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a presentation by Eric Heiman, from Volume

Published in: Spiritual, Business
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  1. 1. (or: “Eric’s attempt to stringtogether some disparate andabstract ideas that will hope-fully cohere into somethingby the time 30 minutes are up.If not, well, good thing we havetime for a Q&A afterwards.”)
  2. 2. 1
  3. 3. Graphic Design:Surface ArticulationVisual Communication
  4. 4. Graphic Design:Surface ArticulationVisual CommunicationArchitecture:Shaping SpaceSensory Experience
  5. 5. “As designers, we have been taught to love the object, love the completed- ness of the finished masterpiece. But because we have paid so much atten- tion to the outsides of things, we have forgotten the insides.” -Natalia Ilyin, Chasing the Perfect (2006)
  6. 6. “We worked hard and did some decent studio work, but what really mattered is that we knew when to blow it all off. To fuck off and experience life— because life is where all the good ideas come from anyway.”
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  8. 8. “Usually there is a hostile reaction to a conception of art that connects it with the activites of a live creature in its environment. The hostility to association of fine art with normal processes of living is a pathetic, even tragic, commentary on life as it is ordinarily lived.” -John Dewey, Art and Experience (1934)
  9. 9. Yes.
  10. 10. Yes. (For now.)
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  13. 13. 4
  14. 14. Communication / Experience
  15. 15. Communication = Experience
  16. 16. (power off)
  17. 17. “We create devices that distract people from thinking, from working through the fear that accompanies real thinking, from coming out the other side. We help to make people believe they can’t live without move- ment, communication, distraction. We teach them the exact opposite of truth.” -Natalia Ilyin
  18. 18. ˆ‹ › ˆ
  19. 19. I have nothing to say and I amsaying it and that is poetry.We need not fear these silences,— We may love them. -John Cage
  20. 20. (Thanks.)