Orientation 2013


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ORIENTATION for Online course in Legal Research and Information Literacy

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Orientation 2013

  1. 1. Welcome to: Legal Research And Information LiteracyCourse Orientation Dr. Catherine M. Hendrickson - Professor
  2. 2. Successful Distance Education Students • Are independent learners • Are self-motivated • Are self-disciplined • Are good time managers • Are responsible • Are able to meet deadlines • Are able to follow directions • Are good communicators • Are successful students
  3. 3. You should have a course syllabus before continuing with this orientation.Obtain your course syllabus by clicking the button in your BlackBoard course labeled “Lessons & Prep Plan”
  4. 4. Dr. Hendrickson’s Contact Information My online office hours for my distance education students are: Monday through Friday, 8:00-10:00amIn addition to the officially scheduled hours, I can be reached by email all the time. Send me an email at VirtualLegalResearch @gmail.com This is my personal email and I will get back to you as quickly as possible
  5. 5. Required MaterialsTextbooks: This class does not have an “official textbook,” we do, however, have books that I feel would benefit your studies.All directions and handouts: Any handouts (or directions for preparation will be available through the BlackBoard site, and/or a class “Cloud” (further details about working in the Clouds will be covered during class) Please check your Syllabus for further details.
  6. 6. Course Overview• Introduction to legal researching skills and information literacy analysis will be carefully covered during class.• Emphasis is given to: – The history of law and its relationship to the information literacy skills necessary to locate legal materials – Critical analyses of physical and intellectual processes involved in locating legal research in according to basic procedures – Social responsibility & ethical demands in a new world overflowing with “information”
  7. 7. Grading Scale (See the “Grading Scale” section in course syllabus)Course grades are based on the percentage of the points earned compared to number of possible points.If you have any questions regarding your grades before, during or after class, please contact me.
  8. 8. Course Lectures:• Available as either a printed or audio document, a video, a podcast, a transcript, or a narrated presentation or a group or individual online conference
  9. 9. Exams: (See the “Exam Procedures” section in course syllabus for instructions)• Completed online by deadline date & time• Complete in a comfortable location of your choice• Immediate grading of quizzes• 1-day (or immediate) feedback on quizzes• Our class Gradebook is always available for your inspection
  10. 10. Keys to Success:• Submit required assignments by their completion deadlines• Read, but don’t necessarily print out our study guides, they are always available in our “Cloud”• Take notes while viewing videos/reading the handouts• Use the course Discussion Board “Sidebar” to interact• View PowerPoint/Video presentations (if you have difficulties contact the Help Desk immediately)• Read the instructor’s emails/course announcements• Read & understand the course syllabus – Oh, excuse me, “Did I say that already? Hummm, it must be important!”
  11. 11. Course ScheduleSee the last page of the coursesyllabus, for the exact deadline datesand times.
  12. 12. Questions? Read your syllabus carefully andemail me your questions or concernsI hope you have a great semester!! Catherine M. Hendrickson, JD