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RFID for Libraries from world leaders - Nedap Librix

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  1. 1. Beegees Computers Pvt. Ltd.ProductPresentation
  2. 2. Beegees Computers Pvt. Ltd.Introducing Technology to LibrariesDigital Library SolutionsUnique Solutionconsisting ofspecialised storagehardware andsoftware to store anddisseminate totaldigital data acrosscampus.Intelligent CD/DVDOrganiserIntelligent organiserfor physical CDsand DVDs withautomaticextraction, indexingand search facilitiesFundu eBookReaderThe rightway ofaccessingand readingeBooks.
  3. 3. Beegees Computers Pvt. Ltd.Introducing Technology to LibrariesCD/DVD RepairMachineRecoverScratched /Smudged CDs,DVDs & Blu-raysRFIDIntroducingworld classinnovativeRFID productsfor LibrariesLectureRecording SystemThe ideal System toRecord, Broadcastof lectures to createa repository fortraining
  4. 4. Radio Frequency Identification(RFID)We represent world’s most experiencedRFID company in India.
  5. 5. RFIDNedap is the world’s biggest implementer ofnear field communication spanning areas like•Security Management•Agriculture•Retail•Energy Systems•Light Controls•AVI (Automatic VehicleIdentification)•Health Care&LIBRARIES
  6. 6. RFIDNepad Librix is the only company which is an end toend Manufacturer of all core Hardware & Softwarerequired for RFID implementation in Libraries.This implies that everything we provide you with isalways fully integrated. We test everything in-houseand make sure everything works when it leaves ourpremises.Our Systems have been installedover 1200 Libraries worldwide.
  7. 7. RFIDEasy ProductsHave you ever counted the number ofscreens a user has to go through before heor she has managed to check out a book?Our user interface is that intuitive that usersdo not have to go through more than 3screens to check out their items.WE HAVE !!!
  9. 9. • We advocate Building Block method for RFIDimplementation in Libraries.RFID
  10. 10. The first step in implementing RFID in a libraryRFIDAll the books and other items should betagged with RFID labels and requires StaffStation which will be used for tagging andalso for issue / return counter.Tags are available in different sizes andshapes for different types of records likebooks and CD/DVD
  11. 11. RFIDStaff Station:You can choose to have :Table TopOrUnder the Table
  12. 12. RFIDFrom here on the library needs to define the needs andcan add other RFID equipments as per theirrequirements.The library may choose to implement other equipmentssimultaneously or later on as per their choice.Having implemented basic RFID in terms oftags and staff station the library will be ableto shift to RFID from Barcode.
  13. 13. RFIDFor security the library mayadd gates or antennas.Nedap gates support cc cameras,door locking and customercounters.These gates would detect anynot issued material leaving thelibrary with an alarm.
  14. 14. RFID
  15. 15. RFIDThe gates can be ordered with docking station; this means the Library candismantle the top portion of the gates with a click of a button to allow movementof heavy furniture.
  16. 16. RFIDNEDAP is the only company, which can provide longeraisle width of upto 1.35 meters in a single aisle using PG50. The normal aisle width is 1 meter.Two unique features of NEDAP gates:1 meter1.35 meter
  17. 17. RFIDThe Nedap Hand Held Reader can be used forThree functions1. Inventory – A library can take the total inventory ofits stock using the HH Reader in fraction of time ascompared to manual inventory.2. Searching – The library can use the same HHReader for searching Mis-Shelved Items.3. Weeding – The library can use the HH Reader toweed out mis-shelved items from racks.The HH Reader consists of a built in PDA with a large clear display and abattery per charge life of 30 hours.
  18. 18. RFIDNedap flex desk for self check in/out by patrons1. Our self check in/out meets theAmerican standards for use bydisables in the Library2. All our Kiosks use only IndustrialPCs for longer trouble freeoperations3. The user interface screen is verysimple and maximum 3 screens forany transactionsSome Unique Features.
  19. 19. RFIDNedap offers Drop boxes for both Indoor andOutdoor with multi Bin Book sorting facilities as perthe Library Requirement.1. Our drop boxes come with sensors for trolleyfull indications2. All the trolleys supplied with the Drop Boxesare with Spring Board Action. i.e as and whenthe books are deposited the springcompresses and as and when the books arelifted for shelving the spring decompresses.That means your books never fall and hencethey don’t damage the bindings. Also whileshelving the personnel does not have to bendthereby avoiding RSI. OUTDOORINDOOR
  20. 20. RFID Innovative ProductsINFOCOLUMN AND INTELLIGENTTROLLEY1. Especially designed for checking-in items. Thetrolleys are placed at the entrance of yourlibrary. Whenever a lender returns his or herbook in the trolley, the item is automaticallyrecognized by intelligent trolley and flagged aschecked-in in your Library ManagementSystem.2. Direct link to LMS Through our direct link withyour Library Management System, every itemthat is returned is automatically checked-in. Nopasses that need to be scanned. Just drop andgo.
  21. 21. RFIDSMALLEST BRANCHBenefits:Can be placed in any locationNo staff neededVery easy to useLow maintenanceExtends a library’s reach significantlyWith the Smallest Branch you now can have your ownsmall library on location. Your customers can have accessto your books 24/7. With a combined check-in and check-out function, you can offer an independent library at anindoor location of your choice. All you need is a networkcable and power outlet. This way you can, in these timesof reduced budgets, maintain to have or even extend thelibrary’s reach significantly.Innovative Products
  22. 22. THANK YOUBharat NagrechaBeegees Computers Pvt. Ltd.1, Krishna Dham, L.S.Raheja Marg,Malad East, Mumbai 400097.Tel: 022-65060563 /28789443FAX: 022-28786084Email: bharat@beegeesindia.comMobile: 9323217850