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Prez naji typo&city


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A presentation for Biometric City by Naji El Mir Graphic designer / Arabic & Latin Typographer:

Published in: Design, Technology
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Prez naji typo&city

  1. 1. When typographymeets architectureJuly 26th 2011
  2. 2. Typographyin the urban scene
  3. 3. The Storyline projecttypography and architectureMax Kisman / Naji El Mir / Hisham Youssef
  4. 4. Story Line™: 7 x 7 grid.In the seven by seven grid, the rudimentary capital Latin letter forms are defined by whiterectangles on the black grid to signify specific letters. Because of the fixed aspect ratio of a screenunit, all letters will have eqaul width. This means that, compared to their normal appearance inregular typefaces some will look compressed (or expanded) in the same space.With white rectangles on the black grid, letter shapes appear as the result of cutting out holes in thesolid black plane. On the other hand the illusion is created of white shapes in a black space..Alternatively, the 7x7 grid offers a very basic way to create rudimentary Arabic glyphs. On theabove mentioned black shape or background, these glyphs use the white as used to signify space astheit material to write with. The white signifies the glyph shape.
  5. 5. thank youmerci