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ABB process (Midtway presentation 14.10.13)


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Systems Oriented Design project with ABB. Master project 2013 from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Students: Amra Osmanovik, Hilde Dybdahl Johannesen.

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ABB process (Midtway presentation 14.10.13)

  1. 1. Amra Osmanovik Hilde Dybdahl Johannessen “Exploring what design thinking can bring to Integrated Operations.”
  2. 2. Task from UCD group (ABB) GIGA-mapping the Integrated operations of the oil and gas industry
  3. 3. Our process so far: - Expanding our network - Collecting infromation from different fields to fill in the map - Looking at the whole oil & gas process from beginning to end
  4. 4. Our network Contact Network ABB UCD group Statoil Conoco phillips CEO/ SIEM HFS SINTEF Subsea 7 KADME?
  5. 5. Research material Material from ABB - About Goliat & ABB offerings - Introduction to oil & gas Material gathered from internet - Detailed description of processes - Description of roles in the sector - Info about end-users - Info about other suppliers
  6. 6. Interviews: Oslo - ABB Stavanger - Statoil - CEO/SIEM - Conoco Phillips - Subsea 7
  7. 7. Output: - Asset management vs Production Management - IO implementation in the system “The challenge isn’t creating the the technology (for IO), the challenge is getting it deployed” ABB Head of IO at ABB
  8. 8. Statoil Subsea Support Centre Geir, Vice president IT Data integration and visualisation are key issues in order to improve multi-disciplinary collaboration. Data integration & information security are the “nuggets”. (+ environmental & safety issues)
  9. 9. Entrepreneur O & G industry Egil Josefson, entrepeneur “(In oil and gas operations) It all comes down to human factors.” “Disciplinary pride is a huge problem. They don’t want to lose face so they avoid trying the unknown.” “There is a lack of empathy for the customers needs.”
  10. 10. Statoil Mirzet, mechanic “At work I use SAP 40% of the time, 60% I am out in the field.” “When my work is done I have to report to SAP, and the next person in line can see when it is their turn.”
  11. 11. Process Giga-maps: - Gather information - Understand interdependencies & relations - Facilitate interviews - Identify leverage points/areas of interest
  12. 12. Next phase - Identifying leverage points - Sorting the information in layers - Developing more concepts - Creating a final interactive gigamap
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention. Now give us some feedback please. Amra Osmanovik Hilde Dybdahl Johannessen