Vegetarian DHA Omega 3 Avoids Fish Oil Toxins


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Fish oil contains highly toxic chemicals.
Pollutants accumulate in fish … and in you.

- Carcinogenic PCBs, dioxin, lead, and mercury.
- Antibiotics and hormones in fish food.
- Farmed fish are worse than fresh fish.
- Genetically modified fish now permissible.
- Fish oil goes rancid in a few weeks.
- Green Omega 3 stays fresh for 24 months.

In a recent Consumer Lab evaluation every one of the fish oil supplements purchased contained detectable levels of toxins. Many were already rancid when purchased.

For decades the world’s oceans have been a dumping ground for chemical and even radioactive waste. These poisons are ingested by small fish, and then accumulate in the larger fish who eat them. Called ‘persistent’ chemicals because they stay in the fish, these pollutants can be extremely harmful to your health, and are not degraded over time.

And of course farm-reared fish live in the same polluted oceans, but they are even more contaminated because they have an artificial diet that includes fish scraps, chicken waste, hormones and antibiotics, plus the water in these ponds is not usually circulated as it is in the ocean. Waste from these ponds is even a major source of ocean pollution.

**Green Omega 3 is 100% vegetarian.**

Biotivia have produced an Omega 3 product which provides high levels of EPA and DHA fatty acids, along with benefical co-ingredients.

- Swiss Martek DHA oil from fresh water algae
- Peruvian Organic Salba seed DHA oil.
- Sesame seed (7) anti-oxidant lignans.
- Cranberry oil, magnesiumn - and DHA-rich.
- Green tea anti-oxidant extract.
- Biotivia research-grade Resveratrol.
- Packed in vegetarian V Licaps not cheap gelatin capsules.
- Does not go rancid ever. Stays fresh for 24 months.

**Presentation to US retailers.**

- Biotivia products are sold by major US retailers.
- This presentation helps store employees to understand the benefits of Green Omega 3.
- For more product information, please visit our website:

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Vegetarian DHA Omega 3 Avoids Fish Oil Toxins

  1. 1. Presentation to Retailers.The Inside Story.Why vegetarian Omega3 is safer than fish or flax options.
  2. 2. Fish Omega 3 oils.Contain toxins and pollutants.For decades the world’s oceans have been adumping ground for chemical and evenradioactive waste. These poisons areingested by small fish, and then accumulatein the larger fish who eat them.- Carcinogenic PCBs, dioxin, lead, and mercury.- Antibiotics and hormones in fish food.- Farmed fish are worse than fresh fish.- Genetically modified fish now permissible.- Fish oil goes rancid in a few weeks.- Consumer Labs found ALL fish oils were polluted.
  3. 3. Krill Omega 3 oils.Destroys the marine food chain.Krill are like tiny shrimp. They are the basisof the food chain and marine life.- Krill is a tiny shell fish, not a plant.- Krill is not especially high in DHA and EPA.- Kril oil allergies are relatively common.- Krill oil can produce ‘fishy breath’.- Krill oil quickly becomes rancid and toxic.- Krill stocks fallen by 80% in some areas.- Over harvesting krill is depleting populations now.- Krill absorb the toxins in their ocean environment.- Krill oil can interfere with blood thinning meds.
  4. 4. Flax Seed Omega 3 oils.Poor bioavailability & potency.Less than 2% of all the flaxseed produced isused for human consumption. The remainderof this industrial-grade product is used as inthe manufacture of paint and other materials.- There is no health-promoting DHA in flaxseed oil.- Can worsen joint-related ailments.- Flaxseed oil goes rancid quickly.- Makes a great paint thinner, not a good supplement.
  5. 5. Green Omega 3.Healthier, more powerful, great value.It has taken three years to develop GO3. We’vecollected the best ingredients from around theworld put them in a revolutionary vegetariancapsule, so your customers can enjoy themaximum health benefits.- Swiss DHA-rich Omega 3 Micro algae oil.- Peruvian ALA-rich Omega 3 Salba oil.- Cranberry oil, a rich source of nutrients and ALA.- Plus five more ingredients … including resveratrol.- Far higher antioxidant value than any other Omega 3.- Far greater range of beneficial health effects.
  6. 6. Green Omega 3.Healthy, synergistic natural ingredients.MedLine (a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine)says “There are some safety concerns when fish oil is taken inhigh doses. Taking more than 3 grams per day might keepblood from clotting and can increase the chance of bleeding.High doses of fish oil might also reduce the immune system’sactivity, reducing the body’s ability to fight infection.” GO-3 contains 280mg of Swiss algae-based DHA per capsule.- Blend of 7 natural ingredients from around the world.- Synergistic blend enhances the health benefits of DHA.- Avoids problems of excess DHA dosage.- Avoids problems of pollutants and contaminants.
  7. 7. Green Omega 3.A unique blend of 7 vegetarian ingredients.Fresh waterSwiss algaeSalba oilGreen teaextractSesame LignanextractRawbeeswax Cranberry oilResveratrol
  8. 8. Martek algae “Life’sDHA” oil.280mg per capsule.Weve worked closely with Martek, a respected Swisscompany dedicated to advancing both science and healthfor better lives everywhere. They have patented anexclusive process that produces Omega 3 oil fromnaturally occurring micro-algae raised in a clean, toxinfree controlled environment.These are grown in large volumesand produce significant quantities ofDHA. The DHA is then extracted fromthe dried micro algae and refined underthe strictest quality-control procedures.
  9. 9. Salba oil from Peru.120mg per capsule.This is derived from a naturally grown herbal food and is one ofthe most potent non-animal sources of Omega 3 fatty acidsavailable.Gram for gram, Salba can produce eight times more Omega 3sthan salmon and possesses a rich micro-nutrient content,including high levels of calcium, iron,potassium and magnesium. It alsohas an antioxidant level that is higherthan most berries, is low incarbohydrates and contains nounsaturated fats.
  10. 10. Cranberry oil.50mg per capsule.Cranberry oil is a powerhouse of omega oils and antioxidants -including eight isomers of Vitamin E, phytosterols andphospholipids. It helps promote positive health and it coats thebladder, which is highly beneficial for urinary conditionsand good kidney function.
  11. 11. Sesame Lignan (60% sesamin)10mg per capsule.This extract helps the body combat lipid peroxidation, the freeradicals that damage your cells, and helps to stabilise the levelsof DHA in the body. These lignans also direct fatty acids towardspathways which can help with inflammatory reactions. TheOmega 3 provided from organic sesame lignans helps toenhance the overall benefits of theGO-3 blend, making it a valuablealternative to standardOmega 3 fish oils.
  12. 12. Unbleached raw beeswax.160mg per capsule.This natural easily digested lipid complex regulates theabsorption of the healthy oils and nutrients in GO-3 and containsVitamin A.Beeswax acts to graduate the absorption of GO-3 over a muchlonger time than other supplements, and helps to protect theEPA and DHA from destruction bydigestive enzymes and acids, therebyincreasing the effective dosage ofEPA and DHA. Another uniqueinnovation by Biotivia.
  13. 13. Green tea extract .50mg per capsule.The secret of green tea lies in the fact it is rich in catechinpolyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCGis a powerful anti-oxidant that helps to inhibit and kill diseaseprone cells without harming healthy tissue. It has also beeneffective in maintaining healthy LDL levels.Another key attribute to green teais that it helps stabilises theomega oils and gives ita longer shelf life.
  14. 14. Resveratrol (50%).50mg per capsule.Over 5,500 scientific studies document the health and longevitybenefits of resveratrol. Known as the ‘red wine molecule’,resveratrol benefits include cardiovascular health, increasedendurance, lower blood sugar levels, and improved blood flow.Biotivia is the world leader in resveratrol researchand production. Our resveratrolsupplements have been used in moreresearch studies than all the otherbrands combined.
  15. 15. Get the full more about the research behind Green Omega 3.Give your customers the most powerful and healthiestOmega 3 oil on the market.