master Package Master Shelf Master Cell Master
  93. 93. CSSD Module – CSSD Store Menu Create Package CSSD Store Edit Package Master Storage Location Sterile View Request Verify Set/ Item
  94. 94. CSSD Module – Transaction Menu Sterile Store Transaction Request for Set/ Item Edit Requested Set/ Item Accept Set/Item Request Issue to Patient Set Send to CSSD Item Send to CSSD List of Missing Item/Sets
  95. 95. CSSD Module – Reports Menu Request for Set/ Item Report Set/ Item Issue to Patient
  96. 96.
  97. 97. Kitchen Module - Menus Master Purchase Transaction Report Kitchen Consumption
  98. 98. Kitchen Module – Master Menu Item Master Master Supplier Master Manufacture Company Category Master Request an Item Location Master Report Setting
  99. 99. Kitchen Module – Transaction Menu View Pending Request Transaction Issue Voucher Search Issue Voucher Cancel Issue Voucher Item Refund Return Voucher
  100. 100. Kitchen Module – Purchase Menu Purchase Order Purchase Purchase Order Tracking Invoice Edit/ Search Invoice Stock Adjustment
  101. 101. Kitchen Module – Report Menu Stock Ledger Current Stock Report Item Stock Ledger Item Location Report Issue/ Sales Report Expired Items Item Below ROL Item Movement Tracking
  102. 102. Kitchen Module – Kitchen Menu Kitchen Item Price List Kitchen Item Price List Report Kitchen Issue Report Kitchen Issue Item wise Verify by Kitchen Management Patient Meal Bill
  103. 103. Kitchen Module – Consumption Menu Menu Details Master Consumption Raw Material Required per Item Kitchen Stock Details Kitchen Item Wastage Details
  104. 104.
  105. 105. Vehicle Management Module - Menus Vehicle Master Ambulance Master Assign Driver Ambulance Detail
  106. 106.
  107. 107. User Management Module - Menus Admin Master Employee Master
  108. 108. User Management Module – Employee Master Menu Department Employee Master Designation New Employee Edit Employee
  109. 109. User Management Module – Admin Master Menu Create Admin Admin Master Edit Admin
  110. 110.
  111. 111. Helpdesk Module - Menus OPD Patient List Registered Patient List OPD Patient Details IPD Patient Detail Lab Patient List IPD Patient List
  112. 112.
  113. 113. Equipment Maintenance Module - Menus Item Stock Master PM Module Work Request Work Order
  114. 114. Equipment Maintenance Module – Item Stock Menu Item Stock Current Stock Item Location Report
  115. 115. Equipment Maintenance Module - Master Menu Service Master Master AMC Master Report for Warranty Expiry Report for AMC End Date Report for HMU
  116. 116. Equipment Maintenance Module – Work Request Menu Add Work Request Work Request Edit Work Request
  117. 117. Equipment Maintenance Module – Work Order Menu Add Work Order Application Edit Work Order
  118. 118. Equipment Maintenance Module – PM Module Menu Salary Instruction Master PM Module Add PM Task List PM Task Work Trade Master Work Type Master PM Schedule
  119. 119.
  120. 120. Diet Management Module - Menus Diet Setting Diet Unit Master Diet Scheduler Meal Type Diet Type
  121. 121.
  122. 122. MIS Module - Menus Chart Report Branch /User Management Head Office Procurement Add Clinic MIS Report
  123. 123.
  124. 124. Roster Management Module - Menus Admin Reports Create Roster
  125. 125.
  126. 126. Payroll Module - Menus Master Employee Transaction Reports Application
  127. 127. Payroll Module – Master Menu Employee Master Master Punch Time Master Leave Master Bank Master Salary Master Income Tax Master Approval Applications Company Policy Loan News & Message
  128. 128. Payroll Module – Employee Transaction Menu Salary Setting Employee Transaction Salary Process Arrear Detail Income Tax Declaration
  129. 129. Payroll Module – Application Menu Leave Application Application Resignation Application Medical Reimbursement Application LTA Reimbursement Application
  130. 130. Payroll Module – Reports Menu Employee Report Punch Time Leave Salary
  131. 131.
  132. 132. Accounts Module - Menus Master Transaction Reports Depreciation Budgets
  133. 133. Accounts Module – Master Menu Create Account Group Master Create Account Create Sub Account Accounts List Account Type Account Settings
  134. 134. Accounts Module – Employee Transaction Menu Voucher Entry Transaction Transfer Hospital Cash Bill Transfer of Purchase Payment Received by Cheque Payment Received by Credit Card Post IPD Bill Charges
  135. 135. Accounts Module – Budgets Menu Budgets Accounts wise Budget Projection Accounts wise Budget Analysis
  136. 136. Accounts Module – Depreciation Menu Depreciation Depreciation in Inventory Depreciation Calculation
  137. 137. Accounts Module – Reports Menu Trial Balance Cash Report Financial Accounting Reports Day Book Account wise Report Accounts Charts Amount Receivable Amount Payable Depreciation Master Report Depreciation Calculation Report
  138. 138.
  139. 139. Blood bank Module - Menus User Management Camp Blood bank Quality Maintenance Patient Master Account Inventory Reports
  140. 140. Address Directory Module • Complete record of hospital employee, their address, telephone number, email address, Mobile Nos., Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, etc. • If a Doctor, what is their specialty. • Maintains the Record Department-wise, category-wise • Searching of person by name, telephone number, category, city, etc. • Direct sending Email/SMS to a person.
  141. 141. Backup & Restore Module • Administrator can operate this module. • Password protection to this module • Only authorized person can perform backup & restore on database.
  142. 142. Budgets Module • This module helps in setting and managing healthcare organization budgets, it includes: Comparative benchmarks. - Setting accurate, high-performance department budgets - Establishing a culture of accountability. - Managing expenses - Monitoring variances and requiring corrective action plans. - Employing a balanced scorecard
  143. 143. Certificates Issue Module • Birth Certificate • Death Certificate • Fitness Certificate • Referral Letter • Thanks Letter • Sickness Certificate
  144. 144. Communication Module • This is an intranet-messaging system. • Any user can send messages to other users through the software. • If receiver is already logged at some terminal, he/she will get instant message. • If user is not logged in system, he / she will get message when they will login. • Doctor can send message to lab for immediate test result. • Any communication is possible without phone lines. • File can be attached. • SMS alerts will be incorporated shortly.
  145. 145. Costing Module • This module collects, analyses the monitory data/information and prepares the reports which support in improving efficiency, increase effectiveness, enhance sustainability, and improve quality. • Cost information is part of the basic information needed by senior managers and policy makers for making decisions about how to improve the performance of a hospital, where to allocate the resources within or among hospitals, or to compare the performance of different hospitals to one another. Hospital cost information is derived by relating the inputs of resources in monetary terms to the outputs of services provided by the hospital.
  146. 146. Dental Module • Dental history • Dental examination • Treatment advised • Follow up of patient
  147. 147. Donation Module • Donation module maintains the records of all donations which are given to the hospital.
  148. 148. Emergency / Casualty Module • Medical Emergency / Accidents will be handled by this module • Patient can be admitted in casualty ward or can be admitted to other ward. • After 4 hrs of admission, patient can be shifted to other ward.
  149. 149. Energy Audit Module • This module caters to the energy assessment, also known as energy audit, to assess how much energy your establishment consumes and to evaluate what measures you can take to make your establishment more energy efficient. An assessment will show you problems that may, when corrected, save you significant amounts of money over time.
  150. 150. Facility Management Module • Facility Management module helps:- Hospital to develop and execute strategies to achieve specific occupancy and management goals. It also helps in maintaining the records in technical service. Power/electricity, UPS), housekeeping records etc. The reporting and decision making tools help in enhancing the over all operation of facility.
  151. 151. ICD-10 Diagnosis Module • Complete ICD – 10 lists is incorporated in software. • Statistical analysis of different diseases interlinked with ICD-10 • Find how many cholera cases found in a period. • Searching of ICD No. of any disease • Searching of Diseases name by providing ICD Number
  152. 152. Library Management Module • This module provides a comprehensive solution for your internal library. It takes care of following functions of a library . Acquisitions (ordering, receiving, and invoicing materials) Cataloging (classifying and indexing materials). Circulation (issuing books/magazines/videos to patrons and receiving them back) .Serials (tracking books/magazines/videos)
  153. 153. Medical Research Module • Databank of medical research cases such as record of HIV Positive cases • How many turn down to be full blown cases • Demographic analysis of disease(for ex. Age wise, sex wise, area wise)
  154. 154. Room Management Module • Define Room type – General, Semi private, Private, deluxe etc • Assign room numbers to particular type, describe the floor on which it is situated. • Occupancy status of wards/ Rooms • Daily Bed Availability • Shifting of patient from one Ward/Room to Another Ward/Room. • Shifting of patient from one Department to Another Department. • Discharge / Death of a patient will automatically vacate bed occupancy.
  155. 155. Physiotherapy Module • Scheduling of physiotherapy. It maintains complete patient record for example : Which exercise is advised/done • Follow up of a patient. Can able to review the progress of patient .
  156. 156. We Care Health Care For more details Email us at