Vacation scholarships


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Browse this list of scholarships, studentships and placements – excellent work experience opportunities for your CV and future careers!

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Vacation scholarships

  1. 1. VACATION SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE TO STUDENTSBrowse this list of scholarships, studentships and placements – excellent workexperience opportunities for your CV and future careers!Wellcome Trust Vacation ScholarshipsThe Vacation Scholarship is intended to provide promising undergraduates withhands-on experience of research during the summer vacation and to encouragethem to consider a career in research. Society Summer Vacation StudentshipsGrants of up to £1600 are available for 2nd or 3rd year undergraduate students tospend their summer working in a research lab. Applicants (supervisors) must bemembers of the Biochemical Society working in a university or research institute. Thestudent would normally be an undergraduate following a course in biochemistry or arelated molecular life science subject and would take up the award during thesummer vacation before their final year. Those awarded studentships will receive threeyears free student membership of the Biochemical Society on submission of their for Applied Microbiology (SfAM) Students into WorkThe Society offers FULL members the opportunity to give undergraduate studentsstudying microbiology as part of their degree programme, or those who have recentlygraduated, the chance to obtain work experience. Grants can be made available toany full member who is able to offer a suitable work placement for a period of up to10 weeks any time during the Foundation Undergraduate Research Bursaries in ScienceNuffield Undergraduate Research Bursaries offer up to 450 funded places a year,helping undergraduates across the UK to gain an insight into scientific researchcareers. Supervisors are invited to apply on behalf of a named student. Students andsupervisors should develop the project and application for General Microbiology Vacation StudentshipsAwards to enable undergraduates to work on microbiological research projectsduring the summer vacation. The purpose of the awards is to provide undergraduateswith experience of research and to encourage them to consider a career in scientificresearch. The studentships provide support at a rate of £185 per week for a period ofup to 8 weeks. An additional sum of up to £400 for specific research costs may alsoawarded. Applications on behalf of named students are now invited from SGM
  2. 2. members in higher education institutions and research Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC) Vacation ScholarshipGrantsVacation Scholarships are designed to give undergraduates experience in research.Each research project should be designed so that it could be completed in the timeavailable (up to 10 weeks). Genetics Society Genes and Development summer studentshipsPurpose: to support vacation research by undergraduate geneticists.Grants of up to £3,000 are available to provide financial support for undergraduatestudents interested in gaining research experience in any area of genetics by carryingout a research project over the long vacation, usually prior to their final year.Applications must be made by Principal Investigators at Universities or ResearchInstitutes. The application must be for a named student. Studentships will only beawarded to students who have yet to complete their first degree i.e. those who willstill be undergraduates during the long vacation when the studentship is undertaken.There are no restrictions concerning the nationality or membership status of the student,and the student does not have to attend a UK university. Physiological Society Vacation StudentshipsVacation Studentships offer undergraduate students who have completed at leasttwo years of full time study in a higher education institute or equivalent, theopportunity to undertake physiological research Summer Studentship Programme Research Experience Placements ScholarshipsUndergraduates who were born in Scotland or who have a parent born in Scotland orwho have at least two years of secondary education in Scotland, may be consideredfor the award of a Vacation Scholarship for the pursuit of a full-time research project,usually in the vacation between their second and third years. Scholarships are formaintenance of up a maximum of eight weeks, whether based at home, elsewhere inthe United Kingdom, or abroad. Nominees can come from any
  3. 3. The Sanger Centre (note they also do work experiencecomplete years (which could be an alternative industrial placement)The John Innes Centre