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Knesst Event - "30 Years of Birding" 26 1 2010


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The Israeli Knessent celebrated twice this week -
Once her birthday
And once - thirty years of Birding
Of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.

During the events, the Internal Affairs and Environment Protection Committees discussed on minimizing damages caused by using pest controllers, which harms animals and human health.

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Knesst Event - "30 Years of Birding" 26 1 2010

  1. 1. ‫הכנסת‬
  2. 2. Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat, observing Dr. Gidon Perlman ringing birds in the Knesset garden
  3. 3. Amir Balaban (pointing), Gidon’s partner in managing the Jerusalem Bird Observatory, Knesset garden ringing station
  4. 4. Dr. Martin Weill, Chairman of the Bracha Foundation, Naomi Zur, Deputy Mayor and the Mayor, look satisfied…
  5. 5. Nir Barkat at the entrance to the new building at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory (JBO)
  6. 6. General-Director of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), Avinoam Ben-Yitzhak
  7. 7. The ribbon cutting ceremony – in the center, Michael Bailey, Director for Development at the Keren Hayesod
  8. 8. The ceremony of the placing of the mezuzah (by a religious birdwatcher…)
  9. 9. Zeev Labinger, the organizer of the the Hula Valley artists exhibition presented at the Knesset
  10. 10. The second exhibition will be shown at the Knesset for the next two months in the Kedma wing
  11. 11. Amir Ezer, a Navy man, organizer of the exhibition that used recycled windows he collected from garbage dumps around the Jezreel Valley for framing the exhibits
  12. 12. General Manssour Abu-Rashed, our partner for all activities in Jordan, a guest of honor at the Knesset, with Beit She’an’s previous Mayor, Pini Kabalo
  13. 13. The Jordanian General and Shauli Aviel from Sde Eliyahu, partners in the Barn Owl and Kestrel project
  14. 14. The Efroni choir, conducted by Maya Shavit, rehearsing their performance, all wearing T-shirts with the National Bird
  15. 15. The Interior and Environmental Protection Committee headed by MK David Azulai. To his right, the retired Supreme Court judge Ya'akov Terkel; to his left, MK Dov Henin, Chairman of the environmental lobby
  16. 16. About 80 guests participated in the committee’s meeting, on the subject of pesticides and toxins
  17. 17. Yossi Leshem presents the objectives of the national project for reducing the use of pesticides and toxins
  18. 18. SPNI CEO – Avinoam Ben-Itzhak
  19. 19. Left: MK Nitzan Horowitz, MK Henin’s colleague, joined the committee’s discussion
  20. 20. The retired Chief of Police, Assaf Hefetz, presents the summaries of the enforcement committee
  21. 21. Prof. Yoram Yom-Tov presents the effects of toxins on wildlife. To his right: Attorney Zipi Isser Itzik, Director-General of the Israel Union for Environmental Defense, warned of the pollution of drinking water by toxins
  22. 22. In the center, Prof. Yoram Finkelstein presents the summaries of the committee on the topic of public health. To his right: Prof. Eli Richter, a committee member
  23. 23. Dr. Ofer Bahat, co-ordinator of the public committee; Attorney Chaya Erez presented the legal aspects; Dan Alon was in charge of the educational committee, and Prof. Allen Shlossberg the committee on the topic of toxins
  24. 24. General Manssour Abu Rashed is hosted in the chambers of the Knesset Chairman, Rubi Rivlin
  25. 25. The previous Minister for the Protection of the Environment, Gidon Ezra, and the present Minister, Gilad Arden, join the meeting
  26. 26. The Minister for the Protection of the Environment and the Knesset Chairman visiting the new exhibition
  27. 27. An audience of 400 in the Knesset auditorium for the festive event
  28. 28. The VIPs seem to be enjoying the program in the auditorium
  29. 29. MK Zvulun Orlev, Chairman of the Knesset’s educational committee
  30. 30. MK Uri Maklev shows much interest in environmental issues
  31. 31. The Efroni choir, conducted by Maya Shavit, during their performance of three bird songs in the auditorium
  32. 32. MK Nitzan Horowitz was a charming host!
  33. 33. Knesset Chairman, MK Reuven (Rubi) Rivlin welcomes the guests
  34. 34. “The Jerusalem Hawk”…
  35. 35. The Minister for the Protection of the Environment, MK Gilad Arden
  36. 36. Uncovering the new series of Israeli stamps. On the right, Herzl Bar-Mag, CEO of the Israel Postal Company
  37. 37. The Minister and Chairman enjoying the new stamps of the Hoopoe, the National Bird, and the runners up, the Graceful Prinia and Goldfinch
  38. 38. The Jordanian General speaking from the Knesset podium – focus on “Birds Know No Boundaries”
  39. 39. Guests from all walks of life leaving the auditorium at the end of the event
  40. 40. Students from a school in Ma’ale Adumim who are studying about birds. At the front their teacher Shai Kehat, and to his left Judge Terkel
  41. 41. Our hope is that together we will take care of the birds for future generations! The front cover of the booklet produced for the event