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In our life must determination for the God and True Parent.

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  1. 1. Our Determination To Win
  2. 2. KingGardenHawaii-King Garden Opening Ceremony March 9, 2007
  3. 3. USA Korea Japan Taiwan Philippines HawaiiIndonesia Solomon Is Australia NZProclamation of the Arrival of the Era of Pacific Rim Region
  4. 4. I think some of you may remember late President Eu. Well, he had the experience of giving lectures ten hours a day for three years and eight months. That he did with such a great zeal that he would speak at the top of his voice -- even if there was only one person to hear him. Master would listen to him, and if his voice was low and the spirit was lessening, he would dash down to the place and warn him against it. He would perspire all over throughout the time when he was giving the lecture. So it was more than heavy labor. He would finish one cycle of the lectures in three days.
  5. 5. • So, to late President Eu this was the most difficult period in his history. Crippled man that he was, if he would lay himself down in the bed before it was time, Master wouldnt permit that. We are the history makers, he would say to him. You are in the vanguard of other people. You are explaining God-made theories to the people and we have no time to lose. How can you lay yourself down like this, he would scream.
  6. 6. • We are a different type of people from what people have been in the past. And our determination, our resolution, must be different from what other people have gone through.• The truest thing cannot be two but one. Can there be any two in the truest? After the perfection of one, then it can be multiplied into twos, threes and more, but not in the beginning.
  7. 7. • Suppose you become a refugee in war time. You will turn upside down all the possessions you have and you will take the most precious thing in your possession by becoming a refugee -- discarding all the rest. If you really know the value of our True Parents, and it is a war in the spiritual sense, and you are in the battlefield -- if you are going to flee, are you going to flee with your True Parents, or with your physical parents, brothers and sisters, wives and children? It is easy for you to say so, because you have learned from me.
  8. 8. • He is the senior pastor in Hawaii. He was very inspired by True Parents’ worldwide activities and has always attended True Parents in his heart. But this time he performed the ceremony which symbolizes the handover of the kingship and recognizes True Parents as the King of Hawaii.• This event occurred on the 17th and we must bear in our minds that there is a great internal meaning in terms of its value in the Providence.
  9. 9. Heaven and Earth Peace Federation Asia Headquarters
  10. 10. Well, suppose there is a couple, in your family, and they have some differences and a distance between them. Would it be all right for a woman to stand here, calling to her husband, "Come to me and you can become one with me," while the husband insists on his wife coming closer to him, to be united with him, and he is just standing there in his own place? Would that do? Noboth, when they come closer and closer to meet at one point in the middle, this can be True Love. In other words, only by both of them denying themselves can they really become one with each other. That is the standard of True Love. Thats what it is, you must remember that.
  11. 11. The British Empire, which dominated the four seas and wieldedits might as “the empire on which the sun never sets,” passedits splendid culture on to North America. We know these factsfrom history. Human civilization arrived on the North Americancontinent and soon took on the armour of democracy, whichwas rooted in Christianity. The United States raised the bannerof the freedom of religion and respect for equal human rights inits struggle against communism, which sought to establish anatheistic sovereignty of evil. However, that victory does notsimply mean that America is great, and the development ofhuman civilization did not stop there.
  12. 12. Victory came because God had chosenand raised the United States of Americaas the second Israel, in accordance withHis providential program, and hadraised the American people throughChristianity. God worked throughAmerica to bring His providence to itspresent stage of fruition. Ladies and gentlemen, it is in thepresent time that this issue becomesimportant. The development of humancivilization has completed a circuit of theentire globe and has arrived at thePacific sphere. Human history has cometo a point in time in the providence atwhich it should reach completion andfruition through the Pacific Rim region.No force can impede the providencenow.
  13. 13. USA Korea Japan Taiwan Philippines HawaiiIndonesia Solomon Is Australia NZProclamation of the Arrival of the Era of Pacific Rim Region
  14. 14. Though there were both victories and defeats during thecourse of indemnity under the evil sovereignty in the erabefore heaven, nothing could prevent the rise ofthe Pacific Rim era. Herein lies the reason thatHeaven declared this a jubilee year.Our Mission in the Pacific Rim EraLadies and gentlemen, the arrival of the Pacific Rim erasignifies many things. From the perspective of the history ofreligions, what do you think the world would be like if Jesushad fulfilled the complete messianic mission during hislifetime on earth? Jesus came as the Saviour and Messiah tosave all people. He did not come just to save the people ofIsrael, a small nation located on a corner of theMediterranean Sea.
  15. 15. At that time, Rome, based at the centre of the Mediterranean,was the centre of human civilization. Rome was ready to rulethe seas. Heaven‟s desire was that Jesus evangelize and thenrule over Rome first, in order to bring salvation to all humanitythrough the vehicle of Rome‟s brilliant civilization. Yet, Jesusdied miserably on the cross, as we know all too well through thebiblical record.After thousands of years of preparation, God finally was able tosend Jesus to the earth as His only son. There is no way tofathom God‟s heart as He anxiously watched Jesus‟ each andevery action. Jesus‟ death was a tragedy that broke God‟sheart.
  16. 16. It brought Him anguish even more extreme than the timewhen Adam and Eve, whom He created as the first ancestorsof humankind, were lost from the Garden of Eden due to theFall.During the two thousand years since the cross, God, in thebackground of history, has walked a suffering path that isbeyond human contemplation. Through this course, Heprepared the United States of America to serve as the sphereof the second Israel. As a Christian nation that includesCatholicism and Protestantism as well as the Orthodox world,the United States‟ mission is to bring harmony and unity toChristianity and, in the twenty-first century, fulfil theresponsibility that had been the Roman Empire‟s, but whichwas not realized in Jesus‟ time.
  17. 17. The responsibility, within God’sprovidence, to bring harmonyand oneness among theworld’s 6.5 billion people and toexpedite the creation of apeaceful, ideal world, is onAmerica’s shoulders. Theseare not simply the words ofRev. Moon. This isHeaven’s decree.Then how can we unifyChristianity?God has already revealed the solution through me, ReverendMoon, the True Parent of humankind. God has given thesupreme command to practice a life of true love, understandcompletely the reality of the spirit world, and find and establisha model, ideal family—a true family.
  18. 18. The Future of Humankind Is Rooted in the Future of the Pacific Rim RegionPeace-loving leaders from the Pacific Rim region! Among the 6.5 billion people on the earth today, almost five billion areyour neighbours, relatives and brothers and sisters belongingto the Pacific Rim region. In other words, you share the same root as the sphere of the Mongolian peoples. There is nothing we cannot do if we pull together centring on God‟s ideal for peace! The future of humanity is in our hands.
  19. 19. God’s providence has now spread from the North Americancontinent and has blossomed as an island civilization on theJapanese archipelago which is in a position similar to thatpreviously held by the United Kingdom. It is now about to fulfilits destiny by coming to fruition on the Korean peninsula, thehomeland of the True Parents who have emerged on theearth as the Saviour of humanity and the returning Messiah. From a geo-political point of view, despite the ongoing workto secure peace on the Korean peninsula, that area remainsthe arena of most intense conflict.
  20. 20. At such intense times, what exactly is the role of Americaand the United Nations? Norfolk, and Hawaii—which islocated at the centre of the Pacific Rim region— representthe Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and also all the five greatoceans. Hawaii in the Pacific and Norfolk on the Atlanticbridge East and West and link North and South. With thesupport and protection of the American continent, Hawaiishould bring together the island nations of the Pacific andpreserve and defend the Pacific Rim region.
  21. 21. I say this because the future of humankind lies in thepreservation of the Pacific Rim region centring on theUnited States.As I was fully aware of Heaven‟s plans for this area, Iinvested thirty-three of the golden years of my life beginningin the early 1970s, for the sake of world peace, centring onAmerica. I first visited Hawaii and prayed here at a criticalmoment, when I was on my way to meet Kim Il Sung ofNorth Korea in 1991 with the purpose of bringing an end tothe cold war era.
  22. 22. Ladies and gentlemen, I ask that you closely analyse the current state of affairs in the world and in the Pacific Rim. Although the days of communism are gone, even now powerful nations such as China and Russia are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to aggressively pursue their own interests with the powerless and small island nations.Regardless of what nation it may be, no small island nation byitself can deal with these powerful surrounding nations and theireconomic, political or even military ambitions. Those nations areso powerful that, if they wanted to, they could dominate any of thesmaller nations in a single day, without shedding blood. Onlywhen peace and security are settled in the Pacific Rim can peacefor all humankind be guaranteed.As I said, the small island nations by themselves will not be ableto stop the incredible tsunami of powerful nations moving into theregion.
  23. 23. The time has come, therefore, for all the small islandnations in the Pacific Rim sphere to unite as one. Thesmall island nations dispersed in both the northern andsouthern regions of the Pacific, on either side of the equator,as well as Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, theSolomon Islands, Australia, New Zealand and other countries,should enter into an agreement as one body to sustain peacethroughout the Pacific Rim sphere. This will secure peace andstability for all people.
  24. 24. What I am saying to you is that you have theresponsibility to protect and save the oceanic realm,which is the resource on which humanity‟s futuredepends, from the environmental destruction andconflicts that are worsening by the day, and shieldthe raw materials for the sake of peace in the future.
  25. 25. The Advent of the Culture of WomenYou have truly come to a meaningful occasion today. Please donot miss your chance to ride on the currents of heavenly fortunethat will surge together during this important and sacred jubileeyear. Take the lead in developing the realm of the oceans, whichcover seventy-five percent of the earth. Where else will you find atreasure-store of raw materials that hold the promise toresuscitate the earth endangered by all manner of pollution andresource exhaustion?The oceanic era that has begun represents the women‟s era.
  26. 26. The Pacific Rim region must fulfil its mission as the vehicle for creating the culture of the oceanic sphere, which is the sphere of women‟s culture. It transcends nations and transcends the ocean itself. Please inscribe this in your hearts.• Again I say to you who have come to this meaningful occasion, please engrave this message on your hearts. The families of your good ancestors in heaven are blessed. Numbering in the billions, they have come to the earth today and are hearing this message with you. They too must perfect themselves and they do so through you, their descendants.
  27. 27. Thereby they advance to the position of true parents, true teachers and true owners and lords. Furthermore, they must become one in heart and body with the True Parents, the king of kings. They must uphold the True Parents‟ standard absolutely, take an active role in carrying out their works, and be mobilized for the creation of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven through a life of service and attendance. Please do not forget that in this way, the spirit world and the physical world exist as one entity, and move and breathe together.
  28. 28. May God‟s blessings be with you, yournation and especially upon America and thePacific Rim region.Thank you very much.
  29. 29. • Peace Message No.13:„A providential view of the Pacific Rim Era in the light of God‟s providence‟• Pacific Ocean Providence must become a bridge that can bring the unification of the North and South Korea. „Unified World begins from Oceania‟• Currently, the subject of Father‟s providence is Peace Ambassadors. Father is determined to create one global family through the Peace Ambassadors.• Carry out the 12,000 conference well. Each nation must complete this by April 17th. The nations that were mentioned in Father‟s speech, must put extra effort.• God has buried valuable resources in the Pacific Ocean for the future of the humankind. Therefore Oceania must protect these resources from the foreign powers through the united front.
  30. 30. • Ocean represents women. Therefore the Era of the Ocean means the arrival of the Era of Women.• Peace Army and Peace Policy are not men but they are women. Thus we must realize that women have great responsibility.• True Father is really focused on the Spiritual World. We must believe in the power of the Spiritual World. We must believe that the hundred billions of spirits are always there to help us. We accomplish as much as we believe.• Father‟s conclusion is- it cannot be done with men‟s power alone. It is only possible with the help of the Spiritual Power.• The seven nations (Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Solomon Islands) in particular should prepare very well as we enter the Era of the Pacific Rim Region.
  31. 31. • Time of the Proclamation: March 19th 2007 at 7:05am• Venue: Marriot Hotel, Waikoloa Beach Resort, Hawaii• Content of the Proclamation• A. Proclamation of the Era of the Kingdom of the Heaven and Earth Peace Culture• B. Proclamation of the Era of Cheon Il Guk Heaven and Earth Peace This nation will become the Cheon Il Guk nation of liberation and peace in the Era of Kingdom. We must make a firm determination to offer all and invest all to make this happen. Moreover we must determine to be the ideal family and live as the owners of the magnificent universe. Aju!
  32. 32. “선생님도 몸부림치며 이 길을 간다.하물며 여러분들이 정성 안 들이고될 것 같은가?” (뜻의 장에서)
  33. 33. 孝心
  34. 34. Acts1:8 “You will receive power when the Holy spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Jerusalem  Manila, Judea Philippines Samaria  All Nations in Asia
  35. 35. 130 Cities Asia End of the world The Goal for 2013: 120,000 Active Membership
  36. 36. 하나님 왕권수립만세!천주 천지 참부모님 만세!천일국 창건 만세!
  37. 37. The Birth of the Pacific Rim EraCheon il Guk begins in the Philippines Mabuhay !!!